CS 120 – Journey

I applied for the Multimedia Design course at Lane Community College in Fall 2018. When I found out that I was required to take a computer sciences class for my degree, I was, quite frankly, terrified. I looked around at all the classes available and finally settled on CS 120. I figured since I do not know much about computers, this would be the best place to start. Much to my surprise, and relief, the class was mostly about learning a number of the programs available with Microsoft Suite, and less about computer chips and router things and all of the stuff I was terrified of.

I had quite a lot of prior experience with MS Word, and PowerPoint, which helped things along with much more ease. I quite enjoyed learning Excel again, and in more depth than I had previously. I have found myself several times recently needing to create tables and charts for information and just making them in a word document and computing all of the information myself, one field and function at a time, as I did not remember how to do those things in Excel.

Excel is going to be an extremely powerful tool for my work. The knowledge that I have gained in this class will continue to serve me in my path towards a steady career, and for that I am thankful. In addition to the text book, I found several extra resources that were extremely helpful in this journey. Microsoft has videos YouTube that are great for visual learners like myself, such as this:

The Block Editor is Now Supported on Mobile Devices

Part of what helps WordPress power 34% of the web is language: WordPress is fully translated into 68 languages. Pair that with the mobile apps, which make WordPress available across devices, and you have a globally accessible tool.

Today we’re announcing app updates that bring the new Block editor to mobile devices, so on-the-go publishing is even easier for that 34%.

At Automattic, we speak 88 different languages, so we thought: why not use some of them to tell you about the editor updates? Instead of a few screenshots and bullet points, here are some of the people who build the editor and apps sharing their favorite tools and tricks for the mobile Block editor. To make it more accessible, we’ve also included English translations. 

(And for those who want more detail — yes, there are still screenshots and bullet points!)

Rafael, Brazilian Portuguese

Com o novo editor, a criação de conteúdo é mais intuitiva por que as opções de formatação de texto e inserção de arquivos são exibidas de uma forma bem simples.

Toque no ícone ⊕ enquanto estiver editando um post ou página para ver os blocos disponíveis como Parágrafo, Título, Imagem, Vídeo, Lista, Galeria, Mídia e texto, Espaçador e muitos outros.


With the new editor, creating content is more intuitive because the options to format text and add media are displayed in a simple way. Tap on the ⊕ icon when editing whether a post or page to see all the available blocks like Paragraph, Heading, Image, Video, List, Gallery, Media & Text, Spacer and more.

Anitaa, Tamil

பயணங்களில் மிகவும் விருப்பமுள்ள எனக்கு, பயண குறிப்புகளை பயண நேரத்திலேயே எழுதுவது வழக்கம். இந்தப் புதிய கைபேசி செயலி என் வேலையே மிகவும் எளிதாக்குகிறது. எனக்குப் பிடித்த சில அம்சவ்கள்:  

  • கி போர்ட்டில் உள்ள நேக்ஸ்ட் பொத்தானை அழுத்துவதன் மூலமே புதிய பத்தியை தொடங்க முடிவது.
  • பட்டியல் தொகுதியைப் பயன்படுத்தி எனது சொந்த பட்டியலை உருவாக்க முடியும்.

பட்டியலின் உள்ளெ பட்டியலை சரிபார்க்கும், அல்லது, துணை பட்டியலை உள்ளடக்கும் பட்டியல் பத்தியை ஆவலுடன் எதிர்பார்க்கிறேன். எனவே அடுத்த புதுப்பிப்பைப் பற்றி நான் மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறேன்.


I love travelling and I spend a lot of time on my blog writing travel tips while on the go. My favorite features in the Block editor include:

  • Creating a new paragraph block by pressing the RETURN button on the keypad.
  • Adding a List block to create my own lists.
    • You can even add sub-lists!

I look forward to seeing what’s coming next!

Mario, Spanish

Cuando escribo, doy mil vueltas sobre qué palabras utilizar y me cuesta decidirme. Uso mi móvil porque me da la posibilidad de capturar mis ideas justo en el momento que se me ocurren. Es por eso que de las cosas que más me gustan del Editor es que puedo moverme de un bloque de texto a otro con facilidad y también cambiarlos de lugar. Además, se puede hacer/deshacer muy fácilmente, y siempre se mantiene el historial de edición lo que me da mayor seguridad a la hora de cambiar incluso sólo pequeñas partes del contenido que voy escribiendo.


