Hi, I’m Josh









I stumbled upon media arts on accident.

I used to want to major in either accounting or finance.

I thought my brain was purely analytical, and contained no ounce of creativity.

I liked computers, and I hated arts and crafts in primary school.

I learned I wanted to work for myself, so I switched from finance to marketing in order to learn skills to start a business for myself in the future.

I love new ideas, and I have a passion for turning my ideas, and others’ ideas, into reality.

I have a dog, and this dog grew markings on his face that made him a “micro celebrity.”

I thought that we should share the uniqueness of this dog with the world, so I decided to create some sort of website and social media for him, even though I had no idea what I was doing.

I ended up staying up all night working on the site and loved it, and he grew to over 55,000 fanatics who’re obsessed with him.

I started exploring this new creative side of myself and combined it with my technical skills with computers.

I’m starting to make websites for other people and helping their creative ideas come to life.

I think I can combine my new interest for media arts with my marketing interest, and I’m looking forward to learn and explore ways to creatively do this in this class.

I was recently introduced to video editing and film, and grew a passion for expressing my ideas through this medium as well.

I’m very new to all this, and I had no idea there was an actual class that teaches how to do the type of work I accidentally came across and ended up loving and teaching myself.

I also have a passion for basketball and play at Lane.

I played around with iMovie the another night and made this little video about Eugene that I’ll substitute for my picture requirement.