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P5 – 5 bad doodles for my 5 favorite albums

By: Fedya Lockwood

My five favorite un-skippable albums in no particular order are:

Renaissance by Beyonce

Glass Reflections by Philip Glass

Toxicity by System of a Down

Igor by Tyler the Creator

Where the Wild Things Are Motion Picture Soundtrack: Original Songs by Karen O and The Kids

I have a hard time being able to listen to albums all the way through, most of the time there’s at least one song I don’t like. But none of these are like that. It was also hard choosing because I listen to such a wide range of music, so the combination in this video is kind of jarring. However, I stand by my choices.

P5 Image

For this P5 Image assignment, ( which is a little late, so I hope you all are still able to check it out.. blog posting issue on my end ) I chose to do my project on the first 5 months of my dog Berlin’s life with me! I got him at 7 weeks, and have had him for almost 2 years now. The photo at the very end shows how big he is now! 

For me, this assignment wasn’t super difficult, as I’m currently learning more and more about editing softwares like Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. But I am still a beginner and hope to improve far past my capabilities with this specific video. All images and video for this project were taken on my Iphone, so the quality isn’t super detailed and professional, but I think it did the job, in showing his life stages and fun times as the video goes on. Berlin is a big ball of energy, being half German Shepherd, and the other half a mix of Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, and Pitbull. I don’t have much downtime because of it, he is always Go Go Go, you can see in some of the photos, and video clips, that he loves to be outdoors, running around and having a good time. I wanted to showcase that using fun upbeat non copyrighted sounds on Free Sounds. I will however give some credit to the sound uploaders:

Music from, by Migfus20

SFX “New Morning” from, by dadshb1489 

Overall I learned a lot with this assignment, using different programs, transitions, video edits, audio editing etc. And I hope to continue to build on those skills. 

By: Jurnee Mickelson

Warframe V

 This assignment was a lot of fun It was a simple process of deciding on what to do then I just hopped on the game and got started grabbing my frame its weapons, and the companion I wanted to use then went off to the mission. I did the mission collected some footage then came back to the orbiter and I repeated that about 6 times. I also decided to do a little bit of an intro so I went to the captura and created a little intro with the poster boy of Warframe Excalibur. The editing was a bit long but fine I had to trim a lot of little bits just to make it under the 2-minute threshold luckily I was able to keep some of the moments I wanted to keep mainly within the Alad V assassination mission. Plus with all that, there are a couple of references to other games In the video mainly being names of my weapons and companions of my choice.

P5 image BY: Joseph Reiter

Haley Johnson – P5 Image Editing Assignment

This P5 Final showcases my audio sculpture from MUL103, expanded into video with a 5 handed monster.

This project was a learning experience through its entirety. Between mixing audio in Adobe Audition to video editing in Premiere, it became a slightly daunting experience because I am a novice in both programs. There’s always a learning curve to tackle but I was able to quickly find the fun in the assignment once I figured out how to navigate the programs for my needs—seeing it come together was the most exciting—but because I was so new to Premiere, it took me twice as long as I expected. There were a few effects I wanted to add in but couldn’t figure out how to. It was also difficult getting the audio and video to line up. I went through a lot of trial and error and back and forth between the programs to get them to match. Even with that extra effort it is still certainly not perfect. 

My main goals as I progress is that I get quicker in my process and can learn even more in depth effects to make my editing ability much richer. That being said, I am still satisfied with the end product based on the time I allotted for the project. I hope the love I have for the Tears of the Kingdom game is palpable through my effort. 

(The Youtube upload really tanked the quality and I wasn’t sure how to fix that.)

By: Haley Johnson

P5 Image Editing By: Esteban W.

For my P5 Image Editing assignment, I embarked on a creative journey using 5 different mediums of art. I used Adobe After Effects to convey a unique interpretation of the concept of “FIVE.” My creative process revolved around the simple yet powerful elements in my backyard: a guitar, the natural surroundings, software and my imagination.

The backyard served as the canvas for my artistic endeavor. To encapsulate the essence of “FIVE,” I harnessed the visual potential of Adobe After Effects. This software became my palette, allowing me to craft a mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect within the video I was creating. Each twist and turn in the kaleidoscope visually represented the multifaceted nature of “FIVE” as I perceived it.

The guitar, an instrument I hold dear, played a pivotal role in my project. It became both my muse and a means of expression. As I strummed its strings in the open air, the guitar breathed life into the project, adding an organic and emotional dimension to the composition. Each note reverberated with a sense of harmony, underscoring the concept of “FIVE” through the auditory landscape.

To complement the visual and auditory elements, I ventured into the world of music composition. I used a blend of instruments, including the guitar, piano, and drums. This fusion of musical elements was a manifestation of “FIVE,” encapsulating the diverse dimensions of sound. Furthermore, I experimented with various audio effects to elevate the composition, adding depth and texture to the music.

The process of creating this project was a journey of pure creative joy. I immersed myself in the artistry, investing more time than I had initially anticipated, driven by the desire to convey my interpretation of “FIVE.” It was a delightful obsession, and in retrospect, I might have devoted an excessive amount of time to it, but the end result made every moment worthwhile.