When I write, I walk around in circles and can never decide which words to use. So I use my mobile phone, which lets me capture ideas right when they occur to me. That’s why the things I appreciate in the new Editor are the abilities to move from block to block with ease and to change their order and since you can undo/redo quite easily and can see your editing history, I have confidence when I change even small bits of the post I’m writing.

Jaclyn, Chinese

用過 Gutenberg 古騰堡後網誌效率高很多!因為寫旅行文章,很多時候是在旅途中或是平日空擋等候時間紀錄和寫下想法,行動 app 讓我隨時隨地都可以編輯文章。行動古騰堡簡化了移動文章段落重新排序的步驟,讓文章的架構變得很清楚,也更容易管理。


The new block editor truly makes a difference in my blogging efficiency and experience. Since my blog is about traveling, I often scribble notes and thoughts during my trips. The block editor on mobile simplifies the process of moving paragraphs around and organizing content, so the architecture of the post becomes clearer and easier to reorganize.

To start using the block editor on your app, make sure to update to the latest version, and then opt in to using it! To opt in, navigate to My Site Settings and toggle on Use Block Editor.

We hope you give the latest release a try; tell us about your favorite part of the mobile block editor once you’ve had a chance to try it.

We’d also love to know your thoughts on the general writing flow and on some of the newer blocks like video, list, and quote blocks. For specific feedback, you can reach out to us from within the app by going to Me Help and Support, then selecting Contact Us.

Power users rejoice: you’ve got SFTP and database access

Three new hosting management tools give you direct access to your site’s files and data.

Have a site on a Business or eCommerce plan? Now you have three new ways to customize your WordPress.com site: SFTP access, database access, and PHP version switching give you behind-the-scenes access to the nuts and bolts of your site, which means more freedom and flexibility than ever before. If you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to modify your WordPress.com site because you couldn’t manually upload file changes or delete something from your database, website management is about to get a lot easier.

You’ll find all these features in a new section of your dashboard: Manage > Hosting Configuration.

The Hosting Configuration Screen

SFTP credentials

SFTP is a secure way to access the files and folders on your WordPress.com site using a program on your local computer like Filezilla. Some custom plugins and themes ask you to create specific folders or add files via SFTP. While many of those tasks can be accomplished with tools already built into your WordPress.com dashboard, folks who like using SFTP can now have SFTP access so they can make these changes directly. Check out our step-by-step guide to get started.

Database access

At WordPress.com, we regularly optimize your database so you don’t have to, but there might still be times when you need an efficient way to modify data, like purging all the tables created by a plugin you’ve decided to delete. Accessing your site’s database is an effective way to do this. 

Database access is a powerful tool, so if you’re at all unsure about working with a database, reach out to our Happiness Engineers! If you’re unfamiliar with databases, you can also find information on getting started in our help documentation.

PHP version switching

PHP is still one of the key languages used to build the web, and a new version, PHP 7.4, was recently released. WordPress.com sites currently run PHP 7.3, which has been tested extensively across all of WordPress.com, but sites on Business or eCommerce plans can switch to version 7.4 immediately. Learn more.

Since these new tools let you dig into some of the code and data the powers your site, you’ll find a link for our support team right from the dashboard so you can get help if you need it. Have fun getting under the hood, power users!

A day in the Wilderness

Final Project Video

For this project I decided to do lego video. I used my own legos to tell a story about a couple and their dog on an adventure in the wilderness. I used my Canon Rebel T6 to photograph each scene. The shooting took place at a near by hidden trail which granted me freedom from those wondering on to my set. Would of taken my dog to assist me on my project but she is a impatient German Shepard/Husky mix. Took a day to take my photos and to edit them. I pulled the images over to adobe premier pro and used royalty free music and sounds to add to the video. It did not take too long to complete the project and i felt it turned out well. The hardest part was staying on task since the end of the term was nearing. I hope you like it.



