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Training, Puzzles & Fun with Bella

Bella and I had a lot of fun making this video. She didn’t mind doing extra takes or repeating from multiple angles.

It is amazing how much footage is needed for even small clips. I ended up getting several stronger migraines while trying to edit this. There are several areas I would like to explore more:
custom features
robust editing and frame manipulation like cropping
merging more custom text
creating music for specific clips
and teaching my dog more tricks!

  • custom features
  • robust editing and frame manipulation like cropping
  • merging more custom text
  • creating music for specific clips
  • and teaching my dog more tricks!

Thanks to Isabella “Bella” for being a willing participant.

Music: “Ein Lied
by Stefan Kartenberg

2021 – Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

The Monster Within

Its been such a long time since I used Premiere Pro. I started this project and finished within 24 hrs. I was so stumped on what to film. I love storytelling through cinematography, but I’ve never actually been good at writing or thinking of stories. Though I’m proud of myself for completing this assignment in 24 hours, there are so many things I would have done differently. (Spoilers Ahead) I don’t like the placement of the second to last shot in my film. I think its a nice shot, but it doesn’t set up/support the last shot. The beginning shot is too shaky and angled funky. I wish I had taken a few more shots of it to have backups. During the editing process, I realized I lost a lot of footage and/or it wasn’t organized. If I were to do this differently I would have spent more time planning in pre-production. Overall, this was such a fun project. I hope you all enjoy!

By: Taylor Powelson

P5 Image Editing

I took a late night walk under the moon and took shots with my phone that I thought would work well together and looked cool. This was my first experience with Premiere Pro, I’ve never used it before but it was cool to try out, although not very user friendly. The song I used was not my own and I don’t have legal permission to use it, but I don’t see m,y video having potential to get popular in anyway and I don’t think I’ll get sued for using it, at the most maybe the video will be taken down which is fine by me as long as its graded first ?. I edited the shots so that they would be in tune with the music, some are a little bit off but altogether it flows well.

W21-P5 Classified Knowledge

What if you wanted to know whether Wyoming was actually real, but the Google search engine puts your life in jeopardy at a cost for the answers?


This lovely film was a rushed mess, but I still managed pull off a decent short, random, piece of stir-fry! The music portion of this project is by far the weakest aspect of the video. Although it’s present, I won’t be expecting full credit on that front. No hard feelings.

It’s just me, John Adair.

Here’s my video link!

I found this video creation project to be more than I had planned for. It is unpolished in many ways but a due date is a due date! I had more, smoother transitions in mind and I wish I’d planned for greater time allowance but being up in Portland over the weekend sapped more time than expected. Nevertheless, here it is in all its glory. Enjoy!

By John Adair

Image Editing

I had fun making this video. In my head I wanted to take an SNL style approach and take a jab at the men’s fitness area. Even though I am a big fitness guy playing sports my whole life and have always noticed how copy paste and overly intense ads for fitness products are. What is the biggest feature of them all? Of course the deep voice in the background is always trying to make his sale! Overall I had fun trying out Premiere. Using Final cut pro multiple times I thought  the skills would transfer over. I was not able to find how to get to key frames landing on the page but accidentally clicking out never to be seen again. I purposely made shaking shots and unfocused scenes to make the ‘‘commercial’’ feel fake, I have never believed the as seen on TV people they never looked like they truly knew how to do the work out or that they received those abs from whatever product they were selling. I aimed for a satire SNL style commercial highlighting how the product advertised either 1. Does not make sense or would conveniently benefit someone during a workout, or 2. A product that promises you results that are impossible to achieve with just that product. 

W21-P5-Image Editing

I had a lot of fun with this project! I love to video edit, and don’t get to do enough of it, so this was a great opportunity for me. I got the idea for the project when I realized I could knock out two of my projects at once and have a great end result for both. I love doing hands on projects like working with cars, so I was very at home pulling my dash apart to install my new stereo. I had a blast filming and editing this, and I hope it shows!


P5-Video Editing

I enjoyed this project a lot. Mostly because I got to spend more time with my puppy, and she loved all the attention. I struggled a bit with the audio editing on Premiere Pro- I couldn’t figure out how to fade out and fade in the music. But I feel like shortening clips and putting all the videos together was simple enough. I have to make a short video for FA 250 this term as well so this was great practice for me!

By Morgan Murphy