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Jasmine Star

After an hour of looking at tons of blogs that fit my interest, I came across a photography blog created by Jasmine Star. A professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Looking further into her blog I found that she does not just blog about photography, but gives awesome tips on how to market, brand and building a powerful mindset for creative entrepreneurs.  She is a very well known wedding photographer in California and travels to many different places to capture great moments for newly weds.


At some point I’d really like to get the chance to take photographs at a wedding, but I never knew what lenses to use in order to capture those special moments and no one would give me a straight answer. I always second guessed myself, but Jasmine answered all those questions for me. I now have a better idea of what lenses to use in order to capture beautiful photographs for the bride and groom. Here is the blog post that I read. . I enjoyed Jasmines blog, the layout was super unique and professional along with clean, beautiful photographs. Everything that she posted was a good read and left me with good tips on how to promote my art work or maybe my own company one day.


Hypebeast/ Hypetrak

Hypebeast is my blog of choice because of its constantly updating posts and it really ties into my interests and what I want to eventually do. Hypebeast is a blog that focuses on all aspects of fashion, culture and lifestyle and hones in on styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from  barely established to well-known. I have been reading this blog since I was a freshman in high school and it has influenced a lot of what I wear and design today. I have watched Hypebeast grow quite a bit as well, when I first started visiting the site their was just postings and forum discussion. 

The site functions very smoothly and efficiently and uses a great base white format and lets the posting shine instead of a flashy background. The blog always posts a full new page of information everyday and their postings are clear and concise. They have all their specific categories on top so if you are looking for one specific aspect of fashion or culture they have a tab for your exact niche. Hypebeast used to also incorporate music into their website but have now split into two different entities. Hypetrak is an offshoot of Hypebeast that specifically deals with music and all the artists and characters in the music world. 


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Chris Stuckmann

In case I haven’t made it clear, I am a film buff and love to talk about movies I like. Last term, I started writing movie reviews for The Torch and have had a blast with them so far. Even though I like writing about my feelings towards a particular film, I personally feel like there are times where writing my thoughts don’t quite capture how I feel.

This reviewer, Chris Stuckmann, is one that I’ve been following since 2011 and he’s one of the few personalities that I feel like I can trust, or at the very least, respect what he has to say. He tries to review each film with respect. However, it’s  fun to watch his negative reviews, since the first 2-3 months are filled with horrible movies that he has to review.

His website is one of his many venues to communicate with his fanbase. He doesn’t update his blogsite as much as his social media pages, which is disappointing, but nothing that ruins his reputation. Each review post contains the youtube video of his review, along with a summary of his review written out below the video. I wish that he could design these pages to be more visually grabbing, but they do the job just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.43.10 PM.png
An example of how he structures his reviews.

by Hunter Ruland

Blogging about a Blog On a Blog Blog

So… blogs are still a thing? I didn’t really know. I thought maybe our society evolved( or devolved) away from the blog like we did with livejournal, myspace and chatrooms. Some friends of mine ribbed me a little when I told I was blogging for class. If it was a podcast on the other hand, they’d probably want to be on it. So this assignment is a challenge not just because I’m doing it last minute-ish but because I don’t know many blogs…especially professional blogs…that I could enjoy and recommend! I mean If this assignment was “Find a blog about professional wrestling that’s insightful with a lot of cuss words in it, then write a blog about it” ( I would be on it but I’m trying to stick to the program. So I found Bob Keefer’s Eugene Art Talk ( .

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-54-10-pmFormer Register Guard/Current Eugene Weekly writer Bob Keefer’s ad free blog is all about the theater, music and fine art around town in Eugene. His post are not boring and he doesn’t seem like a snotty person. My brother does theater locally and I looked to see if he said anything bad about him, so he’s ok in my book, though its kind of difficult to find older posts because you have to scroll through all of his more recent posts. It’s not like I regularly go the opera or to a symphony, but maybe for a date night I could go on this website and see what going in fine arts locally, read the review and maybe impress my lady friend of a night of wine and rose… or something I don’t know, check it out. Later, check out we hate movies (, it’s a podcast where they discuss bad movies with a lot of cuss words!


Billy Dyball

Shooting Film, a blog for analogue photography

As you may have gathered I am a great admirer of photography, especially in analogue format. I took my first analogue photography class as an elective in high school and immediately fell in love with the art form. The creative hands-on process of shooting, and then printing your own photos is something that I find wonderfully unique. The blog Shooting Film celebrates this craft. The blog is five years old and has two main writers from the Philippines as well as additional contributors from around the globe. It is on the smaller side, but has a lot of helpful information and potential to grow.

Main page of the blog

One of the main features, and what initially drew me to the blog, is the ongoing project ‘5 things I love about film’. The project hosts analog photographers work from around the world as well as a short post about why they choose to still shoot film when there are more accessible digital options out there. Along with this there are other collections such as ‘woman at war,’ ‘first roll of film ever,’ ‘posing for the camera,’ and more. There are also a variety of posts that offer tips and detailed how-to instructions on their site. For example, this post is about different good medium format cameras, and this one has detailed instructions on making pinhole cameras.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.13.47 PM.png
Infographic about camera settings

The site is relatively small and the number of posts that have tips and tricks has decreased in the last couple years favoring focus on the series ‘5 things I love about film.’ However the blog is a good resource for finding analog photographers and the content offering help is good in quality and unique to the blog. For instance, this post (also pictured above) is one of the best, most succinct, and helpful infographics I’ve ever seen that explains the effects of changing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Recent technological advances has made this art form near obsolete, but this blog is evidence that analogue photography is very much still alive and thriving in niche communities.

