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Blooming Good Time

This was a lot of fun. I love Photography from finding shots to editing. I wanted to have some video to go along with the stills but the format is different. I went a head and added  a sunrise and sunset to give it a little something different. It seemes to go well with the stop motion type assembly I added to the image. I got to spend a lot of time outside (which is a big bonus in my book). Watching and waiting for Nature to put on a show just for me.I think the being patient is important other wise you will get frustrated and lose a moment. Now I will share it with you.


An Extended View

IMA-Sp16-Grey,Brady-P6 Final Project.

It’s came to that time of the term were we give are last piece of work. I wish I could continue on with the making of videos with my drone, because this class gave me a great reason to use it for video making. I never really used it for actual projects, but as for just a fun hobby. I loved all the chances I got use it for school on the last two projects. After taking this class, I feel the motivation from what I have learned not to stop, but to continue in using the drone to create better angles and views for future class video work, or even maybe as career.

I really think editing the footage from what I have done was the fun part. Seeing it on a phone then putting it on a larger screen, and editing it seemed to be the most amazing part for me. With the footage from the fish-eye type lens from the gopro, and the 2-axis gimbal really did all the work. The gimbal stabilized the footage, while me the crazy flyer could fly the drone,

This last project(5) took a great time in editing. After getting the video timed just right with the music. I couldn’t let the video end short, so I thought for the final project that I would just continue to shoot at the same time of day in order to get that sense of evening feel for the video. I continued with more video shots at different locations, to make it an extended length film. In the editing process, I did have pretty good idea on the changes I wanted to do from the last one. I made sure that all the scenes blended together, and didn’t just change from evening, to mid-daylight. I wanted to do crazy angles with drone, but I’m still kind of a beginner with it, I wish I could have just bit my tong and went for it to get low ground flying shots. Maybe in the future once I’m more capable of maneuvering it. It will happen!

Thank you guys for watching, and I hope you all enjoy it.



Brady Grey

Brady’s Youtube Channel!

Time to Go

We, as a class, have come to the end of Spring term. At long last, Summer has arrived. I wanted to go out with a bang with my final project; maybe even leaving an impression on the viewer. I decided to make an inspirational/motivational video. I’ve been on a never-ending journey of self improvement.

A couple years ago, I found my self in a state of dissatisfaction, unhappy with my stagnation in life. I decided to jump back into school and increase the tempo of my spirit. For preparation for a life at Lane, I committed myself to a 90 day challenge of hiking Spencer’s Butte. For 90 consecutive days, I hiked up that butte, without equivocation. In order to complete my task, I sought motivation from this thing called “the internet.” The website, Youtube, provided me with more than enough motivation. Two speakers in particular, Eric Thomas and Les Brown, lit a fire under me and helped me believe in the greatness inside of me.

One of my favorite videos is from Eric Thomas, titled “How Bad Do You Want It?” The story was strong and relatable. I decided to replicate his story of a young man, striving to become a National Football League player. My actor was, a high school friend, Jon McKane. I captured a compilation of eight second video clips using my Canon T5 with the kit lens. McKane did some floor exercises outside, went on a jog, and hiked up Spencer’s Butte. I used a variety of perspectives. I captured first person views using a GoPro and my Canon T5. I was able to capture third person view, also, using the my Canon T5. I used a climatic series of clips, near the end, switching from T5, GoPro and a variety of angles. The series adds dynamism and puts the the view at the top of the butte.

I hope the video is enjoyable and resinates with many.

“Success is never on discount! Greatness is never on sale! Greatness is never half off! It’s all or nothing! It’s all day, every day! Greatness is never on discount!   –Eric Thomas



Jeffery King Osborns

P6 Final Project


So my first idea for this project was a horror story told from the perspective of a silent protagonist with his girlfriend camping in the woods. I had talent and dates all set up and the day of everyone cancelled. Well without a backup plan I was kind of stuck in limbo. I went to a skatepark looking to get some cool videos there but there was not much action going on. I emailed Teresa, and she helped me decide on a cool idea that did not need me to rely on talent.


