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“PSA: Bad Pet Judgement” by Emmett Crass

Audio says:

“Hello, my name is Emmett Crass.


When I was just a sweet, innocent child I was subject to the existence of a guinea pig that my little sister owned. Mind you, I had a guinea pig as well but my sister’s guinea pig was a menace.

These tiny rodents are known to squeak at you. Her pig liked to screech. Imagine trying to sleep and gather energy for the next day at school when you hear the blood curdling scream coming from the caged beast in the corner of your shared bedroom.

This guinea pig also performed the normal ritual of “Popcorning”. Popcorning is a normal dance consisting of the pig jumping around in excitement when they are too happy to contain their emotions. My sister’s rodent however would fling fecal matter all around our room when it popcorned.

My guinea pig, the late Mr. President, may god rest his soul, never screeched or flung his poo in excitement. I believe the reason Felix did these things because my sister has Bad Pet Judgement, otherwise known as BPJ. For this reason we as a community need to ban together to legally prevent her from ever obtaining an animal by her own choice again. Our society needs to protect ourselves from my sister’s Bad Pet Judgement so that no one else will ever need to feel the wrath of a Guinea Pig Scorned.”


This was a really interesting project! As someone who has not ever really worked much with audio files, I found playing with Audacity to create this goofy Public Service Announcement to be really fun.

Overall I mostly just wanted to give it a more serious and scary vibe that I noticed a lot of PSA’s have. I did this through trying to make my voice sound serious and keeping to unnerving sound effects. I did not want the sound effects to over power the audio so I played around with Audacity until I figured out how to properly lower the volume on the selected track until I reached the desired outcome. I also learned how to elongate tracks to draw out the sounds and make the sound more ominous than intense which I found super cool.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my first Audacity attempt as much as I did creating it!


By Emma Turnbull (Narrator & Editor), Obsidian White (Writer & Illustrator), Holly Smith (Writer), & Finnley O’Toole (Writer).

P4 – Audio: Atlantica

Atlantica is a story written sometime in the last year by my best friends in high school. I thought it would be an interesting piece of writing to read as it has lots of crazy lingo and it’s very creative. I also think more people need to hear it as it truly is impressive for an essay that got a passing grade. My original goal was to have the main writer, Obsidian, read it aloud but I knew he was unlikely to do it as anyone would be. He turned out to be busy the day I had the mic so I wound up being the narrator. I suppose my goal was to have a decent sounding story that at least made a little sense although I know the tech part of this assignment was the focus. I’d say I accomplished that goal.
After about an hour of recording on one of the Snowball microphones, I had a nice two minute-ish recording of my (surprisingly) okay reading voice. Through YouTube and my own troubleshooting I learned how to cut the recording to a decent length and remove any gaps and clicks. I also had a bit of time in MUL 103 learning about Audition but we’re not too far into that yet. After recording of course, I got my friends’ approval of the rough cut (and yours’). I thought this was a very interesting assignment and I enjoyed it immensely.

Audio Project: The Boys & the Frogs

For this project, I decided to record myself reading the Aesop fable “The Boys and the Frogs.” I chose this piece because I appreciate the message about considering how your “fun” might impact the lives of other living creatures.

Download the audio file HERE

Check out the fable I used HERE

To record, I used a portable Tascam microphone that is lashed to a small camera tripod using rubber bands (I would have loved to use one of the Blue Snowball mics, but my schedule did not allow for me to utilize equipment checkout). Because of this, the audio quality is not ideal, and there is some noticeable distortion. My initial intention was to mix my own voice in a way that reminds me of the audiobooks on cassette tapes that I used to listen to as a young kid, so I did the best I could to make this distortion a “feature” rather than a “bug.”

The percussion arrangement was created using sounds I recorded myself; a combination of tongue clicking and water dropping into a pot. I layered these sounds on top of each other in the software Ableton Live. The ambient sounds and the splashing sounds are both royalty-free sounds that I downloaded from the internet.


P4 Audio

crowd_shot1-411e029284dbdc634e90db5de365fc9d.jpgFor my p4-audio assignment, I chose to recreate an exerpt from some stand-up comedy by Bernie Mac. As you all should know, Bern’s style of comedy is steeped in truth, and can be very raunchy at times. I chose the sections of the performance that made me laugh the most when I first watched it. He touched on some pretty relevant subjects in my life, and brought light to things that are not widely joked about, incarceration, social issues, etc. But the main reason that I chose this clip is that it is a representation of a positive male in my life, one who through his art touched me and in more serious settings, was an amazing example on what its like to be a strong melanated male.

I grew up watching his show, where he took in his sisters kids because her crack cocaine addiction left her unfit to care for them. He basically raised kids that look and act like my siblings in real life, so of course we gravitated to it. He taught his “kids” many lessons on screen, and off we soaked them up like a sponge.

