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A Video About Computers

So I ended up getting this idea about computers and what they would say to us as a species if they were sentient/could communicate with us. After bouncing ideas off of a few people in class, this idea kinda ended up hitting me and I just felt really really compelled to commit to it.

I’ve always really enjoyed stories involving technology and how it integrates with humanity itself and the good and evil technology can be used to foster/spread. Be it ideologies/messages. Cyberpunk stuff especially has always been really rad and appealing to me. Stuff like Ghost in the Shell and it’s ideas of the human experience and what exactly it means to be truly human. Not saying this video is on par with something like Ghost in the Shell at all though haha.

Personally I feel like if a computer could really talk to us, it’d be pretty subjective on what it would say depending on the user using it. So maybe mine here is speaking due to the way I use mine? How would yours speak to you? How would someone else’s speak to them? I just really really like the idea of that. Computers are by design made for their user to manipulate to an extent, especially dependent on the OS used. So the concept of what it could say to people is really interesting to me.

Creating this project wasn’t too bad in terms of the production part, but post production became incredibly hard for me to finish on time due to the amount of other finals I had to worry about this term. Thankfully I did get it done, but my need to finish videos/my  perfectionism might’ve hurt me a little bit in the process. Just like to have my projects done and me happy enough with them before I fully give them to someone or upload them. I should really curb that habit at some point.

I really tried to go for more editing/after effects type stuff which I’ve only really used and experimented with in Time Based Tools. I feel like I could’ve and should’ve done more with it like maybe experimenting with more Z-Axis stuff but unfortunately ended up running out of time before I could really experiment or do anything with it.

I hope one day I can make more stuff like this in terms of themes. One of my personal dreams is to be able to make stuff to communicate ideas/themes to people, though I really wanna work on my writing a lot more as I feel a lot of this was very on the nose. But hey learning lessons and all that. I’m sure I’ll get there as long as I just keep trying and working on creating good scripts and content for people.

Thanks for watching and I really enjoyed my time with everyone here ?

Hopefully we can create more stuff in the future if any of you continue into media arts!

Resources for the Media Students of Lane

I decided to head to the Media Arts building. This was another building I’d never been in before and of course captured a picture of the gear checkout first. The people there were very nice so I spoke to them a bit about the various types of gear that were available which gave me a variety of ideas for the future.unnamed (3)While in building 18 I decided to check out the studio with the blue cyc wall. It was not what I expected at all. I was expecting to walk into a room that was entirely blue. I don’t why but that’s what I thought I’d get. It did however feel somewhat like a movie set.IMG_0219

The Center for Student Engagement was next on my list. Not much to say on this one other than I need to spend more time there.unnamed (2)

I finally visited the Art Gallery on campus. I was actually genuinely excited to go here because I love looking at art and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be going back again to look at some of the pieces in greater detail.IMG_0325

The art o mat was a bit difficult for me to find and shouldn’t have. I think my main problem was I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for and still not entirely sure what it does but I got the picture and thats all that matters.unnamed (5)

The first place I decided to visit was the reference counter inside the Library. I figured it would be the perfect place to start since I already knew where it was and the people working would be able to direct me to the locations I couldn’t find.


Last but not least was the Silver Sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building. I knew where this was but my issue was the weather. I was forced to wait a few days because I was really trying to get a less grey shot but you can’t always have everything.


It’s always fun to ask where something is only to have it revealed to be right next you. That was the case for Mary Jo Kreindel’s office. Not an overly exciting shot but he at least I know where it is.unnamed (6)

Next I decided to check off the Media Creation. It’s pretty sad to admit but I walked past it about five times before finally noticing the very small label for the room. No my brightest moment.

unnamed (1)

Judy Gates office was pretty easy to find but I must say, the offices in the art building fail in comparison to Mel’s because of absolute lack of Batman and Star Wars.

unnamed (7)

I actually approached Mel’s office by accident before I even realized it was the office I was looking for because of the Batman doll in the window. I was tempted to take a photo of just it but decided the other sci-fi stuff deserved to be in it as well.IMG_0221

Next I headed to Building 1 to capture a picture of the flags. This is was another one of those rare instances where I actually knew where to go and where I wanted the photo taken from. It took a few shot before the American and British flags both came out ideally. Also I didn’t know we had a North Korean flag so that’s pretty neat.

