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Chris Stuckmann

In case I haven’t made it clear, I am a film buff and love to talk about movies I like. Last term, I started writing movie reviews for The Torch and have had a blast with them so far. Even though I like writing about my feelings towards a particular film, I personally feel like there are times where writing my thoughts don’t quite capture how I feel.

This reviewer, Chris Stuckmann, is one that I’ve been following since 2011 and he’s one of the few personalities that I feel like I can trust, or at the very least, respect what he has to say. He tries to review each film with respect. However, it’s  fun to watch his negative reviews, since the first 2-3 months are filled with horrible movies that he has to review.

His website is one of his many venues to communicate with his fanbase. He doesn’t update his blogsite as much as his social media pages, which is disappointing, but nothing that ruins his reputation. Each review post contains the youtube video of his review, along with a summary of his review written out below the video. I wish that he could design these pages to be more visually grabbing, but they do the job just fine.

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An example of how he structures his reviews.

by Hunter Ruland

Ich bin ein Schnitzel

img_3635I am Thomas. Hallo! I’ve never had as non-porn related blog, so this “lack of visible kneecaps” thing is new to me. I am a first year student at LCC, and so far I’m enjoying it. I work at a Mexican restaurant, so if there is ever a faint tortilla chip smell in the room, it is probably me. I spend copious amounts of time with my nose stuck in a 3DS and I’m always available to talk Pokemon or any other video game. Consumer technology gets me hot and heavy, and I can’t help but geek out about everything tech from concept roofing to augmented reality. I am an aspiring comedian/game show host. My silliness is very prevalent in my work and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. “Summer Breeze” by the Isley Brothers is my guilty pleasure song, my favorite movie is “Shawshank Redemption”, the first movie that made me cry was “Bolt” with Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, and my favorite political ideology is communism. If anyone has any questions about computer stuff, what tv they should buy, or how shiny breeding works, feel free to come talk to me. Also, I don’t really speak German, but their words make me laugh.

Who Am I?

photoHi! My name is Gabriella Mujica, but you can call me Gabby. I’m an 18 year old graduate from Marist Catholic High School in Eugene, Oregon but was born and raised in Discovery Bay, California. I am currently attending Lane Community College as a Multimedia Design major in hopes to become a professional photographer.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by my parents and older sister, along with great friends who I truly consider to be family. In 2015, my family grew as my nephew, Ethen Domminic, was born in August. He is a huge blessing in my life and the reason I made the career decision I did. Ever since he was born, I’ve taken multiple pictures of him every single day and it’s amazing to look back at them and see how much he’s grown in 16 months.

A few things that I enjoy doing are playing sports, listening to music, and working on my art. I love what I do and the people whom I get to do it with. One of those people is my boyfriend, Joshua. I’ve been with him since the summer… and just yesterday, he got on a flight to San Antonio, Texas for basic military training in the Air Force. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he’s been my best friend all throughout high school, he’s someone who makes me feel complete and safe in my own skin. It’s hard being apart, but I know that love conquers all and one day we’ll be together again.

By: Gabby Mujica

Hi, I’m Josh









I stumbled upon media arts on accident.

I used to want to major in either accounting or finance.

I thought my brain was purely analytical, and contained no ounce of creativity.

I liked computers, and I hated arts and crafts in primary school.

I learned I wanted to work for myself, so I switched from finance to marketing in order to learn skills to start a business for myself in the future.

I love new ideas, and I have a passion for turning my ideas, and others’ ideas, into reality.

I have a dog, and this dog grew markings on his face that made him a “micro celebrity.”

I thought that we should share the uniqueness of this dog with the world, so I decided to create some sort of website and social media for him, even though I had no idea what I was doing.

I ended up staying up all night working on the site and loved it, and he grew to over 55,000 fanatics who’re obsessed with him.

I started exploring this new creative side of myself and combined it with my technical skills with computers.

I’m starting to make websites for other people and helping their creative ideas come to life.

I think I can combine my new interest for media arts with my marketing interest, and I’m looking forward to learn and explore ways to creatively do this in this class.

I was recently introduced to video editing and film, and grew a passion for expressing my ideas through this medium as well.

I’m very new to all this, and I had no idea there was an actual class that teaches how to do the type of work I accidentally came across and ended up loving and teaching myself.

I also have a passion for basketball and play at Lane.

I played around with iMovie the another night and made this little video about Eugene that I’ll substitute for my picture requirement.

Sobre Mi

Hi, hey, hello.

img_4876I don’t know about you, but this about me thing reminds me of a 2010 MySpace bio. Well to get to it, my name is Francis. I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life yet, but here are some things about me. I enjoy doing nothing, like the laying in bed binge  watching Netflix, searching through the internet kind of nothing. I’ve seen Parks and Rec about 7 times all the way through. I grew up playing video games with my two older brothers, starting with Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo. My favorite game of all time is probably Animal Crossing, but as of lately all I play is Overwatch. Continuing to play games with my brothers and mess around on computers, I’ve become very fond of technology and all that we can do with it. Leading me to take classes along the Multimedia Design program. I don’t really know what I want to do with that exactly, but hopefully I figure that out soon.

I’m currently struggling to become fluent in Spanish. My dad is from Mexico and is obviously fluent. He didn’t teach me while growing up so now here I am, 19 years old, know a ton of words but have no idea how to form sentences. I’m lucky enough to go to Mexico every Christmas to see my family down there. I can understand it for the most part, but talking is where I get stuck. The picture included is from my most recent trip a couple of weeks ago, I was petting a random stray dog. I’ll end this by saying I also really like dogs, corgis specifically.

And yeah, I guess that’s me.

