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Media Arts Resources

1 . Equipment Checkout

Sign above media arts equipment checkout counter, which was closed.

2 . “Blue Cyc Wall”

This one was disappointing I really wanted to check it out but it was locked ? I’ll have to go back sometime.

3 . Center for Student Engagement

Comfy seat and connect-four board in student engagement center.

4 . Art Gallery

I’ve already spent a lot of time doing sketches in here for another class so this is a familiar space.

5 . Art-O-Mat

I think this is a really cool concept and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

6 . Library

Cart full of books behind Resource Desk in library. 

7 . Health & Wellness Sculpture

Taken from inside the silver sculpture outside health and wellness building.

8 . Ingram’s Office

Ingram was out.

9 . Media Creation Lab

Bench outside of media creation lab.

10 . Judy Gates’ Office

Judy was out as well!

11 . Teresa’s Office

Hallway leading toward’s Teresa’s office.

12 . Student’s First Building

Front of Student’s First building.

13 . Free Shot

Turkeys really freak me out so this was kind of like exposure therapy for me.

Media Resources at LCC


The Equipment Checkout Located in Building 18
When Entering this vicinity I immediately was surrounded by many students and adult actively talking about the projects they were starting to create and equipment they were planning to use. This is definitely a place that gets its use.


The Blue Cyc Wall Located in Building 18
One of the easiest places for me to identify since it was in the same building as the equipment checkout, making my search for each spot just a little quicker than I expected.


Center for Student Engagement
A place I didn’t know we have, I was glad to notice the directory in front of the doors I walked in through or else I would have not known where to start in finding this spot.


Main Art Gallery
Again another place easy to find since there is a sign conveniently placed outside the building for all to know where they are.


The Art-O-Mat
I had no idea what I was searching for when I looked at the name of this contraption and it took me a good seven minutes of frustration to realize it was not a painting I was searching for but a machine that was right in front of my eyes the whole time.


Library Reference Counter
Another place that is easily accessible and easy to find due to the bold lettering plastered in front of it.


Large Silver Sculpture Outside Health and Wellness Center
The hardest place for me to find since I still don’t know the campus very well and because the map I do have of LCC does not have building 31 marked as the Health and Wellness Center but just the number 31. Finding this was probably the least amount of fun I had due to the fact I wanted to figure things out on my own and did not ask anyone for help.


Media Creation Lab in Center Building
A place a little hard to find if you are not looking for it but easy to go to when you realize where you are.


Judy Gate’s Office
A difficult find since there might be a flyer over the plaque indicating this is her office but other than that it is not hidden inside a maze and one that is not a journey to go to.


Teresa Hughes’s Office
Not a very hard place to find either since it is located inside building 18.


Flags in the Student’s First Building
The first thing you see when you walk into the building reminding everyone that goes in we are all from different backgrounds and cultures and are welcome to LCC.


Construction Shot
Even though it is a stand still shot I decided to capture this moment because it is one of the first times the sun has been out in a while and reminded me of the warmth back home in Huntington Beach.

Lane Resources for Media Arts Students

1 Equipment Checkout_ 1055
Equipment Checkout counter.

The Equipment checkout place is in Building 18 where students usually rent camera gear.


2 Blue Cyc Wall_1141
Blue Cyc Wall

The Blue Cyc Wall is also in Building 18 and is in lab room A.


3 Student Engagement Center_1100
Student Engagement Center

The Student Engagement Center is in the center building and located on the second floor.


4 Art Gallery_1063
Art Gallery

Building 11 is the main Art Gallery.


5 Art-O-Mat_1120

The Art-O-Mat is found inside the Art Gallery is is to the right of Mr. Ingram’s office.


6 Library_1061

The Library is on the second floor of the Center Building and is on the left if you take the elevator.

7 Silver Sculpture_1071
Silver Sculpture

The big silver sculpture is right outside of Building 31. The silver sculpture is neat to look at up close because there are little engravings on it that almost look like the Japanese alphabet.


8 Ingram's Office_1124
Ingram’s office

Ingram’s office is located in Building 11 and he was just leaving his office so I didn’t get a picture of him in his office.

9 Media Lab_1126
Media Creation Lab

The Media Creation Lab is on the second floor in the Center building in the library.


10 Judy Gates Office_1068
Judy Gate’s office

Judy Gate’s office is found in Building 11.


11 Teresa's Office_1129
Teresa’s office

Ms. Teresa’s office is in Building 2 and is decorated with little trinkets on the outside.


12 Flags_1103

I took a picture of the flags in Building 1.

13 Turkey_1110

I was fortunate to find a baby turkey along with an adult one up close!


Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane – Scavenger Hunt

1 Equipment Checkout Counter
Equipment Checkout Counter – Bldg 18

My first stop was at the Equipment Checkout Counter in Building 18. I had to wait quite a while for the perfect shot, because it was closed most of the time. This is the only one photo I have with the window open!


2 Blue Cyc Wall
The Blue Cyc Wall – Bldg 18

Across the counter was Studio A with the “Blue Cyc Wall”.


3 Student Engagement Center
Student Engagement Center – Center Bldg

My next stop was the Student Engagement Center. I like how everything is tidy and organized. My kind of place. I was quite intrigued by the popcorn machine and it’s intricate gears!


4 Art Gallery
Art Gallery – Bldg 11

My next destination was in Building 11 with the beautiful Art Gallery. The soft faded lights made this place feel somewhat nostalgic.


5 The Art-O-Mat
Art-O-Mat – Bldg 11

Right around the corner was this cool machine. I didn’t even know a machine like this existed. Drop in five dollars and it can give you pocket-sized artworks from paintings to sculptures to poems, or any other art related pictures.


6 The Library
Library – Center Bldg

The library is one of my favorite places to relax and study at the same time, so this place was easy to find. What wasn’t easy was trying to get a photo without students being uncomfortable with their picture being taken, so I decided on this shot. It was the only way I could take a picture of the library without interfering with anyone.


7 Silver Sculpture
Large Silver Sculpture – Outside of Bldg 31

This was my favorite photo to take. I had my camera tilted upward with myself leaning against the sculpture. I love how the blue-grey clouds and trees are reflected in the sculpture like a mirror.


8 Ingrams's Office
Ingram’s Office – Bldg 11

I had an interesting encounter before I took this photo. I knew this was the room I needed to photograph, but I didn’t know would Mr. Ingram be comfortable with me taking a picture of his office without his permission. I had this whole conversation with one of my classmates and didn’t know that the man standing across from me was Mr. Ingram himself! He was standing there listening to every single word. That was the worst mistake I made that day! He walked over to me and casually introduced himself to me. I laughed nervously as I explained what I had to do for the assignment and he was just fine. I took one shot, thanked Mr. Ingram, and left before any more awkward situations could happen.


9 Media Creation Lab
Media Creation Lab – Center Bldg

I liked taking this photo of the Media Creation Lab, because it was totally empty. I could play around with the lights and shadows. In fact, I was the one who arranged the chairs to look this certain way. The black squares against the simple background, plus the added angle makes for a good abstract look.


10 Judy Gates's Office
Judy Gates’s Office – Bldg 11

Judy Gates’s office is one I’ve trip I’ve made several times. Here she is busily working on her computer.


11 Teresa's Office
Teresa’s Office – Bldg 18

On the way to photography class, I snapped this photo of Teresa’s office. How I wish my office looked this tidy!


12 Flags Building 1
Flags – Bldg 1

This shot was random. I was busy arranging myself to take this photo, so I put my camera down and it clicked. I happen to love this shot. It is the perfect angle and view!


13 Turkey Back Tail
Wandering Turkey – Campus

I had to chase the silly turkeys around campus before I got this shot. It seems like this turkey knew I had to take a photo of him, so instead of behaving nice, he turned his back on me. Well, at least the pattern on his tail is highlighted against the nice black pavement.






Media Arts Resources at Lane Community College

1. Equipment_Checkout.jpg
1. Equipment Checkout

As this is my first year technically in the Media Arts program (I have previously taken some Media Arts classes, but was a Journalism major) I have not had the opportunity to utilize this resource yet. I am looking forward to it.

2. Blue ‘Cyc’ Wall

I had several opportunities to use this wall in the Lighting for Photography class that I took last winter, but I did not end up needing to use it for any of my projects. I will be shooting self-portraits in front of it this week though, for my Digital Imaging class. The blue should make it a lot easier to cut myself out for a composite image. The lighting in there is pretty fantastic too.

3. Center_for_Student_Engagement-1.jpg
2. Center for Student Engagement

I had actually never heard of this place, but it came at the perfect time of my journey, I was starving but trying to hurry and catch the next bus. The woman in there was very nice and pointed me toward a beautiful vase. I feel like I was not the only one who she pointed toward that vase and I think it was in an effort to avoid photographs taken of her. I respect that.

4. Art_Gallery_1.jpg
3. Main Art Gallery on Campus

I was in this building for both Newswriting and Photography class during my first term at Lane. I always liked checking out the new exhibits, and still do when I’m in the area.

5. Art_o_Mat - 1.jpg
5. Art-O-Mat

This thing is very cool, I cannot personally afford $5 for a small piece of art, but I really like the concept. I think these things should be in malls instead of (or at least along with) food/drink vending machines.

