Maternity Photo Shoot

This was a fun project and a free shoot to build my skills and portfolio! Each image is unique and has a wonderful and contagious feeling that spreads to the viewer resulting in instant smiles as we look at the happiness and youthful freedom of these playful and precious moments. More to come this summer.

Audio Production Final

All original sound was stripped out and rebuilt from doing my own ADR in studio (Automated Dialog Recording) foley work, field recording and using domain free sounds and music from various websites.

Pleased with this final cut.

Thank you to my voice actors:

Violet Gott- Genie

Melanie Sansom- Jasmine

Tyler Sansom- Aladdin

Billy Dyball- Rajah (Tiger)

Recording in the Digital Age

Recently, our band Snowdragon has been recording a ten-song LP to be used as a demo reel. We have a large show coming up this summer and the venue requested we send a small collection of the type of music we play. This would be nearly impossible on our collective schedules if it weren’t for the evolution of digital recording within the last couple of decades. Being able to record near-perfect audio signals into a desktop computer is a huge technological accomplishment, and something I love doing every day.

Personal computers have made a huge impact on the way we all live our lives. Whether it be for entertainment or starting your own career, they’ve changed the way many, if not most, things work in America. Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, a producer/audio engineer has founded his career and lifestyle with digital audio recording. His website ( highlights his roles in his field as well as his current projects.

Another producer from Oregon’s own Eugene, Billy Barnett of Gung-Ho Studio ( has been in the business since tape and vinyl, but has comfortably made the transition to digital in recent years. When I asked how well he took the switch, he answered,

“In the beginning of the digital era, things were not very good. Most software was extremely expensive and didn’t record with very high fidelity to the source. In the last decade or so, it’s streamlined so many processes and has much higher quality sound.”


I’ve been working out of my own home studio for the last few years now. Be it recording my own projects or a local band, I’ve always had fun with it and have always been interested in challenging myself further.

Below: A short video of a simple little song recorded in my studio in two hours.

A Break in Nature

I have not posted in awhile, mostly because school has been kicking my butt, but also because I didn’t feel I had enough content to actually make a post. I’ve taken plenty of photos since my last post-I went to train day, an abandoned car lot, done a series of portraits, and more but none of them really felt post worthy. These ones were taken on the fly on an impromptu hiking trip with friends. It was a nice and easy break from the business of my usual schedule, being able to slow down and shoot for fun was a good recess from the mostly structured shoots I’ve been doing. I enjoyed seeing what my friends could do with the camera too and most of the photos they took, I just edited them down. Perhaps after the term is over and I can breathe I will post some of the others, but for now these ones will have to do.


By: Anna Smith

Creative View

It’s hard to be an artist and feel like you have to be achieving new creative things all the time. I personally struggle a lot with this and often fall into funks where I just do not like any of the work I am coming up with. At the beginning of one of my current classes I learned an interesting exercise that has helped me battle these feelings and keep me striving for more creative images.

Very simply, I stand in one spot, and shoot a series of ten compositionally different things. As of writing this I’ve done a few sets of this and have found that the easiest way to do this is with some kind of zoom lens and a location that has variety to it. Below is a set I did on a bridge in a local park that is heavily trafficked by people. It was easy to get the first few images, but around the sixth one I had trouble coming up with new and different things to photograph. Overall it was a fun and interesting short exercise that made me think harder about creativity and composition.

By: Anna Smith