I grew up playing a lot of video games. I remember going out to any restaurant or mall that had an arcade in it and dumping thousands of quarters into any machine I laid my eyes on. From classic games like Donkey Kong to modern games that were first released on consoles. But I’ve always been most fond of fighting games and “Beat’em Up” games. These would include titles such as Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Fatal Fury, Streets of Rage, and many more.

I got into a lot of fights when I was growing up and I also was bullied constantly. And whenever I fought back I would always end up in some kind of trouble. It made me feel like an outcast and that everyone was out to get me. I always felt like I had a need to fight back but was never allowed to. A stigma that has stuck with me all through my adulthood. When I joined the military, I did it for the purpose of being a fighter. But my experience showed me that fighting was something I had to pursue on my own.

I got into fighting games as a means of escapism. Where I was allowed to go to a place where I can take out my aggression without getting in trouble. The whole point is to fight to survive, beat the bad guy, and save the day. But there’s also cool backstories to characters on why they choose to fight. In the Street Fighter series, every fighter fights for a different reason: Guile fights for revenge, Ken fights for glory, and Ryu fights to meet the next challenge.

Sprite animation is always something that I have been interested in. I get inspired by animations that I see on Youtube. There are many websites where you can download sprite sheets of videogame characters, backgrounds, and textures for your own use. Some people make their own games with them, while others make their own movies for people to watch.

This is something I’ve wanted to try and do for my Final Project. I started off using some sketches of my artwork for the Cobalt character. Cobalt is inspired by guys like Ryu from Street Fighter. A stoic protagonist that doesn’t take crap from anybody. I then started to use images of well known pop culture figures and using a the Pixelate/Mosaic filter to make them look like videogame characters. I mostly used Photoshop and Premier for this project and applied what I learned in Time-based Tools to make it look good. I also used Animate to make my own animated GIF to include in my video.

The challenge was figuring out what to draw so I just used references I got from other games. Using my own sketches was difficult and fun though. It’s something I intend to do more of.

I hope you all enjoy. And I will continue to make more stuff like this in the future.

New Theme: Twenty Twenty

We’re pleased to announce that Twenty Twenty — the new WordPress default theme designed by Anders Norén— is available to all WordPress.com sites.

Twenty Twenty was designed with the flexibility of the new WordPress Editor at its core. If you want to use it for an organization or a business, you can combine columns, groups, and media to create dynamic layouts that show off your services or products. If you want to use it for a traditional blog, the centered content column and considered typography makes it perfect for that as well.

It also has been designed and developed to take maximum advantage of the creative freedom enabled by the block editor. Extra care has been given to the Columns and Group blocks, which can be combined into impressive landing pages with intricate blocks layouts. Twenty Twenty includes full editor styles for the block editor, so what you see in the editor will almost exactly match the end result.

Learn more about WordPress’s latest default theme here, or check out the demo site!

Gym Life

Wow, time flies we already at the end of the term. But for this project, I got to do something that I really enjoy. The gym is a place where I go when I have a lot of stress, so I did my video on simple steps to stay in shape, also these workouts can get your muscles big if you work hard. This video was more complicated than what I thought. I had to find someone that goes to the gym, so he could help me do these workout for me. So I told one of my friends and he said he would do it, he told me the day and time. But he had other things that came up to his way so I was struggling to find someone. I finally found this other friend; and I told him about it and we start filming the next day after. 

I enjoyed the filming as always. The only thing I struggled with was not filming myself because there were mirrors all around me, but still I think in one of the videos I was too focused on filming that I forgot about it and filmed myself. Then it came the hardest thing, editing it, there’s always problems with the editing. It was so stressful, I had all the videos ready when something happened and they were gone, so I had to redo it all again. I didn’t include any diet or protein in there because that would take longer. But if you have a skinny body like I do then you should eat and drink a lot of protein if you are trying to get big and muscular. This is for men only because I don’t know anything about women workouts. This is what I was able to come up with I hope those workouts will help anyone if they’re trying to get some muscles or just to get rid of stress. I hope you enjoy.       

