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Shawn Dog Radio lol

What I was trying to accomplish is a decent podcast. I combined ideas from Dave Chappelle, Hopsin and Sway in the Morning. What I was aiming for is a podcast that reviews and talks about music but also is comedic. My main goal was to make sure the music and vocals were smooth and blended nicely. EFF is a best friend of mine. We have done music in the past together but I moved to Eugene and he inspired himself to continue with the dream. I was one of the first to hear the song before it released and I wanted him to release it so bad. It is amazing and he is a great singer with a beautiful voice. He hasn’t touched a microphone in years and hearing this, my jaw was dropped. So when I heard of this assignment, I instantly wanted to do some sort of radio. He released the song a few days after and I decided to twist them together and create this. The experience was interesting, this is definitely something new that I have not done before. So it was weird starting at first, I didn’t know how to begin. I was kind of stuck. So I began listening to other podcasts and they all had really cool intros. I found a free one and put that in there and started writing a script. After that, it was all smooth sailing. Mixing it wasn’t that hard because I used to be an audio engineer, so that part was


Originally from the Bay Area but I’ve lived in Oregon for most of my life. I’ve always loved movies and any art form that lets someone express whatever they need through storytelling. If I had to pick a favorite film it’d be Sicario although Kill Bill will always be just as important to me. I don’t have as much time to put towards it anymore but I also enjoy video games in my down time. 


I’ve been independent since I was sixteen which has been tough and I’m still working towards stability but I think I make it work. Supporting myself through high school and beyond has been my biggest challenge, but I guess it puts me a little ahead in terms of preparing for college. Being on my own has given me a lot of good experiences and I’ve made a lot of wonderful connections through it all

Currently I’m a first-year student at Lane as well as an employee over in the ATC, I graduated from Network Charter School in June of 2017. Network was a very important time in my life; the community there helped me in countless ways, it really is a family that I will always keep with me. Something I got from my time at NCS was my love for National Parks and traveling through our extensive field trips I helped to put in motion. I also enjoy traveling in any form, and my favorite thing is to be on the road with my favorite people. One day I hope to find myself working in film with the help of my education and ambition.

About Me — Who



Hello There!    My name is Kevin Kleppe. I have been taking courses here at LCC for a while now. Primarily, I have been involved in the Music Engineering Program as well as AUDIO Production. I have many interests and basically love to learn new things. As life goes, there is always something new to learn. Trying to keep up with our current world of technology certainly has its challenges.

I am taking Introduction to Media Arts in the hopes will be able to gain a better focus and direction for my studies. To put it to the point, become gainfully employed.


Part-time employment has me using my skills as a keyboard musician at a local church in Springfield. For them I get to play their pipe organ, grand piano, and even a couple different electronic keyboards. Sight Reading Music is a strength. The sanctuary choir enjoys this particular skill of mine. I have always been greatly affected by sound. I believe there are therapeutic sounds and alarming disturbing sounds. I don’t know how a sales clerk can stand for hours and listen to loud monotonous bleeps and beeps from scanning sales items. This past summer, I happened to be in our campus Library when the emergency alarm sounded. Apparently by requirement, it has to be loud enough for a deaf person to hear. Ouch!

Another of my passions is looking after a small rescue dog named Buster. He is a handful and a joy at the same time. He is part Pit-bull, Pomeranian, from his mother’s side and Chihuahua from his father’s side.

Learning to BLOG is new to me. I admit I don’t really know what this acronym means, if indeed it is one.


Here’s to blasting off for Success!

about me.

My name is Eva. I am a transplant from the Chicago burbs. I moved out here because I wanted to be closer to the mountains and the coast. The goal was to escape the suburban sprawl and focus on my art. I am a painter and illustrator but I also dabble in photo editing/manipulation. I have also spent two years working with clay, specifically ceramic sculpture. When I was younger I would only draw hyper realistic portraits in pencil. I took a break for a couple of years and decided to art in a totally different way. My style now is way more graphic and colorful.

Media Arts is probably the only art form I have not yet exploored. I would like to experiment with animation and creating some of my own short films. To be completely honest I am not exactly sure which career path would suit me best. My long term goal is to have my own company/small business/brand. I’m going to apply to put a mural up in town here in Eugene this summer, so if all goes well.. that will be tight. Eventually I would like to make my way back to Chicago and teach art classes/work on mural projects with inner city kids.

Anywaysss some things that I’m into.. let’s see. I am interested in animation, dank foods, sleeping, drawing, painting, hiking, I’m a pretty good cook. I’m a mother to the coolest three year old ever, her name is Kaliko (kuh-lee-koh). She is my little muse and inspiration on a majority of my pieces. We spend a lot of time drawing together and going on mini hikes in the woods.

Also, I have a cat named Mio.


“About This Guy” by: Emmett Crass

IMG-2106.JPGMy name is Emmett Crass and I’m 19 years old. I currently live in an apartment with my cat, June, and occasional roommate, Ernesto. I work in a group home for disabled adults during the nights and attend school during the day. I’m going for an Associates in Multimedia Design as well as an Associates in Graphic Design. I know I want to work on animated films and cartoons, but I’m not quite sure what position I want to work as. Good news is I have plenty of time to figure it out and explore!