IMG_0223 (1)

On my way to the Arts Center I was lucky enough to finally find the damned turkeys, who apparently decided to play a game of hide and seek the one day I need to find them but luckily this meant I get a group shot of a couple of them.

unnamed (4)



A Guide to Media Arts

There are many places around Lane that can help a Media Arts student, and I only knew few before the Scavenger Hunt. But now I can say I know where these locations are and how to get to each without trouble or misdirection.

The first location I went to was the Equipment Checkout. I walked to Building 18 with a friend, and the first thing my eyes saw when entering was the checkout. It was practically right across from the front door and had “EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT” up above the window where you check out things like DSLR cameras, microphones, lights and more.

Equipment Checkout: Building 18

The second location was one of the studios in the same building as location one. My friend and I walked into the first door on the left, which can be seen in the previous image. Inside was empty of people, but had tables, chairs and a large blue wall that had a curved “corner” connecting the side and the bottom.

Blue Cyc Wall Studio: Building 18

The third location was a room on the second level where students can go for advice in guidance, be it for extracurricular, joining a club or creating a new group. It’s a great resource for those who want to step out more and be more active. The easiest way to remember how to find it is that it’s next to the stairs that takes you down to the first level’s cafeteria. Make sure to stop by for some popcorn, because it’s delicious.

Center for Student Engagement: Center Building

Location four is the main art gallery in Building 11. As I had guessed, art was up on display for people to see. It was moderately easy to find because as soon as you walk in, you go forward to a big open area that tends to have art in it. While waiting for my turn to use the camera I saw someone I knew from my high school in Cottage Grove, and started talking. I also made sure to get some snacks that were out. at the time.

Main Art Gallery: Building 11

The Art-O-Mat was the fifth location. I honestly had no idea what it could be, never hearing of such a machine before, but I learned that it’s a machine that you buy art from for five dollars. It’s noticeable when you first walk into Building 11, because it’s a big, red machine in a hallway.

The Art-O-Mat: Building 11

Location six was the reference desk in the library, practically right middle of the two entrances. We had to ask for help to find the desk, and we got there just as soon as one person who was there switched out with another, who happens to be the person in the image below.

The Reference Counter in the Library: Center Building

Location seven was actually a location that I had forgotten about on the first day of taking pictures, so I brought my own camera and took a picture of this beautiful silver sculpture right outside the Health and Wellness Center.

The Silver Sculpture: Outside Building 30

The first door on the right when entering Building 11 is where location eight, Mary Jo Kreindel’s office, is. Mary is the Arts division Office Specialist at Lane.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office: Building 11

Location nine is once again in the library. It’s the Media Creation Lab. It can be easily found if you’re facing the Reference Desk, then look to the right. You’ll see semi-transparent glass close to the entrance and that’s where the lab is.

Media Creation Lab: Center Building

Judy Gates’s office, location ten, was fairly easy to find because she opened the door to let a student as soon as my friend and I were there. We instantly got our shots. It’s located down the hallway, left of the art gallery when entering from the front of Building 11.

Judy Gates’s Office: Building 11

The final office, Mel Stark’s, was location eleven in Building 18. my friend and I walked down the hallway that had the door to the studio with the blue cyc wall. We then turned right to go down another hallway and found Mel’s office rather easily due to t being the first. When getting there, we noticed another teacher in the office and she told us to blame her for the Scavenger Hunt idea, saying she suggested it four years ago.

Mel Stark’s Office: Building 18

Location twelve was Building 1. Its really well known features are the flags hanging from above, showing various countries. I was always one for seeing the Gay Pride Flag hanging from the second floor railing better, so I walked down the stairs from the second level to get a good angle, and when I got to the bottom, a peer asked where one of the locations was, which I was happy to share if it meant helping.

