About me, Cheyenne.

Sylvia Plath once described herself as ‘a passionate, fragmentary girl.’ I’ve also been described this way, although not quite so poetically, this encompasses me; my name is Cheyenne Jones and I’m still figuring myself out. But to beimg_2107 specific as to how I am fragmentary, I find that my life and personality are split into many different parts. I have many things in my life that are completely separate and unrelated but equally important. And I feel that finding myself will equate to me making the connection between all of those things. I am a passionate person in every aspect of my life — in personal relationships, interests, and school/career work. Something that impassions me is companionship; it’s the ability to connect with other people and gain reassurance that I am not alone with my troubles. To listen to someone else’s misfortunes and adventures is a form of escapism for me. It’s extremely fascinating to me, to get a glimpse into someone else’s mind even if it’s only for a moment.

This passion for connecting with people is what led me into Media Arts. Before coming to Eugene I studied Biology/International Studies for two years at PSU. After feeling bored and uninterested with my studies I discovered my love for art. I took a break from school for awhile and reflected on what I really loved and decided to pursue Media Arts. After my time at Lane, I hope to use the skills I have gained to connect with people and help others connect with each other. I am still figuring myself out especially in terms of what outlet I want to use to create and connect. My overall goal is to leave Lane with a clear idea of how I can use Media to connect with the world.