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Hopes and Dreams

Moon 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Kaitlynn . I am currently enrolled at Lane Community College as a Multimedia Design student. Right now my goals are to finish at Lane Community College and go to a university that may help me get into the fields I want to be in. I love to draw, take photos, play with the adobe programs, sculpt, do videos, and basically anything that has to do with creating. I also love anything that is high fantasy with a dark atmosphere to it. Some examples of that would be stuff like The Dark Crystal, Lord Of The Rings, Sweeney Todd, Coraline, and Mirror Mask. I am heavily influenced by all of those examples and that reflected in most of my creations.

Me and 9
Me and 9

My goals for the future are to work on stop motion animation projects and puppeteering projects. My favorite styles of movies are all the ones created by LAIKA, Jim Henson or inspired by Jim Henson, and Tim Burton. One day it would be my dream to be able to work on a project similar to those styles or even work on a Tim Burton, LAIKA, or a Jim Henson movie. I love to create and I love the stress of a project. So in the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as possible to achieve my goals.

Test by Matt

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a melody that no one can ignore

I’m having a real hard time trying to come up with a fun and cool way to start this post without just saying, like, “Hi! I’m Amanda,” so, instead of being witty and interesting:


I’m Amanda!

I’m a multimedia major here at LCC. Last year, I was a film major, so I’ve already taken a few classes further along the first-year course, but I changed my mind and looped back around to give media arts a shot.

For my entire life, I’ve fancied myself an artist and a storyteller. I’ve bounced back and forth between wanting to be an author, a musician, a film director, a comic book artist, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera… But, seriously, no matter what, I’ve got stories to tell, and I’m gonna tell them. That’s why I think media arts will be a good place for me! My dream right now is to found a multimedia production company and have a place for my friends and me to work on projects together, but I’m sure I’ll be on something else in a couple of weeks.

Outside of college, I’m a big podcast nerd and a HUGE cat person. I like to sit in my room and listen to audio dramas and cuddle with my most beloved, sweetest, whiniest, babiest kitty cat, Snickers. I also draw all sorts of stuff and I’m (slowly) learning to play the piano!!

OH, OH, ALSO: I feel like it’s probably worth mentioning that I primarily use they/them pronouns! (“Amanda is an artist. They like to draw and their art is pretty good sometimes. Please be kind to them and give them lots of chocolate.”) She/her pronouns don’t bother me too much if that’s hard to remember, but it’d mean a lot to me if you’d use they/them instead!

I am excited…

I am excited to be starting both the Multimedia Design program here at Lane and my 4th year in Eugene, OR. My partner and I moved out this way from Tallahassee, FL when she chose to pursue her Economics PhD through the University of Oregon. Oddly enough I was a ‘PacificNorthwesterner’ by birth, but I spent most of my early years in Savannah, GA with my 4 younger brothers.

four boys stand with mother, one wears a graduation cap
BottomLeft Clockwise: Oliver, Henry, Maureen, William, Greyson, Ezra

I currently work as an IT Manager at Twenty Ideas, 20i is a software company in downtown Eugene. Before 20i I worked at Imagination International Inc, an art supply distributor, where I worked alongside engineers, photographers, designers, and many more great people. My favorite parts of my job are helping teams to reduce stress, focus on what matters, and work together harmoniously.

When I’m not at work or school you may find me cycling/longboarding about town, enjoying a tasty beverage & book at the Barn Light, or climbing the leader-board of a competitive FPS. I love Eugene’s rich farmland and am often seeking delicious produce at the farmers’ markets. I’m a voracious reader and love learning new things.

I would love to use the experiences gained from the media arts program to create, refine, and amplify positive patterns. Multimedia arts is an exciting creative field that will continue growing as multimedia experiences become richer and accessible to more people worldwide. I haven’t the faintest idea of what area or specialty I will pursue when I finish. I plan only to give my whole heart to every one and see where things go.

I’m excited to begin collaborating with everyone, especially those of you who are also in the Multimedia Design program and/or its courses.