Digiorno’s Feud

For my final production I wanted to produce something mobstery, I’ve been watching a show called peaky blinders which inspired me to make an organized crime type scene but with a comedic touch. My plan was to make a cinematic film based in the 1900’s but with scheduling conflicts it was hard to get the group together for extended amounts of time. I was able to switch it up to a more modern scenario for my rough cut but did not have the other guys with me so it didn’t match when we filmed other parts. I was a bit disappointed with the final result, with the time we had for the project I feel I could have made a smoother production but like I said before its hard to get people together with school and work schedules. We got together and filmed this final cut in one night, I feel the story line is decent but could have used more angles and smoother transitions towards the second half, the lads didn’t have too much time which killed my chance of getting more angles for the scenes. I would like to reproduce something similar later on and hopefully have good time management then!

A very radical Thanksgiving

For this project I wanted to create something fun, something light and something personal! I think this was my first real taste of filming and editing! and boy oh boy do I have so much to learn still.

In this video is my brother and our dogs. We go on a lot of adventures together and I thought thanksgiving would be the perfect way to capture a day in the life of. Our entire family lives in Florida so it’s just us. My brother agreed to be in the video if I took him to the skate park. I of course obliged but decided to benefit from him being at the skatepark and got some cool shots.

I added one of my favorite songs by Mac Demarco and added a film reel onto another layer in premier and lowered the opacity. For me this video was a blast to edit even though I spent more hours than I should have nitpicking every little detail! I love capturing authentic moments and beautiful scenery. This is what I want to do eventually. Travel the world and capture moments like this!

For the location we went to Newport one of my favorite areas on the coast. I love Newport because you have amazing seafood, beautiful beaches with virtually no people on them and a gorgeous lighthouse that has such unique scenery to shoot. It’s important for me to capture places like this so other people can appreciate this beauty as well. I believe this creates a ripple effect of people wanting to conserve natural areas!

All in all i’m fairly satisfied with the video but I definitely need to start investing in equipment like a gimbal and start incorporating audio into my videos because thats what intimidates me the most! Something that really bothered me about the film I had was that I really didn’t think to get many close ups which is definitely a big no no for a videographer! Ah well, it’s all apart of the learning experience, right? Oh and something I had a huge problem with is uploading this video. It took over 8 hours. Yeah, crazy right? I have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Maybe it’s how I export the video? Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thanks for tuning in guys and I hope you enjoyed my video!

An end to the start of a journey

My concept was to explore how nearby colors interact and have their appearance modified through light and shadow. I began exploring this concept for my digital photography final, but I felt a video would better capture some of the details and elements.

I acquired 16 colors of card-stock. I planned to cut and shape it into various simple geometric layers or 3d forms. Each would be repeated in every color so I wanted an easy to replicate pattern. Another goal of the pattern was to generate surfaces and structures for light to interact with. This was a part of the project I had to continually trim as I wanted to go in a lot of directions with it but would have ended up spending too much time making models and not enough time taking photos or video.

I really like how this “voided cubic” form ended up. Only a few cuts and folds needed!

The other concept I wanted to explore in the video was how light in many ways resembles how we acquire and impart knowledge. Returning to school this term kept that “illuminating” concept a constant thought.

Illuminate – to explain and show more clearly something difficult to understand

Cambridge English Dictionary

I again ended up scaling back and trimming another thing from the project that may have led me further on a wild goose chase. Plus it was just a really difficult concept to try to get across in one small video.

Studio Workspace – Working at a small scale meant I could keep the project setup and jump into it whenever I found time in between work and other studies.

As I worked with my imagery and compiled it into a sequence, I started exploring more shots, trying to figure out how they might fit in or be compatible with a final project. Steadily becoming more scatter-brained my output began to resemble my internal state. I took this chaotic energy of overlapping ideas and infused it into the project.

The resulting mishmash of imagery may result in a meditative state where the sensory portions of the brain are stimulated without any concrete concept or narrative solidifying in the conscious mind. 

Kind of like dozing off in a dull class! Which I’m happy to say was not the case for any of the studies my first term in the Multimedia Arts program. I’m excited for what Winter Term will bring!