In essence, my P5 Image Editing assignment is a harmonious fusion of visual art, music, and personal interpretation. It’s a testament to the limitless possibilities that open up when technology, creativity, and a heartfelt connection to the subject matter converge. This project aims to encapsulate the essence of “FIVE” through a rich tapestry of visual and auditory elements, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and interpretation.

P5 Image editing

By, Danielle Hilliard

I chose to do my image editing project on the many parks my dog Charlie and I  enjoy visiting together. He loves to play, run and hike at all the parks he has ever been to but the 5 I chose are his very favorites. This assignment was really fun for me to do, I have google photos and was able to type the names of each park in and then it shows me every picture I have taken at each park. This made selecting photos and videos very easy to do. The hard part was picking which pictures to use because I have over 1000 for each park. What can I say? I love taking pictures and videos of my dog. Charlie is the best friend ever and I enjoy park time with him. He saved me from the lowest moments of my life and changed me for the better in so many ways. Going hiking with my dog at all these beautiful parks Oregon has to offer is very healing to my soul. Nature helps me regulate my mind, body, and spirit, being outside just feels good. This is why I chose to do these five parks. They are very meaningful to me with the memories they each hold and I wanted to share that with everyone.

Duncan P5 Image Editing

I play Minecraft a very normal amount. The assignment said 1-2 minutes and Youtube shorts are 1 minute max so I wanted to make a Youtube short for this assignment. I also wanted to do something fun and simple for it so I ended up going with this. The hardest part of this for me was adding all the sound effects because I was calling with my partner so I had to mute the footage to remove the talking, and so each sound effect I had to manually ad individually. In some cases though I think that made it better. I tried to keep it simple and stupid because I didn’t want to stress too much about this assignment.

By Duncan Gustina

5 Stages of reading a book

For my project 5 I made a 2-minute video, showing humor in the five stages of reading a book. The goal was to maintain viewer engagement through dynamic music and a funny take on my personal reading struggles.

My video is a realistic exploration of my love for reading, despite my perpetual distractions by music and my phone. To build the narrative, I employed the framework of five stages in a book’s journey, from the initial excitement to the inevitable loss of focus. The use of dynamic music was one of the main elements in enhancing the comedic aspect. I tried to build the video around the music. We can notice an increase in the speed of my actions whenever get more and more dynamic.

This video targets people who, like me, struggle with maintaining focus while reading. The humor from the relatability of the situation and the internal conflict between my love for reading and the addictiveness of my phone and music.

By keeping the video short and incorporating the number 5 as the assignment requires, I tried to engage viewers and provoke a response. But really, it was a playful attempt to bring my personal reading journey to life.

by lisa

Bridget Holst P5 Video

When I first heard about this project, I was excited because the number 5 means a lot to me. I was born on 5/05/2005 so I consider it to be my lucky number. I initially wanted to make something about how the number 5 means a lot to me, but I couldn’t come up with any actual ideas, so I looked at the older videos for this project from 2019 to find other ideas. I eventually came up with the idea to make a video about my 5 favorite albums. Actually picking the five albums to put in the video was also hard because I like a lot of albums. Another struggle I had was knowing what to add for audio. I initially didn’t want to add music because I know that Youtube is weird about copyrighted music but there were also no places to add sound effects and I didn’t want to talk through the entire video. I ended up going with the music anyway because I’m not making any money from the video and only about 20 people are probably going to see it. I also had a problem with the “My Top 5 Songs” for Stranger In The Alps because I used a colored background for the textboxes so that the background wouldn’t be black and for the previous three “My Top 5 Songs” there was always a song with a long enough name so that the textbox background would cover up the black background, but for this one there was still some black on the sides and if I made the font bigger the background would be big enough but the text would be cut off, after some trouble shooting the easy solution I found (that I probably should have thought of sooner) was to just add spaces after I typed the song name. Other than these issues I had a lot of fun with this project.

P5- Diaz Lady

Link to Project 5:

For project five I wanted to be ambitious and try something new. I combined two ideas together: quizzes and animation. I originally wanted to do a 2d short film of one minute, however I realized that the amount of drawing and coloring I had to do would not be possible within the time limit given.  While in the brainstorming process I created a background, sketches and filmed myself which later on helped with deciding the final outcome. 

Process for Animated Clips

  • Idea. 5 stages of life
  • Collect references that represent the five stages I had in mind.
  • Sketch the key poses for the animation
  • Refine the line work

Process for the  Quiz

  • Search for inspiration on youtube and trivia games
  • Choose color theme
  • Add copyright free  audio to match the trivia theme
  • Add voice over for timer
  • Create templates for the quiz on procreate
  • Add questions and answers

Process for  Video editing.

  • Add all files into premiere pro and arrange music and clips.
  • Adjust the speed of the countdown, correct the pitch
  • Duplicate the countdown 
  • Adjust clip time for the Hint image.

Lastly, upload the video to youtube. 

Struggle: I struggled to color 40 drawings. Changed the approach to be more productive by focusing on having clean linework. 

By Lady Diaz