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Dino’s Revenge

For this video I decided to try a genre of film I haven’t done before; comedy horror. My goal for this project was to start with more comedy from the toy Dinos not being taken seriously and then slowly build my way up to a suspenseful ending. My original video was way too long so I had to shorten it, and honestly I like the new and improved shorter version a lot better than the original. In my original video there was a sharp contrast in terms of the speed and pacing of certain scenes, some felt boringly long while others felt so short your could almost miss what happened. That was definitely not what I wanted! After updating, the pace is much more consistent throughout and everything necessary to the storyline was able to stay.

The most time consuming part was definitely creating props and filming, I’m actually planning on re-using some of the props for another film project involving the Dinos. My secret weapon of choice for getting the Dinos or their props to stay in place for more complicated scenes was poster putty! After scratching some old left over poster putty from my wall and realizing how effective it was, I bought some more of it and it worked great!

Some of the most frustrating parts while filming were when I had to get behind the camera. Although I was in theatre in high school, acting in front of a camera was something I had to adjust to. I found it difficult to focus on the movements, expressions, camera framing, and pacing all at once. Pacing was especially hard, because if my scene was too long even by a few seconds it would mean making cuts in other areas to keep the total running time in check. Moments where I had the most fun while filming involved the salt and spitball scenes, that was when I was able to see this idea that I had in my head really come to life before my eyes, which was a really exciting and encouraging feeling. Overall I’m super happy with the outcome!

By Miya Ott

Sp21-P6 Final Project

I had a bunch of fun writing this song in audacity. There was a lot of ups and downs through this project and I was worried about finishing it accordingly due to being tired, frustration, and sickness. But I think the journey was well worth the ride this term. This video ” ink on my fingertips” is about me and my development this course. I actually struggle with a lot of depression, and making content really helps make me happy. I took Basic design this term, after getting ink on my hand’s multiple times; I thought it would be poetic and mesmerizing to put that in a song.  I wanted to incorperate story telling from taking photography as well and use it in my song. So, I wrote about struggling with setting in manual and not getting it very quickly and making noise with ISO as a bit of a pun ironically while I was making noise in my microphone. Overall, this song sort of worked out as a trifecta because I was able to use the same concepts in my photography and basic design classes as well.  The Thumbnail on the YouTube video was used in my Photography final, as well as, the ending picture with ink on my fingertips. Although I didn’t technically incorporate the song in to my art class the same, it was the driving influence for both my photography and multi-media final. So, in the back of my mind, the basic design final for that class had to be great in able to make my other finals just as on par. But I loved every second of it. There were times when I thought I wasn’t going to complete all these finals but managed to pull it off some way or another. I can’t way to see what next term brings me.  

P6 Final Project – Music To My Ears

This project was a hot mess. At first. I had created the entire video and ended up not liking any of it and scraping it. I restarted with the same idea and different execution. I completed the project once more, but once again, I didn’t like it and restarted. I finally got the story I wanted after a few tries and got those around me to be my talent. In this project, I wanted there to be a sense of continuity to create a story. The project was intended to ask the question, ” What is music to you?” and “Where does your mind wander when listening to it?” Music is a huge thing in just about everyone’s lives. It can help people study, be productive, bring people together, or even be a getaway. Essentially, music is very important in our lives and for me, music takes me to another place. I daydream a lot when I listen to music. I try to depict a scene in my head that would fit the music and would try and place myself in different scenarios based on the music I was listening to. Music has put me through a lot of rough times in my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. I made the project ask this question because It usually generates interesting answers. Go ahead and ask yourself, “What is music to you?” I hope this story can be both fun and interesting for the viewer. It is pretty cut and dry, but I think the world of music can create an impact bigger than most people realize. Overall, I learned a lot about filming during this project and I can’t wait to continue this practice. I hope many of you feel the same. Thank you for a great term!

P6 Final Project

I wanted to try and create a simple 2D animation in Adobe After Effects. Unfortunately, I did not have as much time as I would have liked which is why it lacks sound and was not even finished in time. It is very rough around the edges but I learned a lot in the making of this. The robot characters were created by me in Photoshop, although it would have been better if I made them in Adobe Illustrator. The background images were found on the internet. My original plan was to have more movement and even parallax with moving backgrounds and foregrounds for a sense of depth. I also planned on having an entirely different design for the attacking robots but could not do so due to my extremely poor planning. At the very minimum, I did get to test out an idea I had that sparked this entire idea which was to animate shapes by rotating them around their anchor points. I think it suited the movement of the robots fairly well. This project also tested me in how I can simplify things. The robots’ design could have easily been more complicated with more shapes and a varied color scheme but their simple black shapes with white outlines look quite good in my own opinion. If I were to do this project again I would make a better plan of action in order to tackle the multitude of challenges that will arise in a more effective way. If I had firmly established the pre-production phase then it would have been a far better end product. While this end result is underdeveloped it serves as a reminder to set realistic expectations and make absolutely certain that a proper schedule is followed to make sure that a fully developed product is achieved.

Sp21-P6 Supply Run – Bryson Edlund

This final project was a lot of fun for everyone and they all want to do more projects like this, although they all want to play bigger rolls so we will have to take turns being the main protagonist. We didn’t film during the night like we wanted too and we had some great ideas we didn’t get to use because of the limited time we had. It was still one of my favorite projects to do.

This is a story of a survivor who is simply looking for supplies, but runs into some complications and has to fight his way out of it and to survive.

Sp21-P6_Life in the time of COVID-19

Here we are at the last spot of the term. I have the idea of making this video because I want to show everyone some part of life that we all have to wear mask for a living. Things are much different than they used to be. I defiantly feel the panic from others as grocery stores sellout of things like toilet paper or bottled water. I think the reaction is appropriate and I appreciate everything that people are doing to help stop the spread, no matter how boring it may be.

Things are going back to normal but I want everyone to still be careful about this virus. I’m so happy that I learned a lot from editing this video and used camera angle. I hope everyone like this video! Thank you for watching.