By: Anna Smith

A blog that helps…

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Photography is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion on what looks “right”. For some people a crisp clear shot is the way to go. Some might not see it that way. A hazy out of focus, underexposed shot. Which I thought many of the images from this blog could be categorized into nature or architecture photography. I believe those are areas of interest for me. My best photos would fall under these categories as well. I think that’s why this blog caught my eye. Other than the big red bar at the bottom of the screen, red is one of my favorite colors.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-22-20-pm         One good resource I found on this blog was under the Photography Tutorials tab.Under this tab you will find videos explaining some general techniques covering almost everything from taking your shot, to retouching it and creating your final piece. Like many other photography blogs, he also includes a list of software and equipment that he uses. This can be useful to find more information on the equipment and software that you could best utilize to create your projects. The Blog is being produced in a useful and entertaining way. It’s useful for beginners as it gives you some tips on setting up your shot. It can also be a entertaining blog for the seasoned photographers by giving them a look into someone else’s view of photography.

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

Dawn Photo Blog


The blog I’ve decided to tell you about is called Dawn Photo. Now I personally know this photographer because she was my photographer for my senior photos back in high school. Her name is Dawn and she is a true role model in my line of work. Not only has she made a name for herself over the years, but she is so amazing at what she does that it has allowed herself to travel the world, meet new people, and capture the most incredible photos. You can hear and see all of it on her blog :

I believe this site gives off a very “go with the flow” vibe. The colors that are given speak of peace and relaxation, which is exactly what Dawn is all about. She gives off great energy when you read her blog because she writes in a way that makes you feel like she’s talking right to you. Dawn has produced a great website and blog. The quality of both her information and product are exactly what they promise to be. She has many resources to back up her incredible service, myself included, along with others worldwide. She is someone worth trusting with your important memories.

Blog Slog

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Engadget’s home page.

For whatever reason, consumer technology is something that has always fascinated me. I routinely spend countless hours reading product reviews of things I don’t even intend on buying, and watching unboxing videos (as meaningless as they are.)

Engadget is a blog that caters to people like me. They offer many different services that include: reviews for new tech-related products as they come to market, providing interesting insight into various current events, offering a comprehensive buying guide, hosting a popular technology podcast, and many more.

The general quality of the content found on Engadget is comparable to most other professional level blogging website. Their product reviews are skillfully made with information graphics and accurate lighting; the articles are written with intellectual insight and a refreshingly low amount of bias; and the overall quality of the user interface is very intuitive. You can tell a lot of work is put into maintaining this blog. I think it’s handy that they have a functioning search bar, and quick links to their social media outlets. I also enjoy that their content is divided up into categories, making navigating the content a breeze.

One thing in particular that I find useful about this blog is their buyers guide. Upon clicking on the “Buyer’s Guide” tab, you are taken to a page with a grid of various different products that they have written reviews of.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.30.59 PM.png
The “Buyer’s Guide” page.

After finding the product you want to read more about, you are greeted with a shortened version of their full review, a list of “key specs” about said product to consider, a link to purchase the item, and a link to the full article if you’d like to read the full review.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.31.54 PM.png
Selecting a product will bring you to this page.

Considering that the majority of people don’t want to read more than the bare minimum of what’s necessary to make up their minds anyway, I think this “quick link” type of pop up is very intelligent.

After analyzing Engadget more than just using their services, I’m coming closer to finding my niche in the artistic world. I feel like working for a technology blog like this one would be a dream.

By: Thomas Lemelin

Blog Search –


I guess you could say I chose a pretty basic “blog” for this assignment. But I personally love Mashable. I discovered it when Snapchat started to expand their discover dots, it was all about new technology, movie facts and upcoming video game announcements. Easily became one of my favorite new sites. I’ve always been interested in anything regarding technology, so the fact that this website has tabs for social media, videos, technology, lifestyle things, entertainment and a few others all filled with articles makes it a great site for anyone. It makes knowing what’s trending easy by how everything is sectioned out and easily accessible. It doesn’t matter what interested in, you’re bound to find something of  interest here.

Since this is a pretty popular website and updated regularly, it makes the browsing experience smooth. One of the greatest features of this site is it’s a great resource for current news. Unlike actual news sites, it makes knowing current world or local events interesting and not so depressing.

Hands down the best part of this site is the meme section2017-01-29 (2).png2017-01-29 (3).pngWhile knowing current events in the real world and knowing what’s new in the technology world, you can hopefully catch a quick laugh from these relatable memes.


By: Francis Pardo

w17-P3 Blog Search


     For a good portion of my life I have always had an interest in street art and graffiti. Something about the diverse color palette and abstract figures and lettering has always inspired me. Maybe it has something to do with me being raised in Vegas and watching the murals roll by on train cars, as well as huge pieces done on the sides of buildings and freeways. I was just attracted to it and it’s culture all together. That is why today for this blog search I decided to go with Vandalog ( ) . Vandalog is a blog about graffiti, street art, and viral art. It was started in October 2008. It has six current writers and contributors to the blog. Things I find particularly interesting about the blog is the amount of attention and detail you find it each article. Graffiti has a stigma that is generally negative, because when people think of it, it is usually a sloppy tag on the wall or the lame window or mirror “scribe”. What I appreciate about the blog is that they get in depth about certain topics and even provide links to the art shows for certain writers (NTEL being one specifically, ). They handle graffiti and street art as a true respected art form when a large portion of the art community undermines it, unless it’s a Banksy piece. There is just something comforting about each article when you can see that the author of the post is very passionate about the subject and they have well researched facts to back up their opinions. I would highly suggest checking it out if you have some free time, and want to see some great art, and read some well written articles about it.

(video taken from:  )