By Nicole

This project started out really fun but I ended up catching the flu. As you would imagine I wasn’t expecting to get sick so I tried to work on the project as if I wasn’t sick. Eventually it had gotten to the point where I actually needed to rest. That left me two to three days behind. Tired, recovering from a really bad flu, and stressed I decided to just not color like half of the animatic. Which I learned is a lit faster than trying to color each frame individually.

Anyway, first I started with the story boards. In which I only realized after I finished that should have started with the music and sounds first. It was a very slow process for the animation because as I have said before I got very sick with the flu. Then after I finally got the animation done I moved onto the music I decided to try to make my own music using garage band. I basically just chose the piano and picked one of the pre made melodies putting on loop. After that I just used things around me to get the sound effects I wanted. Things like using my breath for the wind, tapping my desk to get the landing sounds, and using string to get the web sounds.