Some background on myself is I grew up in the deep south of southeast Texas near Beaumont and the border of Louisiana. I moved to Redmond, OR in 2015 and then moved to Eugene, OR in 2017. I went to 3 high schools and graduated from Ridgeview High School March 2016. Afterwards I started going to Central Oregon Community College and moved out on my own. This proved to be more difficult than expected so I spent the last 2 years or so of college just trying to find my way and I believe I have finally found it in Media Arts.

On another note, I enjoy binge watching shows online, cooking, drawing, meeting new people, and sleeping. My cat is the light of my life and I really like going on road trips and long drives.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, I like long walks on the beach just kidding. I enjoy doing things outdoors such as hiking, camping, fishing, I also want to travel around the world and see and experience new things that you cannot find in the US. If I am not doing one those things I am usually at home playing video games, watching movies or trying to go to a baseball game in Seattle or somewhere new that I have never been too. Once I am done finishing my degree in multimedia arts at Lane I’m going to transfer to a four year university to pursue a minor in business and eventually start a company making games and apps. My ultimate goal is to go into the movie industry working on special effects and or designing cities, spaceships, creatures, etc. for the company Industrial Lights and Magic. They’re responsible for all the CGI in the newest Star Wars movies and all the Marvel superhero movies. If I don’t find a job in that field I would also like to go into the video game industry creating levels, new worlds, characters. Thanks for taking the time to read my about me I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and how far I will go. Spencers butte

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My name is Isaac. I’m 20 years old and this is my first year at lane. I was born in Utah and lived there for 5 years then moved to Oregon and have been here ever since.  I graduated Churchill High school and played football and basketball there. I’m four out of 5 siblings with a older brother  two older sisters and a younger brother. I enjoy playing video games, editing videos, watching YouTube, twitch, working out, and playing sports.  I’m taking media arts because I find the video editing interesting and fun. After media arts I hope to have completed all my schooling for media arts. Get an internship some where and get some work experience . So I would like to find a job at some nice company in Oregon or outside of Oregon. I would like to work for a gaming company because I think I’d enjoy a lot and seems fun. But I would totally be open to other options in the media arts field.

By: Isaac Bennion

About Me, Anthony Worstell


My name is Anthony Worstell. I was born in Auburn, Washington to an amazing family. My mother took care of me and my little sister on her own. My mother struggled to take care of us, but she would always manage to bring food to the table. She found a man online who would become my father. When I was nine, my parents decided to move to Eugene, Oregon where my father’s family lived. This move meant I had to leave my old life in Washington and start a new one in another state.

When I was only a year old, I suffered from a brain injury that caused me to have a learning disability. I was in special education during my elementary and middle school years. I love school and I worked hard in becoming a successful student eventually graduating special education and moved to general education classes. In May, 2013 I was awarded the Turnaround Achievement Award in special recognition for my effort, perseverance and turning around my life.

About MeIn June 2017, I graduated high school and earned my diploma at Willamette HS. I was also awarded a college scholarship. Two weeks later, I traveled to Costa Rica with students from my Spanish class. During that time, I was a student in San Jose where I stayed with my host family, attended school, explored the rain forest, tried different Costa Rican foods, visit the beach, and improved my Spanish vocabulary. One of my favorite things I did was go zip lining through the rainforest!

I am currently enrolled in the Multi Media Arts program with a future goal of becoming an animator. I chose to study in Lane Community College because it has smaller classes and the campus is close to home. In my spare time, I love to draw, write, read, play video games, and go on runs.

As a person, I love to be active in the community. I am a friendly person, creative, respectful, kind, and outgoing. I enjoy learning new things despite how difficult the subject can be. I work part-time at Jerry’s Home Improvement Center and I love what I do as an employee. My co-workers respect each other’s different strengths, weaknesses, and try to help complete tasks at work.

I look forward to a great term for this class and I am excited to learn new things!



The Start

unnamedWell here we go the beginning of my first ever blog all thanks reserved to my multimedia class. Thank you.

So Lets get started by diving into about me. My top two current video games are rainbow6 and Mass Effect. I like both Marvel and DC. I was an army brat living just about everywhere from Portugal to Massachusetts before settling down back in Oregon. And then art has currently taken over the rest of my natural known life and time. So from there the rest will be just that, Art. So if you want to know more about a one-in-a-billion persons story then sit right there and relax because there will be more like this (well more exiting posts than this) coming soon.


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As indicated above, I’m Zach. I joined Media Arts just over a year ago, I’ve had a great time so far. I grew up in Eugene and even attended part of a class back in 2004. I moved to Portland for five or so years, then me and my wife decided southern Oregon was worth experiencing. After three years we decided to move back to Eugene. Now I’m in school and it’s great. I’ll try to post stuff I make here.  I’m not much of a blogger or social media person, but I have a feeling that’s going to have to change soon.

I have the luxury of working on campus in the media services department.  I shoot all the college events that require video.  this is a pretty sweet job compared to what I have done in the past.  before I started school , I was a weatherization technician.  this means I went into people’s attics and crawl spaces to install insulation.  this is a terrible job and I don’t recommend it.  I am really happy that I am now in my element.  working with audio and video to create stuff is awesome and I cant wait to share what I create.

Good day to you all,

Zach Lyons