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Hyperlapse (also Walklapse, Spacelapse, Stop-Motion Time-lapse, Motion Timelapse, Moving Timelapse) is an exposure technique in time-lapse photography, in which the position of the camera is being changed between each exposure in order to create a tracking shot in timelapse sequences. In opposite to a simple motion timelapse – dolly shots, which are realized with short camera sliders; in hyperlapse photography, the camera is being moved through very long distances.

The term “hyperlapse” was first created by the American filmmaker, Dan Eckert. The term itself was essentially popularized and stamped by the video artist, Shahab Gabriel Behzumi and his video, “Berlin Hyper-Lapse”(2012)[1][2] [3] An inspiration from the director Godfrey Reggio and the famous Qatsi-Trilogy (Koyaanisqatsi at the Internet Movie Database,Powaqqatsi at the Internet Movie Database,Naqoyqatsi at the Internet Movie Database) is properly, as there is tried to reach a similar strongly pathetic impression. Godfrey Reggios exposures fall in the category Motion Timelapse.

I struggled with the cold to get this done. I have so many ideas for how to use this at some interesting locations. These can be so interesting to view since even thought they look like a regular timelapse. However a few significant differences are the thing images can be slow shutter speed creating movement within the frame as well a the lapse of time in a determined interval. Giving the effect of things appearing and disappearing or the sky seeming to change rapidly. Also the individual images are higher quality and still so unless blur is on purpose the hyperlapse is clear and vibrant in its imagery. I will be continuing to explore this photography technique hoping to produce some dynamic and visually exciting Hyperlapses.

Here are some professional examples:

P5 – Image Editing

Here is my video I made for Project 5. The given subject was 5, so I thought of having the actual number 5 appear throughout the video without meaning anything too specific. I thought of how the number 5 is present in my everyday life. Time and speed soon came to my mind as things often segmented into increments of 5s. Sports and music are also present in my life and can include 5s as well.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I don’t have too much experience with shooting video, but things went pretty smooth while filming. I ended up shooting a lot of the scenes at night which made some things hard to see while filming without the proper lighting. I think the dim lighting ended up working well for the car and street scenes to highlight just the 5s. It also fit in with the 5 a.m. setting. I thought about having a few more transition scenes like from the house to the car, but I didn’t see any way to put a new 5 in there, so I kept it straight forward going one five to the next.

A Fabrication of 5

By: Shane Boss

Each of these images were composited in Adobe Photoshop and each hold their own meaning to the interpretation of 5.  To the left of each image are the original images used for each composite.  Each of the origonal images are royalty free and were found through

This first image I found a monochromatic colored fish and dressed him is 5 colors, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Pink.  Makes him look a little more tropical and displays the power Photoshop has to manipulate color in an image.

5 Color Fish For this next image I found a face of a clock and composited the hands to display a clock that reads 5 after.  When I think of the meaning of five, one of the things that came to my head was time.


This next image was fairly simple to think of and easy to composite.  Everyone knows of Five Guys burgers so I found this vintage photo and brought the sign to life to signify an interpretation of 5.


For this next image, I thought I would try and be creative about the composition.  I found an image of a dice that read 5 and made a mosaic composite of it that is made up of dice faces.


This next image was fun to make.  One of the first things I thought of when thinking of 5 was a high five.  So I found an image of 2 guys giving a high five to each other and put them in a place where they can get really high with their five.


This last image was interesting to make.  It’s simple yet effective in displaying an interpretation of five.  I found a photo of a bubble and multiplied it so there’s five of them and added an open hand that represents the hand symbol of five in each one.  To me it looks more like water drops than bubbles after I finished it.


P5 Image Editing

Why is it hard to edit on a super slow mac computer?.. Having to sit for a fortnight waiting for the finished product to convert into an actual video file! HOORAY FOR SLOW COMPUTERS! THE TRUE VOICES OF OUR GENERATION!

Getting the camera angles was actually kinda hard, there WAS some re-shooting involved. I used iMovie for the editing and a flip video recorder for the video (duh)

I wanted to convey the feeling I get when the holiday season comes. I think I’d love it more if it started in December like it’s actually supposed to. Nobody needs to hear “deck the freaking halls” every day for 2 months, its maddening. That’s like listening to “the monster mash” on fourth of July, possible but highly frowned upon.

This is a masterpiece by rookie film maker and visual genius Dakota Nein.

November 5th

My Love

This video was actually not my original idea. But I don’t know if anyone has every tried to do a photo shoot with their animals, they don’t cooperate very often. So I went with my next best idea. I have been in a relationship for 5 year, we all have partners that have little things that may drive us nuts. Then there are things that we absolutly love about that person. To incorporate 5 I listed obviously the 5 things i love and dislike about her… Also if you’re paying attention in each picture and video there are things in 5. Can you spot them?        That voice sounds awfully like a Gnat I used know:)

P5 Image Editing

By Laura Hale

Here is my concept of five for this project, I originally intended for there to be a bit more of a story with this video but due to time constraints I had to cut all of my footage down to the stars shining moments. Filming with animals, especially multiple kinds is difficult and requires a lot of patience especially if you want something specific from them. So the best thing I can learn from this project is to plan out things ahead of time and a lot more carefully, perhaps choose what a single animal can do as far as the number five instead of five different animals in very different locations. Otherwise, filming and editing was a tremendous amount of fun even though it was a short video, I’d wanted more special affects like speech bubbles but a file had gotten corrupted that had that affect unfortunately. Lessoned learned: check your affects before planning to use them.

Fun with Five

I am new to this multimedia world and I have learned to recognize when an idea is a little ambitious and that I need to work to my own skill set. I chose to do something rather simplistic but still working with the five concept. I did not get a chance to really work with Wondershare but I will start looking into beginner editing software to find the one that works for me. The five concept I came up with was to throw my five matching knives which produce that “thunk” sound five times while “Five Elements Ninjas” (an ol’ school kung fu flick) played in the background. I found an effect on my camera that produced a kind of painted/watercolored look and I went with it. It turned into a fun game to get all five knives to take without knocking others out or missing completely, all in one take. All in all it was super fun.