Here I attempt to capture his intensity and smooth talking nature in a clip from titled “I ain’t Scared”


Oh No

I didn’t know anything about audio going into this project and I thought it was going to take forever to do and I wasn’t going to understand any of it. But once I hopped on audacity and started pocking around, I found that it was kind of similar to video editing and had a similar layout like the cutting, moving, and layering. The more I learned the easier the project came and I had very few complications. The reason I used audio of a guy telling a funny story is because I absolutely hate the sound of my voice. But I had a fun time looking for sound affects and playing around with them and I hope I put enough in. I was mainly trying to accomplish putting sound affects that were nice and clear and having some background music and making sure it faded out at the end of the recording. I tried to make sure that the audio was nice and smooth without any strange unnecessary sounds. I now feel more confident to work with audio in the future and hope to use it in future classes.

By: Isaac Bennion


Hercules and the Wagoner

In this audio piece I wanted to convey to the listener and surround them in the environment of the wagoner and have them feel as if they are on the cliff side stranded. In this piece towards the end self help is always the best when nobody is around and you can no only rely on yourself for certain things especially when nobody is around. Self help teaches you in many different ways that even though you may feel helpless there is always a self driven part of the human psyche that will edge the person to go on. In my life I’ve always done things on my own and learned through perseverance and very little help from others in life. This fable really struck a cord with me and I knew I had to do this piece. It hasn’t always been easy as I’ve wanted to be angry with everyone or everything around me when all I had to do is push just a little more. In this piece Hercules says that “looking at it and whining about” won’t solve anything and he’s absolutely right. If you take time to problem solve you can accomplish anything. Thank you for reading and listening!

W18-P4 Audio: Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea Infomercial

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the wacky infomercials always trying to sell you some item you don’t really need (no matter how much the spokesperson insists). That was what I was trying to recreate, with this audio project.  I find those infomercials hilarious, because what is being sold is always something crazily odd, that may not even work like how they claim it does (especially the ones that say you’ll lose weight easily). The ads tend to be really cheesy, and many of them are very old because they’ve been reused for many years. So I did a bit of a double objective: 1. I tried to “sell” the Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea 2. I raised awareness to how kooky infomercials can be. I feel like I could have done a bit better with this project if I had more experience. I should have talked a bit louder and confidently, and that would have solved some of the issues my audio recording has. The background has a slight fuzzy white noise, that’s partly because I don’t have a wind sock. However, for my first time doing this sort of project, I can’t be too hard on myself. I hope you all like my project, and find it funny like I did.

By: Haley


The Fox and Stork

this was a fun little project.  I dont remember hearing fables when I was a kid, but I;m sure I did.  when I first read the fable I knew I wanted some kind of fiddle in the background.  I pictured the fox and stork out in a field on a warm day hanging out.  I chose the fiddle because it implies an old west feeling and I think it puts the listener outside with our little friends.

the hardest part was listening to my voice while I worked on it.  I actually pitched the dialogue down so I didnt have to hear myself.  there are moments in this fable that I was able to punctuate with sound rather easily.  it seemed like every few seconds there was something that needed a sound.  the plates anbd jars, the frustration of the animals, and a number of spots that allowed for some humor to come through.

There are 24 sounds in the story and I had a blast finding a spot for each one.  my past audio experience made the process really fun.  I didnt have to learn how to use anything to make it.  this allowed me to spend all my time being creative. in the future, I need to take more time recording my own voice.  I hate hearing myself so I did the recording in one take.  there are a few rough spots for sure.

W18-P4 Audio: Everything Gum


My audio project was fun, creative, and interesting to do while using Audacity to create my “radio commercial”. There were some challenges such as getting my audio to be the minimum of 1:30. Audacity was a little bit difficult to use, but when I got the hang of it I could do a lot of different ways to make my audio better. I wanted to re-create my old high school project called Everything Gum. The idea about it was a commercial about gum that can do everything.

In my experience, I had some problems with this project such as saving my progress and trying to make my project the best I could make it. The struggle of being satisfied with the project made me doubt my creative ideas that I thought were unique. However, I have conquered those obstacles and created a project that I am proud of. I think re-creating my old project was a good idea for me because it helped me figure out what I could have done better, and make my project something to be happy about the outcomes it produced in the end.

Overall, I enjoyed this project and hope this passes the requirements it needed to have before the due date.


Shawn Dog Radio lol

What I was trying to accomplish is a decent podcast. I combined ideas from Dave Chappelle, Hopsin and Sway in the Morning. What I was aiming for is a podcast that reviews and talks about music but also is comedic. My main goal was to make sure the music and vocals were smooth and blended nicely. EFF is a best friend of mine. We have done music in the past together but I moved to Eugene and he inspired himself to continue with the dream. I was one of the first to hear the song before it released and I wanted him to release it so bad. It is amazing and he is a great singer with a beautiful voice. He hasn’t touched a microphone in years and hearing this, my jaw was dropped. So when I heard of this assignment, I instantly wanted to do some sort of radio. He released the song a few days after and I decided to twist them together and create this. The experience was interesting, this is definitely something new that I have not done before. So it was weird starting at first, I didn’t know how to begin. I was kind of stuck. So I began listening to other podcasts and they all had really cool intros. I found a free one and put that in there and started writing a script. After that, it was all smooth sailing. Mixing it wasn’t that hard because I used to be an audio engineer, so that part was