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W17-P5 Image Editing

What does five mean to me? This was a challenging question for me to answer. At first I was thinking about doing the five days of the week and incorporating 5 feelings somehow, but I decided to do five things that my dogs Ziggy and Sky do in their day to day life. I have been able to take many photos of each of them though. While they are doing just about anything. So, I decided to use some pictures that I had taken in the past, to make a timeline of their two years here on earth. I have had Ziggy since he were a puppy, but Sky use to live with a family member. Around when they became one, Sky came to live with Ziggy and I. I have had both of them ever since then. They just recently turned two on the 22nd of February. This was  a really fun project to put together, I enjoyed it! I didn’t realize I have had them almost two years, Time flies when you’re having fun!

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

5 Things I did for my kids this weekend.


This was hard for me. I struggled with Adobe Premier, and the time that it took to figure out how to use it. Overall it was a cute and fun video to watch. The audio was easy to create using LMMS I just made up a tune and added a beat with a kick, snare, and a clap. What I enjoy most about it is how the lion roar and the kiss matches up with my toddlers lip movement. Also it is a realistic peek at what it is like to be a parent for me anyway.

5 Things Made Better with a Horse Mask

Oh boy… what on earth do I say about this video..?

Well… first off, I have a horse mask that I like to goof around with from time to time. The mask makes just about any situation better.

Anyway, for this project, I wanted to make something fun since a lot of what I’ve been working on lately are more serious in nature. So I asked some of my friends/co-workers if they would like to goof around with a horse mask, and they said, “Sure!”

It was a lot of fun to make this video. We had to do several takes because we would crack up in the middle of a scene. My friend, Jeffery Osborns, did a great job giving the mask a life of it’s own.

The goal for the video is simple: make people laugh with weird humor.

So the lesson learned today is… if you have the opportunity to horse around for a school assignment, take the opportunity.

Get shredded in 2 weeks

This project I definitely had some help making. My buddy Harry, the one in the track suit is pretty good at filming and told me he would help me and star in it so it worked out pretty well. My 5 concept is the 5 parts that make a perfect corny workout video. Also excuse the language it was necessary for emotional intensity.

Step 1. Corny outfits- This step was pretty easy to achieve because the outfit being worn in the video is the actors room mates ski outfit.

Step 2. The Horrible Music- Every good workout video or informercial has some horrible rock/metal guitar behind it. It is a staple.

Step 3. Intense Graphics- Partially inspired by an example shown in class I wanted to include some sweet graphics (Flames and explosions). Really ties it together.

Step 4. Food and Diet advice- These workout videos are always trying ton push some sort of random food advice on you and sometimes you gotta just eat eggs.

Step 4. New Workout catch-This is a big one. Most every workout video or informercial likes to claim some new way to workout. So we stripped it down with a classic way to workout with a new twist.

.. Pizza

So, I really wanted to avoid the whole “5 Steps” thing. Mostly because I feel like it’s not that creative and it’s kind of cringey in my opinion. But as I came around to actually doing this project and what I could realistically accomplish, this whole 5 steps thing just sort of happened on it’s own. I work at this pizza place, Figaro’s Pizza,  I had work this past weekend so I decided to bring my camera and record my coworker making my pizza. The audio from the videos were very airy from the mic in my camera and sounded weird, so I avoided using the audio and just found some Italian theme music that I thought would fit well. This was the outcome.

By: Francis Pardo

My Return To Film In “5”

Yet again, I have gone outside the box. People don’t understand the struggle. Imagine a road. Dark. Someone is out there. No Noise. Just motion.

I haven’t used video editing software in awhile. Premiere sure seems like other Adobe programs. My constant mantra was “well that could of been simpler to do.” I guess I should practice with it some more in the future. I need a better camera too. The one I have at the moment is a little crappy cheapo thingy that runs on triple A batteries. I guess its not much but it makes a turd! You probably don’t realize this but I actually wrote the dialogue, like down on a piece of paper, and like rehearsed it. For real. Did I reach a hundred and twenty words? Yes, yes I did.

By Billy Dyball


Search for Why


So, I did another project about basketball. Mainly because it takes up most of my free time so naturally it’s what I film the most.

This time I wanted to extend it past basketball and connect it to a bigger concept around finding your passion.

I use the number 5 to introduce the human being, and I mention how we all choose to use the energy of our 5 limbs and 5 fingers on different things in our life.

I believe that you should search for something that you really enjoy using your precious time and energy on, rather than using your time and energy to obtain material goods that don’t last or have real value.

That’s basically what this short video is about.

5 Values of Life

Image editing isn’t as easy as some may think. At least it wasn’t for me anyway. It wasn’t easy but for some reason it has been my favorite project so far. I was really able to put my own creativity and thoughts into it. The purpose of this assignment was to answer the biggest question of all, “What does 5 mean to you?” Well, I answered. My five values of life are what make me who I am today.

I’m a huge believer in Christ and my faith grows everyday with all the lessons life throws at me. I have my high school experience at Marist to thank for this because with all the school masses and retreats, it really helped me get in touch with my faith. My God is always number one in my life and I can’t express that enough.

My family is my everything because they’ve been there for me all my life. They are the people I can truly count on, my mom, dad, sister, and nephew. They mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

I value Joshua so much. He’s not just my boyfriend, he is my absolute best friend. We’ve known each other since we were in high school together so he knows just about everything he can about me. He’s extremely supportive of all my dreams and he does all that he can for me. Like every couple we have our ups and down, especially right now with him being away in the Air Force. I believe that no matter what, we will always find our way back to each other.

I’ve always been told that I could dance before I could walk and that I was able to sing before I could talk. I consider music to be apart of who I am. It’s something that I’ve turned to in my darkest of moments all throughout my life. I enjoy every genre of music from Country to Rap to R&B to Disney. Music makes my heart beat.

I believe in strength. I have been through so much in my life, a lot of happiness but also a lot more of pain and suffering. The other four values are what have helped me push past the hard times to be able to still be here today. I fight everyday to continue on and I’m glad to be living once again.

By: Gabby Mujica

5 cute things cats do

Honestly, I just wanted to do something fun and laid back. So I thought, why not add another cat video to the internet and make it a project?

My cat  Moe mostly inspired me for this project because he’s always posing for attention at home. He constantly rolls onto his back and tries to act cute. It’s his best defense when he’s in trouble because he knows it’ll diffuse the tension from him. Or maybe not. Maybe he just likes to act adorable all the time.

Although he is cute, filming cats comes with challenges. You can’t really tell them what to do on camera like people or give them a script. I just followed Moe around the house and hoped for the best. I was able to work with him on getting an eating shot because all I had to was give him a can of cat food for it to work.

That’s is always one way to a cats heart. Food.

Overall, I just wanted to make an easygoing toned video.I think the music really helped set the mood along with my lazy cat. One thing I do wish is for some shots to be sharper. Definitely next time.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the video.

P.s; if you ever want to book Moe for a performance, just let me know.