Thanks for reading!


man's face under neon lights spanning the ceiling

P.S. I have a hard time writing as my thoughts are usually racing along a mile a millisecond. John Keats wrote, “The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing — to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.” I doubt he anticipated how chaotic our modern ‘thoroughfares’ could become.

I’m all too often caught in a passing detail and whisked off along all the routes that train of thought may take. It often feels like my conscious attention is an infinite roll of paper that variably speeds along in front of me. No sooner have I finished drawing up a perfect picture of a situation or concept before it’s fading out of sight.

F19-P1 About Me By: (Alex Wirrick-Coad)

Hello everyone, I’m Alex. I also go by my middle name Walker considering how many people are named Alex in the world. I’m really into photography and have already taken some classes with Teresa before, so I already have some understanding of the basics that we are covering during this class. I try my hardest to do new things and make my photos better than the previous ones. During my free time I am making music, with my girlfriend, or just being completely lazy and wasting my time on the computer playing video games. I’m incredibly free going and relaxed to the point it might look like Im bored, but trust me, I’m paying close attention. Before taking these classes I was working on my general studies and also working towards a culinary degree. I finally decide (with some help from others) that photographing food would be more fun than getting yelled at for making it. I still love cooking for my family and friends and always strive to make myself better. The thing I hope to do after finishing the multimedia program would be to either transfer to the UFO or work as a freelance photographer or journalist. Still thinking about all that so I’ll get back to you. I hope that I can create some great friendships with you all and also learn some new things from you. I really hope we get to create some cool things together that we can look at and very proud of.
-Alex Wirrick-Coad

F19-P1 I want to talk about ME


     It’s me, Jocelyn, your friendly neighborhood plant lady! When i’m not obsessing over plants i’m out exploring and photographing nature. My life wasn’t always full of epic adventure, I’m originally from Florida and lived there until I was 23 years old. During that time the adventures were kept to a minimum because in Florida.. well, you kind of just go to the beach. Eventually I packed up everything and headed out to Colorado! I started taking more and more pictures because let’s face it, mountains make for more dramatic photographs than beaches do. After a year and a half of living in Glenwood Springs, CO I knew the ski town life wasn’t for me and packed up everything yet again and moved to Oregon! You could say that Oregon was calling to me. Something about the dramatic coastline, lush green forests and lack of snow in the valley.

After attending a few  community colleges over the last 7 years and traveling the world in between school trying to find out what it is that I really wanted to do with my life, I feel as if I have finally found a degree that is perfect for me here at Lane CC. By learning the software and how to properly edit and shoot videos/ pictures I hope to eventually intern for one of my favorite photographers; Chris Burkard. It’s a goal of mine to document the most wild areas in the world and showcase just how important conservation is.

When i’m not in school I find myself hiking with my rescue dogs and taking pictures. I also enjoy reading books, doing yoga and learning  about plants specifically; Herbalism. Fantasy is my favorite genre whether it’s a tv show, movie or book. I recently got back from a trip to the UK and look forward to traveling to South America next year for the solar eclipse. My main focus in life is to keep doing the things I love until it lands me the job of my dreams!

By: Jocelyn Duckworth

Hello world!

Hello everyone! My name is Jane Goodwin. I grew up in Alaska. Now I’ve been living in the Eugene/Springfield area for about 2.5 years now. I took a couple semesters at Lane Community College when I first moved here but then decided to just focus on work since I didn’t have any sort of career direction yet. I just decided to go back to school, and am pretty confident in my choice to do the Multimedia Program. I’m an artistic person, and doing things where I can express myself creatively is what I enjoy most and am best at. So far, so good. I like all my classes.

Outside of work I am a delivery driver/ sandwich artist for Jimmy John’s. Not a bad job, driving around is one of my favorite hobbies and I’ve become a good driver from driving 6-7 days a week. My other hobbies are cooking, watching Netflix, spending time with my three cats, and going on short road trips. I would like to start doing more photography, blogging, and the other things I’m learning in my classes.