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Project 4 Audio

P4 Audio Project

With this project, I wanted to change up the flow of my typical style of Audio and video. I challenged myself with this project, and unfortunately I feel like I bit off more than I could chew with this one. I will say that I impressed myself with the story telling and visualization aspect of the project, but in the future I definitely feel like I need to go into these projects with a simpler approach. The story follows a 3rd person narrative of this character me and a buddy created a few years back, and he fits the 90s aesthetic pretty well. So overall, I had a good time with this project, and I’m impressed with how I’ve done.

-Carsen Perry

P4 Audio – Kaiden Kuntz

I was mainly hoping to tell this story in a super serious sounding way in order to emphasize the goofy joke that I decided to write for it. I have heard quite a few ‘spooky’ podcasts, so I knew what I had in my mind when I decided to go with the scary route for this assignment. The music and the sound effects were all used with this in mind, specifically because I wanted to hook the audience in order to make the lead up to the actual joke that much more effective. Overall, I think I could do a better job if I gave it another go. I feel like I have a little more experience with combining audio than I did before, so I imagine that I’d probably be able to balance the audio out in a better way. I’ve made stop motion videos where I decided to add sound effects to them, but that usually doesn’t entail too much work because each sound effect is fairly separated from one another. So, while this isn’t the first time that I’ve worked with audio, it was a bigger project and there was more overlapping of background audios that I had to do in order to put it together.

Also, I referred to Mixkit for nearly all of my audio, which is a great online resource for both music and sound.

By Kaiden Kuntz

P4 Audio project

What I was trying to accomplish with this audio was to be able to tell the story in a peaceful way. I really wanted to have a peaceful audio that draws emotion and grabs attention. This poem is “no difference” By Shell Sivertsen, and the person reading it is me! The other audio I record was the light switch! Found the other audios on the website Freesound ( I had a lot of fun With this audio Project and hope everyone likes it!

I do Have to say that I wasn’t that happy that the poem wasn’t that long and was a little worried that it wasn’t going to work for the project. With saying that I am starting to really enjoy editing and putting together audio.  The other thing I am starting to get over is recording my own voice, I have never like my voice when Listen to videos and for me to say that I am getting over that is a big achievement for me. I’m really looking forward to what I’m going to be learning for the rest of the class! Like I said before, I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!

~Alyssah Trautman

Online Review

My main goal was to create a dramatic, yet funny audio about something we can all relate to. I wanted to bring out that feeling of desperation a person feels when they want to expose someone publicly or just be heard after an unpleasant experience.

I tried to match my voice to what I would imagine someone like this sounds like when they’ve had enough.

I actually read reviews online before I shop somewhere, and I read them outloud in different funny voices, just to get a good laugh out of it, so this was one of those moments that kind of came naturally to me.

This was my very first time ever creating something like this, and I really enjoyed making this project. I laughed at myself a lot, and felt like all sounds blended well together. I got a few sounds from, but most of them I created myself.  It’s amazing how most sounds we make sound different when we record them, and have to find different objects to recreate them to make them sound authentic. Big learning experience, and looking forward to creating more in the future. 

By: Sandra Osorio  

Voice thing P4

For this project I wanted to make something cool that was inspired by something I like, and content I enjoy. Projects like this are to me: tedious; and it helps to be doing something you enjoy, spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This project was inspired by the internet writing community known as the “SCP Foundation” which centers around a fictional organization that captures horrible creatures beyond understanding. The main inspiration for this projects format was a youtuber by the name of “TheVolgun” who does very similar audio drama’s covering the entry’s on the SCP foundation wiki.

My goal in this project was to possibly introduce some people to the concept of SCP and grow peoples awareness of so good horror media, although I have to admit the greatest drive to finish this project is to get credit. I do not think I performed immaculately during this experience, and looking back there I things I would have changed, namely getting a better microphone, and using a stronger speaking voice, but what’s done is done. The least I could hope to accomplish in an artistic sense is raise some interest within listeners, people wanting to learn more about an interesting writing community. Here’s to a passing grade.

-Max Ryan

Static City

My goal with the Static City audio was to create something caught on the radio that wasn’t meant for us to be hearing—a sort of stray transmission that got snagged by someone idly fiddling with their clock radio that’s outdated by several years and has probably been chewed on by a dog. Any identifiable names have been drowned beneath static, and the subject of the announcement itself doesn’t entirely make sense. It’s understandable enough, sure, but it’s definitely not quite original to our world.

Overall, I’m decently pleased with how it all turned out. My biggest annoyance was keeping my speech audible; I’d liked to have had more interference and distortion, but figuring out how to accomplish that without making it needlessly difficult to understand ended up being too much for my very beginner-level skills at this point in time. It was enjoyable to work on Static City once I got over my voice and got better at using Audacity—don’t even ask how many times I looped things without meaning to. I’ve now got sound effect files scattered across my desktop that need to be cleaned up, so if you’ll excuse me, I should go take care of that.

By Kaitlyn Harper

fifteen years.

For this project I wanted to create something cerebral while at the same time semi-autobiographical but also silly and bizarre. Essentially I wanted all flavors of ice cream on one cone. Conceptually I got the idea of doing this piece walking past an electrical pole on the side of the road, something about the sound of the traffic and the visual of the pole with its numbering system, which I had never glanced at or paid any attention to intrigued me. I had a vision of a character being sucked into another world via getting too close to the pole.

I modeled the story autobiographically after myself after I discovered international travel while studying at the University of Oregon, one which felt like an electric shock which transported me to other worlds. As for the actual sound production I used music and effects from my mixed media artist friend in Bangkok, Swordfish, who uses various made and found synthesizers to do similar work as the one I am presenting here. Also within the grooves of this particular audio realm I inserted various open source ambient and airport/airplane sounds in hopes of idiomatically sending the listener on a journey into a mystical sugary realm of bizarre offerings.


Come Aboard Our Cruise!

With this assignment, I just wanted to mess around with having another voice as a voice-over that was not me. So I used AI-generated voices to voice over my script. I have been playing a lot of Portal lately so that is why the voice is similar to Glados :p. I used to create the voices with reference audio of me talking for the AI to create the robotic voice for most of the project. I also drew a robot in touristy clothes in photoshop to fit the cruise theme. I tried to pick colorful colors that you would maybe see in an ad for a trip.

I tried to add background music that wasn’t too obnoxious and didn’t drown out the talking. I kind of found random SFX that fit in with different parts of the audio, but I wish I added a little more to different parts that felt a little empty.

This was a very fun project to do! It was fun to mess with and get creative with it!

-Mary K

The Frog & The Mouse

When I started with this assignment, I had no idea what I was getting into as I had never really experimented with audio editing in the past. I began by choosing fables as the assignment topic, and after looking through a few, I chose the Frog and the mouse because I could imagine sounds happening at certain points in the story. Opening Audacity, I at first was a bit overwhelmed with all of the different options and didn’t know where to start. The only way I was able to get a feel for the program was to start experimenting with it. This turned out a lot easier than I thought, with the program being actually pretty simple to navigate. From here, I started putting the elements that I imagined in the fable over the audio of me reading it. Since the story took place at a lake with a frog, I chose to put audio of frogs at a lake in the background. This is when I experimented with the fade in and fade out effect to have the lake noises fade in and out. I also chose to include the sound of the for jumping in the water and the hawk because I thought that they were important parts of the story and wanted to highlight them. In the end, I was able to get a basic understanding of how Audacity works and different effects that can completely change the effect audio can have on the listener.

By Braden Ivey