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5 Ways To Get To The Driver Seat

This project was really fun! I didn’t really allow myself enough time to work on what I originally wanted to do so the outcome was this. Although I didn’t get to do what I originally wanted to i’m happy with how this video turned out. I’m glad that Teresa gave me some pointers and some ideas to work with that ended up tying everything together in my video so that was awesome. Basically this video is about me climbing through every door in my car just trying to get to the driver seat. I wanted to make this video kind of funny for the viewers and make it look like I was really struggling in some spots that was my goal here and I think that I achieved it somewhat. For this project I used my GO PRO hero 3 and just set it on my dashboard. I shot at 1080p with wide angle because thats all it allowed me to do but I still think it was alright. For the final project I hope to utilize all that i’ve learned so far to tie it all together and make the final project a banger! Hopefully I can make that happen.

It is Five O’ clock Somewhere- By Karl Reindel

This was a fairly fast paced assignment. I believe this is why the instructions were “to keep it simple.” So, that said, what I was trying to accomplish was to come up with a piece of work that was fairly well done given the time frame in which I had to do the work. I vacillated between making something using five ingredients, to making a video about some aspect of wine that included the number five. I settled on the wine idea and made an advertisement about a local wine tasting room where I know the owners.

What I tried to accomplish (my goals) in my project was to make a short ad that educates the viewer about the various featured wines, and their characteristics, that Bennett’s has to offer. I wanted the feel of the ad to be casual, yet have a sense of class. I aimed for “appealing pretty pictures” of the wine, and the containers. The dialogue was meant to entice the viewer to consider the product, appealing to ones’ sense of smell and taste. “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” was my way to invite the viewer to consider what follows.

My experience with this assignment was mixed. I had a lot of frustration with computer issues. The shooting of the footage went well. I found good resources for the video of the wine being poured, which I credited on my YouTube posting. There were some challenges using the “effects” in Premier, and my understanding is that this will get better with practice. I know there are some issues such as smoothness in some of the panned shots and dialogue. I had to shuffle parts of the dialogue to match the order in which the wine was filmed. In all, given the fast turnaround, I think I am content with my resulting work.

Video Project


This video was last minute, rushed, but stupid and fun. I don’t usually do silly, or whimsical, but i decided to show off my scatterbrained-ness. This was edited last minute, but meh. Was fun, it fits the criteria, what else matters here?

Video Editing Project-Homework.

Ah, at it again with another post all based around homework.


I promise that I’ll get back to cameras and lenses… eventually. But back to the topic.

This was a last minute ordeal. Too much work and too little time management skills on my part really ruined a good opportunity. Then again, it also lent me a gratifying illusion: free time. Taking this assignment as an excuse for a break from everything else and exploring my campus as a personal project, I simply shot what I see everyday in the pattern of five. Five flowers, five modes of transportation, five signs… you get the gist.

Honesty, all I wanted to accomplish with this project was to complete it. It sounds bad, but all I really like about video is the compilation/editing. I personally think that for an editing project that the project should be based around an established video and edited. For example, taking the epic The Ten Commandments, and editing it down to five minutes with a coherent storyline. That, to me, would be closer to the point of the assignment. But I do get how creating content is key to becoming a better media artist.

All in all, it was simply a nice break from everything else. It’s certainly not video heavy, but then again, it’s not my forte.

P5 Image Editing


For my project 5 I did a top 5 touchdown celebrations. What I was originally trying to accomplish was just a very basic video that counted down some famous touchdown celebrations. Once I got everything filmed and started editing I realized I don’t have a lot of variety in how I filmed. So I decided to make the video as cute and funny as humanly possible. I used my son as the actor and I found that was a huge pain. He did not want to do it at first because he is very shy. Once I got him in front of the camera he was fine, but then there was the issue of teaching him these iconic dances. He had a lot of trouble picking them up. This was both bad and good. It was bad because it was very frustrating. The good in it though was that is “version” of the dances I think made the video better in the long run. The editing of the film was definably the easiest part for me. The sound and titles took a little more work. They weren’t necessarily hard it was just difficult getting the sounds and text to match the dances. Overall I had a lot of fun making this video as dorky as I could and was a good learning experience.

