P6 Jade Wilkerwon

This is a storyboard type of animation. It is about a girl that wakes up in a fantasy world. She meets a fairy, and the fairy wants to her, and they fall in love. The they eat some mushrooms.

I did all of this on my phone. It took me maybe three to four hours to do. I’ve been wanting to make this animation for a long time now, and I’m happy that I got a excuse to make it. Some day I want to make a actual animation that is smooth. But sadly I don’t the right equipment in order to make it. I also don’t have the time for it.

I wish I added more animation to it. Seeing other people’s project, then mine, makes mine look not done. But I still like how it turned out, also I didn’t have time to change it because of my other final projects. Some things I would change is the part with the eyeball. I personally didn’t like how it turned out. I wish i didn’t make the eye shake

I had so much fun making the project. I think it’s because it’s a dream animation I always wanted to make. I was really worried making this as my final project because I’m scared of what other people would think, or them judging my art style. Then I said screw it, It’s my project. I can do whatever with it, so I made it.

By: Jade Wilkerson