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Project 4

W19-P4 Audio

What I was going for was a radio advertisement for Disneyland. I was trying to get the ideas jolted down and I decided with this idea in specific because I was messing around with voice impressions and found out that I actually had a semi decent Kermit the Frog impression. So, initially after I found this out, I thought to myself “what if I did an advertisement for Disneyland while using my Kermit voice impression?” After finalizing and putting it all together I tried experimenting with other voices like Mickey, Goofy and various other Disney characters but I had no luck. When putting all of this together I thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be that good especially because I had a tough time trying to find a way to incorporate the sounds into my idea. But after a couple hours of looking around I was able to finish, resulting in this.

P4 Audio:Lost A Penny

The idea with this project was to create a instrumental track with a mix of sounds and rhythms. My theme for this was something broken, so then the rhythm will fall apart and build itself up again. I used a software called Ableton 10 which has an abundant of tools at my despoil, but also i can download assets and plugins (mini software that has a special the sound is manipulated) from the internet. I also used hardware, this mini keyboard with eight pads and a joystick to apply effects during a recording or just a jamming session. The hardest part with this project was sticking with it, so many times i wanted to completely change my direction i wanted the project to go in, especially since i got my mini keyboard two thirds into the project. Keeping with and idea will improve the depth of an audio project and your own voice within the work.

Now think about how it could be better, are there any sounds or drums/keyboard that should be mixed in a more organic or isolated way? How does the sounds that are there make you feel? Do any images come up in your mind? What’s the overall emotions you feel coming from this project?

W19-P4 Audio – News Clip


For this project, I decided to do a
snippet from ‘The Onion’ news. It is of course fake news, which is the subject
of my project. Fake news in the media world is becoming an actual issue. Who
would of thought, that in 2019, fake news would become on of the most
hotly-debated socio-political topics of recent years?! 

Fake news has been fueled by social
media, which in-itself, is a social engineering project. Literally, companies
are becoming giants in the economic, political, and social world, and with that
has come the trolls, haters, and keyboard fanatics! The world that we live in
is whatever we want and that freedom has brought us into a world of questioning

Im not one for change, as the great
sir Ron Swanson put brilliantly, “All I care about is that I’m the same. If I’m
the same as I was a year ago I’m happy.
” The fact is that the
change is here and there’s no stopping it, even Scrabble has added words
such as: Bezzy, Cakeages, Emoji, Obvs, Ridic, Thanx, Tweep, Twerking, and Yeesh.

Trump + New Age Kids + Tech = End of
an Era

I do have to say, I had fun with
this project. I got to not only use my microphone and audio editing software,
make a news segment, and get to play around with sound effects. It’s a new
hobby for sure.

The Sounds of Orchard House

Today I bring you an experiment in sound editing and creating a story with only original sources. I used this as a chance to learn how my microphone and computer talk to each other. Which is not well/at all. My computer does not recognize and cannot understand 3 different input sources. From research it is because of the USB connection I used. With my phone there is an adapter that overwrote the problem allowing me to record. It came out with the quality of audio expected, while being a pain to transfer files from my phone to my computer. However, I’m used to taking another step, as you always need to while using your own photos.

Below you will find the story of The Orchard House. With one of the furry residences pictured, Gaia.

Post by Rick Williams

Project Yellow Light – Jacob Adams

“Before we start today, I would like to introduce what I was going for during this project. This is a Public Service Announcement I made…”

Sounds Used: Texting / Tape Deck / Car Passing

Project Yellow Light is a scholarship that I have been trying to get to apply. Project Yellow Light has three scholarships available for future and present, college students to apply for. There are three different scholarships that can be applied for: a radio short, a video short, and a billboard. Each is judged on accuracy and creativity as well as how well it portrays the reasons not to text while you drive. I imagine this radio commercial would be mostly heard while you are driving, on your car radio. So I played off of that, but it also works well if you heard it outside of your car.  

The story goes like this, imagine you are driving in your car and the radio is on. You are listening to your favorite station. Suddenly the radio goes silent, just as you pick up your phone to send a text. But instead of your next song playing, this radio short/PSA plays, alarming you. This, of course, would work without you sending a text but all is the same. Do keep in mind that the scholarship has a limit of 20 seconds so I added an intro and outro. Hope you enjoy it.

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Galactic Radio by Gabriel Sampedro

The intent of discussing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia was to help listeners understand that while cancers and other forms of diseases seem scary, there are missions and projects in the works that plan on helping people worldwide, and letting them know that there is hope for the future. During our Info-Hour, we discuss illnesses like CLL, and talk about the symptoms and other related signs so that patients can familiarize themselves with them to ensure their state of health is well and functioning. The sooner a virus or cancer is reported and detected, the sooner doctors can begin to assess how to approach the problem on a case-by-case investigation.

Every day, people around the world become victim to cancerous cells, but with the help of vaccines, people’s immune system could be reprogrammed to attack cancerous cells. With these revolutionary mechanisms, millions of people worldwide would be saved, and people wouldn’t have to live by a clock of life-expectancy so they can live life to the fullest. This project was both informative and joyful because as the radio host, I fulfilled a position of education. Although I may just be one individual, I hope that projects like these continue to help people in need. In the end, the only thing I ever wanted to do was help people, and if this project was able to help at least one person, then I believe I’ve lived up to my dream.

The Day My Life Changed – P4 Audio Project

For this assignment, I originally had a different idea that was a very boring and uninteresting story. However, right when I went to record, I decided to change my entire project. I wanted to convey a message that is more thoughtful and meaningful.

Over the winter break, I lost my best friend and, basically, sister-in-law. She committed suicide on December 16th and this audio assignment is a recap of the day that I found out. There is a lot missing from this story because it is hard to say everything that I was feeling in that moment and the moments after. There is not really a conclusion, or resolution, to this story. It doesn’t really end. It just stops.

That is what I wanted to show everyone. When this happens to someone you love, the hurt never actually goes away and you just have to learn a new normal. There is not resolution to this story because I have to live with it everyday and I wanted to show you all that. So many people out there have to live without their loved ones and I just wanted to give a glimpse into what it’s like to find out you lost someone you love.

-Krista Ortiz

Day in the life of a Student-Athlete

College is hard enough, but being a collegiate athlete at the same time is a balancing act that has to be performed with excellence. As a student-athlete, I can say with first-hand experience that it’s not easy balancing school, sports, and work. I wanted to capture the daily grind of a student-athlete in a digital story created in Audacity using narration by my own voice recording and sample sounds.

The narration explains the daily life of a student-athlete in an hour-to-hour time frame from 5:00 am wake up to 2:00 am bedtime. The student-athlete goes through early morning workouts, three classes, and projects that are all due in 24 hours. Listen as a student from Lane Community College goes through a regular day as a student-athlete.