Gay Flag: Building 1

The final location wasn’t much of a location and was more of a thing. I went out to where a lot of wild turkeys tend to hang out with the prefect idea for a little joke at the end of this blog.

“Everyone knows how the Ugly Duckling was a swan, but did anyone know there was the Ugly Chicken that was a turkey?” the Turkey asks.

It’s really nice to know where these locations are in case I need them in my Media Arts future, which I probably will need. I look forward to getting to know these areas better.


Where’s it at?

Equipment Checkout


Pictured here is equipment check out in building 18. Here you can check out media arts equipment such as cameras, audio equipment, and videography equipment to help you with completing your assignments. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment and test out equipment to see if you like it before you go out and purchase it yourself.

Blue Cyc Wall


The blue cyc wall is located in the room directly to the left of equipment check out. Personally, I’ve never used this room and this was my first time actually being inside the room. The wall is a back drop used for lighting and videography.

Center for Student Engagement


The Center for Student Engagement is located on the second floor of the center building right above the cafeteria and directly across the hall from the library. While I was trying to find the room, I asked a girl if she could show me where it was, and she told me that the digital photography teacher, Jon Meyers, was using the photos that I modeled for as classroom examples, which honestly made my day.

Main Art Gallery


The main art gallery is located in building 11 on the first floor. It regular cycles through students art pieces. It’s a really cool place to check out if you’re ever bored on campus and want to kill some time.



This contraption is located right in front of the main art gallery next to the help desk in building 11. To be quite honest with you, I actually have no idea what it does or if it even works, but there’s only one way to find out.

Reference Counter


The reference desk is located on the second floor of center building in the library.

Health & Wellness Sculpture


Located to the left of the bus stops, this large silver sculpture stands in front of Health & Wellness building. I had a hard time taking pictures of this one because it was raining so I had to keep wiping the water off of my lens to get a clear picture.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office


Mary Jo Kreindel’s office is located immediately to the right of the Art-O-Mat in building 11. It was a little tricky trying to find her office because her name wasn’t on the door (or at least I hadn’t noticed one) so I had to ask a person at the help desk.

Media Creation Lab


The Media Creation Lab is located one second floor of center building on the other side of the library closest to the cafe. I personally had no idea this lab existed and I’m pretty excited that this was on scavenger hunt because it just gives me another place to do schoolwork when the lab in building 18 is full.

Judy Gate’s Office-building 11


Judy’s office is located in building 11 right next to the main art gallery. I met with her 2 weeks ago and she’s a really nice and helpful lady. If you ever need academic help you can always go to her.

Mel’s Office-building 18


Mel’s office is around the corner from the equipment check out desk and is the first door on the left. If you need help with work or need to talk to her about something you can go there. She also has some cool stuff on her window sill…just remember that you look with your eyes and not your hands.

Students First Building


The students first building aka building 1, is where you can talk to somebody about your enrollment, financial aid, and counseling.

I’m not a turkey…YOU’RE A TURKEY!


Although I’ve been attending lane for 2 years now, I still find it funny that there are turkeys on campus, and I know you’re not supposed to…but I feed the turkeys all the time. My goal is to feed them enough so that they will one day recognize me and walk around campus with me. I haven’t been successful yet though.

A Campus Worth Exploring

I’ve always thought of Lane as a very welcoming campus.  It has always had a feeling of being with an old, slightly eccentric and artsy friend.  Even before I was a student here I enjoyed walking around campus.   There is a vibe that can’t really be explained.  It is just absorbed and makes you want to come back to get another fill of.

There is always something new to find and someone new that is willing to help.  Here are some important places that I explored for Mul 101:


1 Media Check Out
Media Check Out

The media checkout center in building 18 is a place to get to know especially if your are planning on being in any of the media programs.  Terry and his staff are extremely helpful and informative.