Brief Continuum – P5


This is my video for P5 Image Editing. I wrote this song just for the video, and had a lot of fun doing so. The song itself is a bit slow and sombre, but I feel it was a subconscious thing in the writing process. I guess I’ve been in a bit of a depressive mood lately and this song kind of reflects that. I’m just happy it came together the way that it did.

The song uses a 5-string bass to coincide with the “five” theme of the assignment. The other video clips within the video that aren’t of bass-playing are shots of things in my backyard and house. I feel as though they get a bit brighter (or “happier”) as the song progresses and resolves. “Brief Continuum” is an oxymoron in the same way of saying something is a “contained infinity,” but it may also be a subconscious thing; depression doesn’t typically last long, but it feels like an eternity.

What I was trying to accomplish with this was a sense of emptiness in the beginning of the song (maybe not in the very beginning of the video), as it’s just one low, slow instrument playing. It then picks up a little bit with drums and a second bassline, then resolves with a long, low root note, fading to a shot of sun and flowers. I just wanted the song and video to be a reflection of how things can seem grim, but will always be brighter in the end.

by Ryan Scott

5 Gifts to Give Your Sweetheart this Valentines Day

This is technically my first real video project and I had so much fun creating it. Honestly, comedy is not something that I have any experience with, especially visual comedy. So I figured I’d challenge myself with this video. I surveyed at least 20 people and asked them what they would like to receive for Valentines Day and then I took a couple of those gift ideas and made jokes out of them. Writing out the storyboard took up a ton of my time, so in an attempt to ration my remaining time, I cut out the idea of any dialogue. By doing so, I avoided writing a script, checking out a snowball mic, fixing levels, etc. On the other hand, without dialogue, the video relies entirely on the props to make the jokes. Acquiring the props was one of the best parts. Imagine a giant pair of underwear, ketchup and Die Hard in my shopping cart. Shoutout to my partner Keasey who was a great sport when I forced him into a robe on camera. This was actually quite a lovely, little Valentines Day activity for us. Apologizes to Teresa for starring in my own video, but I was all I had at the time. The most difficult part of this process for me was staying within the 2 minute time limit. I had between 6 and 9 shots for each scene (I went a little overboard, but passion for videography will do that to you). After a great deal of time, I finally managed to whittle it all down to exactly 2 minutes. Another aspect I struggled with was the music. Each song worked out alright, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. Besides a little couple challenges, I had such a great time. There’s nothing I would love more than to do this for a living one day.

5 Things That Suck in Life by Nate Emerson

Cast: Itay Vagner, Jonathan Ray, Bartholomew Kaur, Sierra Owens, the voice of Nathan Pierson

Written, Directed, and Edited by me

So this assignment was… different. When the prompt of surrounding the video around the number five was announced, I knew I wanted to do something involving sketch comedy. However I knew that making 5 sketches wouldn’t be enough, those sketches should be centered around the number five, primarily why it’s evil! As soon as I was told that I needed actors, I knew immediately who to call on; the South Eugene High School Comedy Club! For a little background, most of the people who were starring in the video were people I met through a sketch comedy club we formed in my freshmen year of high school. As I knew, they were all more than happy to work with me on this project, making filming them an absolute joy! The real trouble I ran into this project was editing. I had at least 5 minutes worth of footage recorded and I had to cut it down to 2, all while I was getting over a cold. As a result the video ended up going much faster than I thought it would, which actually added to the comedy in my opinion. With that said I still needed to come up with some creative solutions. In between each skit I had a little title explaining what the following skit was about, but thanks to the 2 minute time limit, they were impossible to read. In the end I decided to keep the first title, but for the remaining 4 skits I used visual representations. Looking back, I wish I had removed the 3rd title since it shows up for less than a second and can barely be read, though I felt like the skit wasn’t self explanatory enough to not label it so I was kind of stuck. Well I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at directing people, I put a lot of time and effort into this, so be honest in your feedback!