By: Francis Pardo


About Me..

Apparently it’s a blog eat blog world! (haha)

Hi, my name is Sarah Andrews and I am a brand new blogger. I just started the multimedia design program, and I am super excited. I was aiming for a more practical field.. dental hygiene, HA! Not anymore! Creativity and art have always been a part of my life, and it has always skewed my view of the world, which can be a very good thing, and a very difficult thing at the same time.

Overall I am in my third term here at Lane, and this is the first term that I feel passionate about each and every class, as I feel that each class offers its own thrills and challenges. I look forward to every moment. I am still figuring out where I fit best into this area, and I am ok with taking the time to explore and experiment.

for-blogOn a more personal note, aside from being a full time student, I am a mother of three very different and fantstically amazing kids. Additionally I work part time for a medically assisted detoxification center for drugs and alcohol here in Eugene.

As a young person I struggled with an addiction that ravaged my life and broke the hearts of all that were close to me.. but one day that all changed and my life was transformed.

I welcome anyone with a burning desire to know more about my story to just ask, we can all turn our test into a testimony, and if by sharing it our story helps just one person, that is a victory in itself.

John Casares

Hello all! I am John Casares I’m 21 years old and am one of your fellow classmates in Introduction to Media Arts. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California which is a beach front city in Southern California sandwiched in between Los Angeles and San Diego (in Orange County if you know where that is). I went to my first two years of college in San Francisco and was studying Graphic Design. I loved Graphic Design and the city but had wanted to come to the University of Oregon since the beginning of high school so I packed my bags and transferred. I am now enrolled in both UO classes and Lane classes. 

I grew up in Southern California so I was constantly surrounded by the skateboarding and surfing culture. I have always loved logos and design but these type especially peaked my interest. In 2013 I started my own lifestyle clothing company with one of my best friends Taylor. Our company is called Delite USA, a clothing company that is committed to creating genuine apparel & equipment in the US that will enable artists and athletes alike to push the boundaries of their respective field. I have been running this for 4 years now and could not be more excited to see where it goes. 

Here is me in San Francisco wearing one of my companies hoodies.

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About Me


Hi guys and gals,

My name is George Prigmore IV, yes the fourth, and although I may not be royalty I’m still a pretty cool cat. I currently live hustling and bustling metropolis of Eugene, Oregon with my sidekick Cookie. When I’m not out making the world a better place you can find me taking photos of Cookie (who is definitely getting tired of it), catering to your every need at the Hilton or just out in nature. We both grew up in a small fishing town on the coast of Washington called Westport then made our way to Eugene after I graduated high school. Here I have begun my secondary education at Lane Community College and plan to transfer to the University of Oregon after obtaining my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree. I plan to attend the School of Journalism and Communications but have decided as well to branch out into media arts as well. I have always been a news junkie since I could remember and there seems to be no better way to express my love for it than the media arts.

This term I am taking Intro to Media Arts and we have been assign to create our own blog. With this blog I will be documenting my projects and my journey through the program. After the class I plan to continue the blog with more creative projects and updates with what’s happening with George and Cookie. Thanks ?

By George Prigmore IV

Evan “Sweet Cheeks Malone” Curby

Hello, my name is Evan Michael Curby, but please just call me Curby. Curby has been my nickname since grade school and I generally won’t respond to Evan. I am a Multimedia Design Major here at LCC. I moved up to Oregon close to 4 years ago now. I am originally from Las Vegas Nevada. I did not live in a casino. I lived in the suburbs, and it was boring and hot. I really enjoy Oregon quite a bit. It seems as if everyone here is generally relaxed with chill vibes. The scenery around here is amazing, but hey let’s be honest, west coast is the best coast. In my spare time you can usually find me at the ice rink. I play in an adult hockey league for the Two Towns Cider team. I’m like Wayne Gretzky with no natural talent or skill. If I’m not playing hockey, I’m usually just sitting in my room spinning vinyl’s and painting weird graffiti styles or Dragon Ball Z characters. When I finish with the program, I’d be really interested in producing music videos. I’d love to make some animated shorts for a few of my favorite musical artists like Diiv or Flying Lotus. If i could do visual designs for a touring band as well, that would be ideal. I would like to continue in art in every perspective in general just like David Choe. Well hope that is enough information for you to get an idea as to who I am, thanks for

About me, Cheyenne.

Sylvia Plath once described herself as ‘a passionate, fragmentary girl.’ I’ve also been described this way, although not quite so poetically, this encompasses me; my name is Cheyenne Jones and I’m still figuring myself out. But to beimg_2107 specific as to how I am fragmentary, I find that my life and personality are split into many different parts. I have many things in my life that are completely separate and unrelated but equally important. And I feel that finding myself will equate to me making the connection between all of those things. I am a passionate person in every aspect of my life — in personal relationships, interests, and school/career work. Something that impassions me is companionship; it’s the ability to connect with other people and gain reassurance that I am not alone with my troubles. To listen to someone else’s misfortunes and adventures is a form of escapism for me. It’s extremely fascinating to me, to get a glimpse into someone else’s mind even if it’s only for a moment.

This passion for connecting with people is what led me into Media Arts. Before coming to Eugene I studied Biology/International Studies for two years at PSU. After feeling bored and uninterested with my studies I discovered my love for art. I took a break from school for awhile and reflected on what I really loved and decided to pursue Media Arts. After my time at Lane, I hope to use the skills I have gained to connect with people and help others connect with each other. I am still figuring myself out especially in terms of what outlet I want to use to create and connect. My overall goal is to leave Lane with a clear idea of how I can use Media to connect with the world.