I decided on having my final be a slide show rather than a video. I could edit photos in ways that could change how they are viewed. My story is about someone who goes out randomly for a hike one night. I use captions to kind of translate what the guy is seeing and thinking about. The story ends with a view of the sunset much brighter and happier than the otherwise dark story. I think the pictures turned out well after I had edited them to look dark and dreary. It was hard to find the right pictures that could be edited but did not look completely overdone. I tried to avoid taking pictures of where the sun was peeking through so I would not have to edit around it in post.

I am still working on my skills with a camera, I think  making a video and dealing with talent would have been fun but I could not control others showing up or helping. Hopefully in the future I get more chances to write and make cool videos. I did struggle a bit with scrambling for an idea after people cancelled on me so next time I hope I would be more prepared


Brandon Craft

Playtime at the Hill House

    So here it is.  A project that had many transformations.  Originally the plan was to make a promotional video up at Dorris Ranch, set in the 1800’s.  And it worked.  But as I toured the property, on such a dark day.  My mind wandered with gloomy fantasies.  The scent of old tar covered wood, creaking boards, and dark abandoned houses gave a recipe for a horror.

     It was great when this idea came to me on the ranch.  Then all my filming followed suit.  I would really try to get close to surfaces, so its age would show thru.  Giving the viewers a much more interactive experience, that they were there too.  Driving home the creepness thru texture and light.  Ironically  Dorris Ranch is a  place that is set for families, weddings, and field trips. Too then flip that notion it on its ear, was the fun part.

 That is the beauty of this class.  Our assignments are very vague with small parameters. Giving us the opportunity to dream and create.  Your imagination should never have restraints and I am happy that our projects didn’t either.  Coming to Lane initially I had photography on my mind, but after this class and my first experience with Premier, it’s videography that really inspires me.

Disaster Movie

My disaster movie was a blast! I could put Barbie through hurricanes, dinosaur attacks and volcano eruptions and not feel bad, because she’s a doll!

This shoot was fun but it took quite a while. The editing took even longer but I’m happy with the result. I hope it’s funny because that’s all I was trying to do. There’s nothing informative or educational about this. It’s just supposed to be fun.

I thought of this having seen many trailers of movies, “in a world where Barbie goes through hell all in one day….” I thought of all the disasters movies I have seen: Earthquake, Towering inferno, Airport 76, The Poseidon Adventure, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and just went for it. There was not just one disaster but many! I was going to use more food for effects ( the hail storm was Kixx cereal) but the other disasters just did not lend themselves to that.

The coughing sound effects in the volcano scene are real as I’m still fighting a cold. I just left it in. The volcano was done by putting charcoal at the bottom of a mud pile, lighting it and splashing lighter fluid on it.

For the ending I had originally just had Barbie recuperating in the hospital but I remembered I have a Freddy Kruger doll and thought that would make a much better ending. Barbie thought everything was fine but no, Freddy came for her!

So as my final project I hope this looks good and entertains.

By Melissa Norton

Thoughts on IMA Final Video Project

Hi Friends and fellow classmates.  The final is finally upon us.  This was a good project and challenging.  In this project I shot approximately an hour of video of my wife making a cheesecake.  What’s challenging about that?  Well, to reduce that hour of footage to 3 minutes for starters.  I learned more on this project than all the others combined; especially about editing.  While I’m not under any illusions that this video could, on any level, be considered great; I learned that pacing and cutting can be implemented aggressively while still maintaining continuity and a modicum of watch-ability.

While editing this video I thought I was being aggressive.  So, when I finished the first edit and found that my video was still around 15 minutes long, I wasn’t sure I could condense it in a way that could be both watchable and still come in under 3 minutes.  That’s when I started slicing and dicing.  I found that cutting on the action and using dissolves to suggest the passage of time helped me to eliminate huge portions of the footage that wasn’t nearly as important as I had originally thought when had I shot it.  I also found that there were some key shots that had defects in them (i.e., slightly out of focus or something distracting in the frame I hadn’t noticed while filming).  For the most part, I was able to cut around these defects and realized that I enjoyed the process very much.

I’ve discovered that I enjoy editing, and I want to learn how to do it better.  I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you in this class almost as much as I’ve enjoyed viewing your work.  I think all of you are very creative and have bright futures.  Keep up the great work, and I hope to see your names in the credits some day.

Warm regards,

A. H. Norton