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Project 4 Audio

The Frog & The Mouse

When I started with this assignment, I had no idea what I was getting into as I had never really experimented with audio editing in the past. I began by choosing fables as the assignment topic, and after looking through a few, I chose the Frog and the mouse because I could imagine sounds happening at certain points in the story. Opening Audacity, I at first was a bit overwhelmed with all of the different options and didn’t know where to start. The only way I was able to get a feel for the program was to start experimenting with it. This turned out a lot easier than I thought, with the program being actually pretty simple to navigate. From here, I started putting the elements that I imagined in the fable over the audio of me reading it. Since the story took place at a lake with a frog, I chose to put audio of frogs at a lake in the background. This is when I experimented with the fade in and fade out effect to have the lake noises fade in and out. I also chose to include the sound of the for jumping in the water and the hawk because I thought that they were important parts of the story and wanted to highlight them. In the end, I was able to get a basic understanding of how Audacity works and different effects that can completely change the effect audio can have on the listener.

By Braden Ivey

Last of the Rail Giants

By Molly Engelman

Late April 2022, Union Pacific announced the donation of locomotive 3985 to the non-profit Railroading Heritage of Midwest America. The Challenger is the smaller sibling to the “Big Boy” 4014 featured in the photo and is one of only two (4-6-6-4 Challengers) remaining in existence. 3985 is currently part of UP’s Heritage Fleet of locomotives but will be moved to Silvis, IL later this year to begin its restoration.

My inspiration for this audio clip came from the news of 3985’s new lease on life, as well as the video “Last of the Giants” featuring Union Pacific’s Big Boy locomotives. A link to that video on YouTube is available here. The opening monologue should sound a little familiar, but the audio is my own recording of the 4014 the first time I saw it under steam in Wyoming.

P4-Audio: Tortoise and the Hare

For this project I had a decently fun time having my mother record the audio and having a friend teach me the audio editing. The whole project only took me 30 minutes or less to create but was a fun learning experience since I could ask for my friend’s help on the editing of the audio file. In all honesty, this assignment wasn’t too hard to do, but it was a fun excuse to collaborate with my friend. He works in music making software, so he was able to give me some good pointers with audio editing. Also having the choice of not reading was nice since I thought having my mom read the moral story of the tortoise and the hair, it made me happy to ask her to read a story I heard a lot as a kid and was very nostalgic. I grabbed a lo-fi audio for the background music and found some random snoring audio for the rest of it but in all it came out great I thought and thanks to my friend I was able to get it done with little to no mistakes. The hardest part I’d say would have been having to find time where everything was quite so I could get the project done.

by, Quinn Hodges

The Fox and the Crow – P4

For this assignment I wanted to create a narration of a short Aesop fable called “The Fox and the Crow”. I wanted to create a naturalistic ambient background to match the setting that this story would take place. To challenge myself, I decided to use my voice for the whole story. I want to feel more confident using my voice in projects going forward. In terms of equipment, I chose to use my phone for the sake of convenience for this assignment. I also worked with Audition because I am very comfortable using the software.

I had a fun time creating this project. The story was enjoyable to read and easy to create an “environment” for. Finding sound effects wasn’t too difficult for my audio. The one sound effect that I did create were the “footsteps”. I used a crumpled sheet of lined paper and moved my fists against it. In general, I am always picky when searching for a music track. I think that I need to start using other websites to search for royalty free music. Most of what I find on Incompetech makes make laugh because of where I have heard some of the music from (Super cheesy and old Youtube videos).My biggest struggle was finding the perfect balance between the narration and the music. I had to listen to my audio mix with and without headphones to ensure that everything I wanted in the audio was coming through. Most of the exports I created had the music barely audible without headphones. It was mildly annoying, but it had to be done.

By: Liah Craven

The Mastiff and the Goose

by Ellie Grover (link)

I chose this story because I absolutely adore Aesop’s Fables, and I wanted to be able to have fun with this project. I wanted to be able to use an array of animal sounds and fun, tranquil background noise that would bring the fable to life by my own doing! I wanted my storytelling to be engaging and intentional by all of my choices for the audio that I was planning on making.

Starting to make the audio was the worst part. I grabbed my giant book full of Aesop’s Fables and read several dozen trying to find one that I thought would make a good audio. My indecisiveness truly got the better of me as I sat in my living room attempting to pick one. Ultimately, I had to wait until the next morning after I let Audacity download before I could make my decision on The Mastiff and the Goose.

The actual creation of the audio was a little frustrating. The software was difficult to understand and made me a little overwhelmed. I had to re-record the audio a few times (no thanks to my lovely cat who liked to make background noise), and I had to spend a couple hours adjusting the extra sound effects.

However, ultimately, I’m very happy with how the audio as a whole turned out. I hope that my storytelling accurately portrays the life lesson that the story aims to teach: Arrogance inspires contempt.

P4 Audio- Shawn Zousel

With this project I originally wanted to make a story but after watching a few episodes of Rick and Morty with my roommates I was a bit inspired by the intergalactic cable episodes and this is what came out of it. The “service” I am providing with this ad was targeted for kids and so I chose to use some sing-songy background music on top of kids cheering sound effects. I feel like this definitely brought it home and I found myself laughing a ton while editing it. In the future I think I’ll avoid using my laptops microphone as it sounded a little grainy but overall I think it turned out okay. While this service definitely is not available I hope that if it was none of you would ever recommend it haha. I wish I could’ve made it a little longer but I feel like that would’ve taken away from the “fake advertisement” feeling I was trying to convey so I made it short and sweet and to the point. I think that if it went on any longer it would’ve felt less like a commercial and would’ve caused the feeling to dwindle out a bit. I hope you all enjoy hearing this as much as I enjoyed making it 🙂

P4 Audio-Bebe

In this project, it is very difficult to choose what topic I want to do. I was very struggling to choose between telling my own story or Aesop’s fables. I realized Aesop’s fables were very interesting, and I started to find some fables that I like and that I can make different in my own style. I decided to use “The Wolf and Goat”. However, I was very insecure about my voice. I have been using my phone to record my voice to tell the story. After I practiced over and over again, I kept challenging myself about what I can do better, I started to imitate my voice while in their conversation. I found out that roleing in is the best way you can tell a good story. Also, one of my strategies is to record your story in sections, because when you have sections of your story you can very easily edit in adobe audition or other software. And the most important is if one of your sections that you don’t like then you only need to re-recording that section instead of recording the whole story again. I do enjoy this project because when I tried to adopt my voice, I was very proud and satisfied. Especially when I put the background music and some sound effects together, it turned out good. I hope that everyone will enjoy my audio.

By Bebe

P4 Audio. Just the Cheers

juc art

Just the Cheers is a fake album based on the cheering before a live song. The concept is literally that it is just the cheering and nothing else. The sounds itself is a radio ad promoting Just the Cheers and playing samples. It was simply supposed to be something ridiculous I wanted to do and while it was literally at the last minute and very difficult to figure out audacity and edit it all together but it was very fun to do and 100% worth doing.

P4 – Audio

This was my first recording with the program Audacity, so I recorded my general thoughts about the program. I am familiar with other audio programs such as Digital Performer, Garage Band, and my personal favorite, Protools. I found Audacity to be ok in the basic needs and features of audio recording, but there were some things I did not care for. It was simple to record, just push the record button and it began recording, but I did not like how it would record to a new track each time. Maybe you can change this somehow, but I haven’t found out yet. I will probably mess around with Audacity some more to find out its full potential and all its capabilities. The facts its a free program makes up for its limitations. You can still do basic audio recording and editing, so I would recommend checking it out.