6. Library-1.jpg
6. Library

One of the most important and useful resources at on any college campus, I have probably under-utilized this library since I started at Lane. I don’t read many paper-books anymore; Most of my life has become digitized like so many other peoples. I do appreciate that this library that has Mac’s that dual-boot Windows for PC users. When I first started at Lane I was pretty new to Macintosh, it took some getting used to and I still prefer my PC for most things.

7. Silver_Sculpture-1.JPG
7. Silver Sculpture

I tried this sculpture from many different angles. When I first tried to shoot it, there was a guy raking leaves right in my desired shot. I ended up leaving and coming back, taking many shots from above and below, but this ended up being my favorite shot from inside.

8. Ingrams_Office.jpg
8. Ingram’s office

Ingram seems like a very nice and easy-going guy. This clearly was not his first visit from an Intro to Media Arts student. The girl in front of him ended up way out of focus, but I didn’t want to bug him any more by trying to get a better shot.

9. Media_Creation_Lab.jpg
9. Media Creation Lab

This is another place on this scavenger hunt that I did not know existed! Seems like a nice, quiet space to work on projects if needed, at least maybe a little quieter than out in the library. The outside of this room does not have the best lighting for taking photographs, and there were people working inside that I didn’t want to disturb. I did my best with what I had.

10. Judy Gates’ office

I don’t know Ms. Gates but it looks like she is super helpful. This photo is not posed at all. I think it turned out really good and showed her helping a student navigate Moodle.

11. Teresa's_Office.jpg
11. Teresa’s office

Hands down, the worst lighting of any location on the scavenger hunt. The natural light coming in from the window in back is much brighter than the fluorescent lighting in the hallway. This was the only angle I could even pull a shot off from without the sunlight destroying it. In retrospect, I wish I would have gone back on a cloudier day.

12. Students_first-1.jpg
12. Students First Building

I have to say, if the ‘flags’ part weren’t in the instructions. I would have had no idea where this was, I have never heard of it referred to as the ‘Students First Building’. I guess now I know. The sheer amount of flags in here is pretty amazing.

13. Construction_Shot-1.jpg
13. Construction Shot

This is a quick shot of the sculpture in front of the school. This was taken with my phone, because I forgot my camera this day. I may try to get another one with my Nikon in the morning on the way to class and update it. I really like this sculpture, because supposedly there is no concrete or glue or anything holding those stones together (according to my Photo 1 teacher), they just used a crane and wedged all the pieces together. That had to be very cool to watch.


Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

Equipment Checkout Counter

The equipment checkout was all locked up when I got there.

2-Blue Cyc Wall
Blue Cyc Wall

I was originally locked out of this room, so I had to come back in about an hour or so to take this picture.

Center for Student Engagement

I’ve never actually been in this place, but I am always smelling the popcorn when I go by!

4-Art Gallery
Art Gallery

Every time I am waiting to meet with an academic advisor (Judy Gates), I am checking out all this beautiful art. Come check it out. It’s free!


I know I am not the only one who doesn’t really know what this is. Maybe I’ll learn in this class?

Reference Counter in the Library

The guy working at the Reference counter in the library was trying to charge me five dollars to take a picture of the counter.

7-Silver Structure
Large Silver Sculpture

This is a very interesting piece of art, and I know very little about it. I know that it is covered with engravings, but I didn’t stay long enough to see what the engravings were about.

Ingram’s Office

Ingram was very busy at the time (doing his job, of course), so here’s a picture of his door!

Media Creation Lab

I had trouble finding this place on campus, but someone in the library was willing to show me where it was. He also informed me that this room will be changing to something else, but I can’t remember what it was changing to, unfortunately.

10-Judy Gates
Judy Gates’s Office

Once again, Judy was very busy at that time, so here’s another fascinating picture of a door! I guess I didn’t time my scavenger hunt very well.

Teresa’s Office

I had to take a number of different pictures of Teresa’s office because I would always look back at the pictures and a reflection of myself in the window taking the picture. This angle seemed to be the most useful considering the situation.

Flags in Building 1

I really need to pay more attention, because I just found out that Lane had so many flags of different countries!


This turkey is the coolest turkey on campus! She stood there for about 30 seconds, standing still, just for me to take her picture (or because she thought that if she stood very still, I would eventually leave).

Mary Spilde Diversity Garden

I also decided to take this shot as well because I didn’t want to just take a picture of a turkey; I wanted something a little different and more original. 


Scavenger Hunt!

There I was, looking like a fool snapping a close-up picture of the Equipment Checkout sign…

Need some equipment? Come to the Checkout Counter!

It’s kind of hard to take pictures of the Studios when they locked! I had to ask someone to let me in…

Blue Cyc Wall…I get the feeling that I should not enter it…

Man, that’s a lot of resources! Thank you Student Engagement Center!!

