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Project 5


A fun makeup tutorial with a little zesty twist.This Project was a lot of fun. i used most of my skills i’ve learned here at lane so far to put this together.

With having a new tool set and Knowledge about Adobe and there creative products I wanted to push my creative skill and knack for wacky storytelling.

So I thought what better way than a makeup tutorial. This is both a accessible subject matter and informative enough to squeeze all sorts of entertainment form viewers of all ages everywhere!

While I had fun with the challenge there are some things I’d like to focus on and change for the future. This was the perfect way to help me view my flaws in camera work while having fun in the process too!

5 Great Athletes Who Wore #5

My goal for this assignment was to get more familiar with Adobe Premiere while honoring some of my favorite athletes. The interpretation of 5 worked out well for me as many of my favorite athletes have worn the number as members of their respective teams. I realized that by the end of the research process for each athlete that I chose that they were in fact all from 5 different sports as well! Many of the facts I chose during my research were meant to intrigue anyone regardless if they are fans of sports or not. I hope you all enjoy learning about some great all-time athletes and individuals!

While it was very frustrating to have 2 of my SD cards memory corrupted while attempting this project, it turned out to be a blessing as this idea was way better quality than my previous projects that were lost. I was very fortunate to have my roommates very nice DSLR camera and tripod to record each sequence.

I found that many of the skills and tools used in Premiere are similar to those found in audio production software such as Ableton or ProTools. While I have never used Premiere I didn’t find the process difficult once I got myself acquainted with its interface. It was a pleasant surprise that I ended up enjoying learning different techniques and styles of video effects and editing.

5 Things I Do Daily

Originally when I made this video, I had lots of different ideas. Some of the ideas I had were the following.

  1. 5000 calorie challenge
  2. 5 spots I like to go to
  3. 5 of my favorite exercises

The list could keep going and going. Ultimately I decided to go with this “5 Things I Do Daily” because I feel like I am an open person and I wouldn’t mind showing people how my day might look regardless if it doesn’t look exciting.

Getting the clips for this video was kind of challenging because I wanted to record the gym when nobody was there because people will react differently to them being recorded but I also wanted to show the whole gym and not just part of it if someone was working out. Another clip that I found myself struggling with was with my last two clips. As we were told we couldn’t have our hand or our feet or anything in the frame. After trying to re attempt some recordings I just decided to leave them in and apologize for it in the video (sorry). Other than those two issues I had lots of fun putting this together.

I want to refer to this video as my practice video because for the final assignment, I plan to try something out of my comfort zone and maybe this time I will actually follow the rules and not have my hand or shadow in the frame. And even though this was basic editing I think I could’ve done something to make better transitions into the clips.



A 5k Run in the Eugene Downtown Area – Jacob Adams

“Running is a hard sport to explain. Why do we run… Few can answer that question. The real answer isn’t within but around you.”

If the Link Crashes: A 5k Run Through Downtown Eugene

A 5k race, you only get water. I do it for a lot more than that. Now I often run farther than only 5k but this distance will forever be remembered for me.  

Many people live and work in the Downtown Eugene area. Here are a few places within a 5km (3.1 miles) walk/jog/run from the center of the Downtown Eugene area.

I knew that cross country was my sport when I ran my first 3k back in 2011. Then for my senior year of high school, I completed my final cross country race of high school. I owed my life to cross country, having run 58 races, between high school and middle school, and around 157 miles (252k) just in those races. Not including practice runs, races through local clubs, and my time a part of the Lane Cross Country Team. I have learned what it takes, to go from the start line to the finish line.

My first cross country race, I completed it in 16 minutes and 46 seconds. I remember finishing– unknowing of how that would change my life. I have never had a knack for sports, but I found that long distance running was a great way to think to myself, about improvements within myself, or mankind in general. I found that not having a set date to accomplish a goal, I won’t ever complete it. This doesn’t show more than within my passion for film.

“For this video, I decided to go on a 5K run starting from the Downtown area of Eugene. During which I set myself a goal to film a bit of what I saw.”

I hope I can continue running in my life. Just as it took me across the finish line of each of my cross country races, it will continue to take me through the rest of my life.

Animals I Care About

This post is a bit diffrent then the last ones, as this was a project for me to be able to do minor editing on images. My perimeters where 5, and I could take that unit of 5 however I wished too. I chose to break it down into 5 diffrent places/people I interact with animals. One was the category of outdoor spots, animal sitting, house animals, friend’s animals, and my guinea pigs. Shadow is in their twice on purpose, just because he’s like a sunflower.

How to make a Music Video in 5 hours

I drove to Yamhill, Oregon on President’s Day weekend to see some family and close friends with my best mate since 2010, Cody Eastwood. Yamhill is a small city with one street light and a population of 1,115 about 45 minutes Southwest of Portland, Oregon. We did not know that this small city where Cody graduated from was going to be the area we filmed in. I knew I had to make a music video. I was making the video for a college class at Lane Community College and the assignment was to find a way to incorporate the number 5 in some type of way. My idea was to make a music video in 5 hours or less. Unfortunately, I can only show you the 1:23 minute version for class purposes that only shows half the music video. The full 5:45 minute video consists of us showing the raw footage at the beginning, then jumping straight into the footage you saw from before, but in an incredibly dope music video.

Here is the 1:35 minute version:

Here is the full 5:27 minute version:


Doing something that is extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration.

“That was Tushei dude


Counting Fives – P5

For this assignment, I wanted to do a light-hearted view on people who obsessively count numbers. I wanted to show that counting, for some people, is an everyday struggle and it takes a lot of effort to do. I stuck with a storyline that could kind of coincide with what people see as a ‘normal’ morning.

When I did the filming for this assignment, I had my boyfriend be an actor in this (he agreed, stubbornly). I had never directed anything like this before, so figuring out how to tell people what to do was a bit of a challenge. It was a lot of trial and error. Another thing that I learned while completing this project is how easily camera shake is seen in video. I had no idea that filming was so difficult so props to those who do this professionally! I understand now why big studios use carts that have the camera on it so they can get a smooth pan. It was also easy for me to achieve the one-minute requirement for this assignment!

During post production, I discovered that piecing together the video clips was easy because I already had a story that I wrote. After finding music that is royalty free, I found that it was difficult to time the video clip transitions and the music. I think I did a pretty okay job for this being my first film production! The last thing that was a pain for me to figure out was getting text on my video. Since I used iMovie, there was limited options of text overlays. I tried to import my video to Premiere, but my lack of knowledge with that program stopped me from figuring out how to insert animated text. I ended up using a text title from iMovie that did the job.
I would like to learn how to use Premiere more throughout my time here at Lane. I had a lot of fun creating a care-free video that isn’t too serious. I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of film because of this project!