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P5 Image Editing – Kaiden Kuntz

I got too ambitious, so this video ended up taking a bit more time to edit than I expected it to. I initially wanted to do one big stop motion that had to do with associating color with music, but I realized pretty early on that I wasn’t going to have enough time to do something like that. After I realized this, I figured that I’d make it more about the 5 colors being in various situations. In doing so, I found that I was able to go about this project in a variety of ways (2D animation, live action, etc.). I came up with a few thematic ideas, and then sort of just went for it. Because I knew that I wasn’t going to have a lot of time, I decided to do things that would help lead to an abrupt cut off in the animation. For example, I chose to use a short meme that I knew would still be effective even in a short time span, and ended my first animation with a sort of absurd, random introduction to the 5th color. The 5th theme of my video mostly came from my frustration of briefly working with the clay, as my entire desk was being taken up with lights and my hands ended up being completely stained from the multicolored clay.

By Kaiden Kuntz

5 Things Kay Likes

Surprise! I was able to animate this!

I wanted to do a little animation about things I like, sadly I didn’t have the time to do a full animated video, but I hope you enjoy the little animations I did get to do. Other than that, the video basically shows off things I personally like, such as games, Demon Slayer, painting, markers, and other art stuff. 

Everything in the video, besides the music which was made by Seth_Makes_Sounds” on, were created by me. In terms of how long it took me to make the animated parts, it didn’t take me that long. Fun fact, I had to cut the video because when I finished it, it was 3:30. It was mostly because I extended certain parts of the video. Like the Demon Slayer figurine animation, which was originally 21 seconds long and the parts where I showed off my artwork. I ended up putting all my artwork into one frame instead of individual pieces. 

It was a lot of fun making this and I hope you all enjoyed the small little looping GIFS I made for the transitions along with the replacement/stop motion animations!


P5 – Hypomania in Five Stages

After years of confusion and frustration with my mental health, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II when I was 19 years old. Bipolar II is characterized by the presence of depressive and hypomanic episodes. While most people are familiar with depressive episodes and how they can present themselves, hypomania remains somewhat mysterious for those who have not been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or have experienced it secondhand. There are obviously quite a few more than five hypomanic symptoms, and it’s far more complex than I could represent in two minutes, but I wanted to focus in on the key ones and how they compound upon each other.

To create this project, I combed through years worth of footage from some of my lowest (and highest) points and edited it together in iMovie. I created and recorded the background song in two days while actively in a hypomanic episode, shortly after being diagnosed. This project ended up being far more meaningful to me than I anticipated it would be, but I’m extremely proud of the end result.

Bipolar Disorder still carries a lot of stigma, especially in media portrayals of it, and I wanted to present a very real and raw look into what it’s like to actually experience it. When I filmed this footage many years ago, I had no idea why I was recording, but it felt like I had to. It was a means for me to reflect and be heard, even if only by myself. I’m extremely proud of where I am today and haven’t had a true hypomanic episode in years thanks to a combination of working hard in therapy, medication, and an amazing support system.

By: Nina Soldati

Wow, the number 5 is so cool huh..? Yep. Sooo cool…

It’s the number 5.

This is a hand drawn piece that only took me a few hours to finish. There is no music, and this is not a video because that would be a silly way to display a still image. I hope you like the number five. Thank you for reading.

-Max Ryan

5 Different Sketches of 5 Different Things

Flash Warning? This project was definitely hard to figure out what to do at first, as the directions were very vague. This makes me excited to see what everyone came up with though! I came up with my Idea by just simply wanting to draw more. I always hear people saying drawing at least once a day can help you improve. So I thought hey, I can draw some stuff each day and then compile them all into a video for my project.

I didn’t exactly know how I was going to execute that until I went and picked out an audio track to use. I thought the drums were very prominent and were perfect to make the pictures cut between each other. I added the switching black and white background because I just simply thought it looked cool with the music.

I picked 5 different random things to draw and drew 5 each day for 5 days. I outlined them in 5 different colors to help add to the theme of 5. I tore them out of my book and taped them onto a different paper I scribbled on to make it look a bit more interesting.

I wish I had done something a bit more with my project though, but I had a lot going on last week so I couldn’t work on it as much as I would have liked. I should have taken my pictures in landscape, but I didn’t realize it til I started editing…

I used this sound from

What does 5 mean to you project

Being assigned a project like this one was very challenging at first. No directions. No leading ideas. Just be creative. So that’s exactly why I did. I started storyboarding a halloween skit that I thought of in class. From there all the marbles fell into place. Although I will say that when I had my finished script leaving class, when it came time to shoot the film lots of things changed. There was a plot developed into the story, multiple shots were changed, and this is where the feeling changed as well. Shooting this video was not only a very fun experience but I learned a lot about which shots I was able to use for what I was trying to create. I also realized how long each individual shot would take on its own. Learning to work with actors (in this case my mom) was also a very interesting process on its own. I had to learn to cooperate with ideas that they felt should be involved in this film and how I would be able to incorporate the film and on the spot ideas. Shooting this video took 2 days from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the final product with the time provided.

Image Editing

For this assignment I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to film and edit. It took me a while, but I finally decided to do it on all of the pets that I have in my house. With that decided, I went around and recorded short clips of all of them and put them together into one video using Adobe After Effects. I have experimented with video editing before but definitely learned some helpful things from this, including being able to fade in and out of video and audio.

By Braden Ivey

P-5 Image Editing

The Best Burger Road Trip by Rocio Roberts-Goodban

Over the past few weeks, my boyfriend has been feeling pretty homesick. We both have had busy schedules full of work and school that can make it hard to spend some quality time together. My boyfriend is from California, and he always talks about his memories of going to In-N-Out with his friends and family when he was a kid. He had no idea that Oregon had any In-N-Out restaurants, let alone one that is an hour away from us. After work I surprised him by taking us on a road trip with a secret destination. He was in disbelief as we rolled into the parking lot. After we got our food and we were on our way home he said it was, “the best burger road trip ever!”