P6 final project – Julia Hansten

For my final project I decided to stick to a theme of my home country, which the people who are also in the MUL103 class will see..

This video is about some strange expressions. Moving to a different country can mean encountering some language barriers in certain situations and I realized that I sometimes throw expressions out there that I basically translated directly from my native language. These expressions make sense to me but can sound super weird to English speakers. 

I had some issues with the editing programs not wanting to cooperate so I basically had to remake the whole thing last minute which is why there are some obvious flaws but I wanted to do something a bit more creative when explaining these expressions so I decided to include video from phone calls to my family and have them say the phrases instead of just putting them in text directly. To do this I had told them before that I would call and say something and asked them to respond with any Swedish expression that they thought would fit.

I had a lot of fun (at least before the programs started crashing..) creating this video and I learned a lot while doing it!

(Also my roommate didn’t actually steal my lunch.. I should give her my lunch for lying about that)

– by Julia Hansten