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Scavenger hunt!

20180117_161926Equipment checkout station! The staff are friendly, and run it well.

20180117_162552The Blue Cyc wall! I was amazed to find this, I was expecting a wall with bicycles.


The sign outside of The Center for Student Engagement. Don’t feed those cool turkeys.

20180117_164431I love this piece of artwork in the art gallery. The gallery is very nice and calm.

20180117_164306The Art-o-mat! A recycled cigarette machine that you can buy something much better from now- Art!

20180117_163721An identifier of the library. The staff are super helpful!

20180118_140628What a cool sculpture! As you can see- right outside of the health and wellness center!

20180117_164651That’s an awesome sign Mary Jo Kreindel! I love the water color effect!

20180117_163917Media Creation Lab! I would love to fully check it out later.

20180117_164514I haven’t met Judy Gates yet, but I heard she’s one cool lady!


I spy Teresa’s office! It also looked like she had a message.

20180118_141117.jpg The flags are beautiful. I love the lighting!

20180118_154537.jpgConstruction spotted near building 18. I wonder what they’re doing with the wires.

By: Haley Millard

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

So I recently learned that there’s a lot more for me to know about the media arts resources. And where they’re located. But I’m not gonna actually give you directions. Just pictures. 🙂

This is the Equipment Checkout desk in building 18. Pretty chill people there. Unfortunately for me, I don’t take any classes that grant me access to the good stuff.
This is what is known as the “Blue Cyc Wall”. I like this angle mainly because of that yellow square on the ground. Reminded me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
This is the Student Engagement Center, or at least its sign. The room itself is pretty fun, but I didn’t want to take pictures of people, so.
This is the art gallery. I didn’t know this place existed until today. It smells really good in that building.
The Art-O-Mat. Sounds very 1940’s. Or 50’s? I forget.
This is the reference sign in the library. Again, I don’t like taking pictures of people that much. So I got one of the sign.
The silver sculpture by the Health and Wellness building. Reminded me of various sci-fi movies like Arrival. Not sure why.
This is the sign for Mary Jo Kreindel’s office. She’s actually a pretty chill person. I met her.
This is the Media Creation Lab. In the center building. This place was a pain to find.
I met Judy Gates when I took this. She seemed busy, so I just resided to a picture of the sign.
I’m pretty sure my teacher would recognize her own office. But just in case, this is Teresa’s office. Forgot her last name though. Oh well.
This is the sign by the Student First building. Pretty nice introductory type picture. If that makes sense. Probably not.
My phone. HTC 626 Desire. Don’t get one of these. They’re bad.

Media Resources Scavenger Hunt

Media Arts equipment checkout
Caution: blue wall
Entering student engagement 
The entrance to the art gallery
Art o Mat wants me to pull
books in the library
Sculpture heaven
Mary’s office
A number pad in the media creation lab
Judy’s office + thin depth of field
The office of Teresa
Quite the flag collection
Center building. This is my “creative” shot.