I wanted to give you the lowdown on my class video project journey. Initially, I had this cool project that I wanted to do but as I started filming I wasn’t liking the direction it was taking. So, I changed my plans – not just once but a couple of times.

The brainstorming process was a bit of a maze, exploring different ideas and directions. It felt like a creative puzzle, trying to find the right fit in the short time that I had and in the midst of my 4 other classes. It made me appreciate the fluidity of the creative process and how being adaptable is a crucial part of the game.

After some thinking, I settled on a concept that I’m genuinely excited about, documenting my venture into the world of sewing as a total beginner. It seemed like a cool way to bring you all along for the ride, sharing the ups and downs of learning something new.

From threading the needle to trying not to get tangled up in the bobbin, I’m capturing it all. The video is not a tutorial at all. Matter of fact I am very intrigued with the final product but I had fun filming and trying new activities.