This where I can get popcorn, right?

I am always amazed by the art in the campus’s own Art Gallery!

I can feel the artistic inspiration!!!

Can’t get enough art by just visiting the Art Gallery? Thankfully, the nearby Art-o-Mat can get you some art for five bucks apiece!

Whew! As a minor, I’m not forbidden by law to buy some art!

Hush!!! It’s the Library!

Looks like a nice, quiet spot to do some reading!

It may not look silver, but this in fact is the Silver Sculpture by the Health and Wellness Building!

You may not notice it at first, but the translucent green tiles are a nice touch!

There I was awkwardly taking pictures of someone’s door. In this case my victim is Ingram!!

Woah! Arts Division Specialist?! That sounds important!!

If the media creation resources of Building 18 just aren’t enough, I’m pleased to announce that there are even more resources located in the library!!

That’s a lot of fancy computers!

Yet again, I was making myself look like a fool by taking pictures of Judy Gates’s meeting sign-up sheet next to her office!

Judy Gates has become my camera’s victim!!

Next victim: Teresa Hughes’s office!

ROOM 222!!! Now that’s easy to remember…

Need help with figuring out where to start? Come to the Students First Building!

If you are wondering why I didn’t take a picture of the flags inside the building, the reason is because I didn’t feel like it! ?

I wanted to have find a turkey to victimize with my camera, but I decided to victimize half of the campus instead!

The Center Building has some nice views, doesn’t it?


Lane Scavenger Hunt


1.The equipment room in building 18


2. The studio “blue cycle wall”


3. Student engagement center


4. The art gallery


5.  Art-O-Mat


6. Library reference


7. Large silver sculpture at “health and wellness occupation.”


8. Mr. Ingram’s office.


9. Media arts lab in the library.


10. Judy Gates Office.


11. Teresa’s office


12. The flags in building one


13. The Fountain by building one

Must know places, for Media Art Students at Lane

First up is the Equipment checkout counter in building 18, the students working here are very friendly and helped me out with some camera tips. Be sure to learn their schedule if you ever need to check out equipment!




This is the Studio room with the “Blue Cyc Wall” in building 18, it’s used as a back drop for photo shoots and video recording. This place opened up in the Winter term so it’s still pretty new!











The Center for Student Engagement is where you can find information about school clubs, fun activities like board games, and popcorn!



The main Art Gallery on campus has different exhibitions all the time, one of my favorite recurring exhibitions is the “Annual Faculty Exhibition.”



The “Art-O-Mat” machine is a very interesting little machine, you insert a $5 and you can get a surprise piece of art varying from tiny sculptures to beautiful earrings and necklaces.



The library is located in the Center building in the second floor, it contains a large computer lab and friendly staff to help you with technical problems and how to find resources or textbooks.



The “Health and Wellness center” can easily be found on campus because of the beautiful, silver structure sitting in front of it. You can capture a lot of beautiful photos, by shooting the structure from different angles.



Ingram is our Arts division Office Specialist, you can find his office in building 11. It was my first time meeting him, but he seems to be very kind and approachable.



The Media Creation Lab is located in the Center building, inside the library. There’s usually plenty of room here, quiet and all adobe creative cloud programs are installed in all the computers. If you have a big multimedia project come here, the ram and storage in the computers can make your projects go a lot faster.




Judy Gates is our Media Arts counselor, she’s very kind and helpful; I wish I had gotten to know her sooner, since she’s been a great source of support for myself and others I’m sure.










Teresa’s office is located in building 18, it’s pretty easy to recognize because of all the little clay figurines lined up on her windowsill.



In building 1 the “students first building,” you can find lots of places and resources such as the “Gender equity center,” and the multicultural center.



Welcome to Lane! Hope you enjoy your time here!


Scavenger Hunt


Blue Cyc Wall. 

You can totally climb the latter in this room if you have a camera in your hands.

Center of Student engagement 




This popcorn is F R E E, and pretty dang good.

Art Gallery

Wonderful works of art from students here at Lane.


I have no idea what this thing is or was used for.

The Reference counter in the Library.

where you can go to find help looking up or verifying a source.

Silver Sculpture

this piece of art has some cool quotes engraved onto it.

Ingram’s office

This dude is really cool about getting his picture taken!

Media Creation Lab

another room of computers in the library

Judy Gate’s Office

awesome counselor! very helpful with any scheduling needs.

Teresa’s Office

These ceramic sculptures are pretty cool! i love the cyborg frog!

Students First Building.

a beautiful display of nations flags from around the world!

a really mad turkey.

this turkey is not a happy camper as I chased it in and out of bushes…