2 Blue Wall
Blue Cyc Wall

The blue wall in building 18 had me wondering in what ways I will be utilizing it in the coming terms.  I’m not exactly sure how it works but pretty excited about learning more than just what I’ve seen on TV about them.


3 Center Building
Center Building

The Center Building is conveniently located in the center of campus.  Even though it was a gloomy rainy day, I think this building is beautiful.  It’s even more pretty when the weather cooperates and the sun shows an appearance.  But, come on, it Oregon.  If you don’t see some beauty and peace in the rain this may not be the area for you.


4 Media Art Gallery
The Media Art Gallery

I love this room.  I love the lighting.  I love looking at what is represented here, up and coming artist, kids exhibits, high school talent, a community united through an artist eye.  I always have the idea that I’m going to find something that inspires me.  Something unexpected.  Something that will leave me thinking that whoever created it is hopefully going to do so much more.  It has yet to disappoint me.


5 Art O Mat
The Art-O-Mat

As it happens, I have walked by this machine several times and honestly believed and thought it was an actual cigarette vending machine that still dispensed cigarettes.  I remember thinking “Odd choice.  But…Eh, it is the arts building.”  I’m actually relieved that I had to take the time to look at it more closely and discern that it does indeed dispense art and not what I had originally thought.


6 The Reference Coounter Library
The Reference Counter

The library at Lane is the best place to be when looking for a quiet place to study.  Especially if you’re someone like me and likes complete silence.   I have gotten help for a wide range of reasons here.   From computer help to finding articles and books.  The staff is insightful and always willing to help you find what you need.


7 Large Silver Sculpture
Silver Statue in front of Health and Wellness Building

Honestly, this statue is very impressive.  It can be seen from the front parking lot when you pull into Lane.  When looking around campus I am always impressed with the amount of Art that can be found.  Although this is a pretty blatant piece, there a subtle art pieces all around campus.  Some in places that you would not expect.


8 Mary Jo Kreindels Office
Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office

Mary Jo is the Office Specialist in building 11.  It’s good to note the the Art-O-Mat is on the left side of this door (not pictured).  If you need help on who to talk to in the Art programs her office is the closest to the door.  She is very nice and can direct you accordingly.


9 Media Creations Lab
Media Creations Lab

The Media Creations Lab is in the Library on the second floor of the center building.   When I need to use any Adobe programs this is where you will find me.  I happen to like that it is in the library because it’s a quiet place to work.


10 Judy Gates Office
Judy Gates’s Office

Judy is one of the Media Arts Advisors located in building 11.  She is the person to see about what classes are needed for programs in the Media Arts field.  It is really helpful to see an advisor when thinking of enrolling into a Media Arts Program.  They will tell you what classes need to be taken and what classes are transferable if any from your transcripts.   They can even tell you what classes to take that are required by various programs so that if you are uncertain about which direction you are going you can take a class that is applicable to more than just one program.


11 Mel's office
Mel Stark’s Office

Mel’s office is in building 18.  She shares her space with Jan Halvorsen, another professor here that teaches classes that pertain to the media arts.  It is important to note the Batman in the window.  I was told that was the identifier for Mel’s office.  And it’s pretty cute.


12 Student First Bldg
The Students First Building

The students first building is the first building I walked into when I decided to become a student at lane.  I took my placement test here and filled out financial aid forms.  I love seeing the flags through the outside of the building.  Mind you that seeing them on the inside is way more impressive and artsy.  But seeing them from the outside is still a neat visual.


13 Turkey Shot
Turkey’s on Campus

I wish I would have captured the puffed up turkeys that I encountered on Spring Break as I set out to find my classrooms before school started for Spring term, but I didn’t and this was the best I could do on the drizzly day.  I really thought they where just a couple of statues tucked in the corner of building 16.  When they started to move I actually took a couple of steps back.  I looked around at that moment and realized that they where everywhere.  So beware and watch for their droppings because they’re everywhere too!