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F20-P4-Two Travelers and the Bear

I had set out to do his big elaborate audio. I wanted to use all of the things I thought I had learned through the videos and websites.  I tried a few different versions of this fable, but some were too long and I was being over-ambitious. Once I started to clean it up I realized that I did not nearly give myself enough time to do this the way I visioned in my head.  I was a bit confused at times with all of the different options and steps that I had to take in making it sound good. I know that the more I do it the better I will get at it. 

Once I did finally find a version I like I thought that I would record my voice in a way so that the listener heard the story. I tried several different ways to use the pitch of my voice to try to convey the story. I wanted to engage the listener in what I was saying. I searched for the right music track that would deliver a “children’s” type theme. While I didn’t think that audio is something I would like to do, I have changed my mind after listening to where I started to the end result. Though it could have been better I will be experimenting more with audio recordings. 

By: Darlene Waters

Please Wash Your Hands!

I wanted to get the point across to my viewers that washing your hands is very essential. I didn’t go much in depth on exactly how effective it is because time restraints, but I tried to get in as much as possible within a minute to show that washing your hands is a good thing and why you should be doing it. I also wanted to make a point that washing your hands is a good thing even without a reason to do so. Everyone having clean hands is my goal! I take a jab at people who don’t wash their hands in the bathroom but for a good reason – it is very disgusting and can potentially be harmful.

I tried to make it a little humorous as well but I think it came across more as cringey than funny. I also don’t necessarily like the sound quality that I got from my phone while recording it. I would much rather use my nice mic that I would need to bust out again. It’s gathering dust somewhere in my house! All in all, I tried to make it an engaging minute and I hope I achieved that without sounding like an idiot.

Here’s the link for you guys to listen to is: Soundcloud Link

The Adventures of Mr. Tidley, by Alex Starke

Eight wild and crazy short stories

I took a little while to mull over what to do with this project. I wanted to do something whimsical and fun, so either a crazy commercial for my book, Short Tales, or create a new little audio short story using a couple of characters from my book. In the end, I opted for the small vignette of Mr. Tidley, a dog-like being who resembles a large, upright walking and talking Jack Russell terrier, and Sivid Zwaak, a reprehensible reptilian creature. The story is centered around a bar scene on the planet Odious Plott a frontier world in the outer territories. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

As always in a project like this, I developed a script for the various parts, including the narrator, and noted what kind of sounds I wanted for the whole thing. Having the script ready, it was now time to record the parts in Adobe Audition. In this case, I did all of the parts and then modified the voices with the tools within Audition. That aspect is always fun! Next was to find the various sounds and music foto add increased ambience and power to the story. YouTube royalty free library is always my first stop for background/soundtrack music, and also some sound effects. I also recorded a good few of the Foley effects myself and worked with them in the effects rack in Audition.

After collecting everything I thought I would need (and a lot more, just in case) I put together the tracks. Each character in this story have their own track, as does the music. Normally I would have separate tracks for most all of the special sounds and effects, but for this little vignette I grouped many together on two tracks. Having taken AUD120 I have been taught the absolute importance of keeping characters, narration, music, and your special effects–door slams, breaking glass, walking sounds, etc.–on separate tracks, it makes it much more easier to work on a project, especially those that have a huge amount of everything, from characters, a slew of different sounds, varying music tracks, and so forth. Imagine trying to find and edit a specific sound or part of a character’s dialogue if you had everything on just one long track!

This was a very fun assignment and I look forward to the video project, where I think I will do that crazy commercial for my short stories.

Weird Al Yankovich

by: Connor Lee Ullrich, RTN Blog Post

Weird Al Yankovich struck me by surprise being featured on Roadtrip Nation. He has had an unusual music career making most of his money from parodies of billboard-breaking hits. Many don’t know that Al went to school to become an architect for four years before his music career took off, and it was not until his junior year of college that he started to realize his campus radio show gig brought him more happiness than designing architecture. However, he started his journey towards a career in architecture at the age of 12 and also started submitting songs to a local radio station at 13 years of age. His school counselor steered him towards architecture because excelled at art and math, but he realized in his third year of college that his “Weird Al” radio gimmick was gaining positive feedback from the audience and a couple of his parody songs from his first EP were becoming viral; Dr. Demento funded Al’s first EP of parody songs because some of his parody songs had become so popular. Lastly, Weird Al says “you have to know you went through life giving it your best shot; you don’t want to look back over you life with regret” (RTN, Milestone, Weird Al Yancovich).

Roadtrip Nation link:

Weird Al Yankovic - Roadtrip Nation

Caroline Thompson

By Ian G. Howerton

Caroline Thompson graduated college intending to go into writing novels, but when her novel was brought up to be adapted into a feature film, she was asked to write a screenplay and discovered a secret love of them. She went on to write many famous screenplays, including Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

My report can be found here.

F20-P3-Roadtrip Nation Report

Zaria Forman: Illuminating Climate Change Through Art

By:Darlene Waters

For this report, I chose Zaria Forman. She is an Artist and Climate Change Activist. I decided to write about her because this is an issue I have been increasingly interested in. And what could I possibly do about it to help out? Though she does paintings with pastels and I lean more towards photography, I was drawn to her experiences of traveling and seeing the world as it is and what things are changing in nature and puts in a form from her perspective. She is expressing our need to heed the warnings. Her career started when she was very young traveling the globe with her mother but, ultimately her trip to Greenland and seeing the damage. It got her moving in this direction of getting the word out about Climate Change with her larger-than-life pieces of artwork. She shows the beauty of what we have, and it’s something we do not want to lose.

Here is a link to my report:

RoadTrip Nation

Pete Denman is a UX Designer at Intel.

He had difficulties at school because of dyslexia.

At age 20, he broke his neck and became paralyzed for the rest of his life.

A couple of years later, Pete started college with an art history class, using help from people who read and write for him because he couldn’t move his hands. He didn’t tell anyone in college he has dyslexia. His success with the first test inspired him, and Pete accomplished a degree in graphic design.

He applied for a job at Intel as a designer.

One of his biggest projects was redesigning the user interface for Stephen Hawkings’ computer that he used to speak.


By: Lyu Gremli

P-3 RTN Blog Post By: Daniel Parrish

For my report, I thought Craig Robinson would be a good selection. Craig Robinson is an actor, comedian, and former music teacher. I have been watching TV shows and movies with Craig before the age of 10. I have known that I wanted to go into the film industry before I knew how to multiply. Robinson likes to spread himself between interests and careers which I can relate to.

Craig started out as a music teacher after he finished college and quickly moved to comedy and acting, where he won a comedy festival and gained other kinds of recognition for his stand-up and comedy.

P3 RoadTrip Nation

My road in life took a while to figure out.

I was raised in an old-fashioned way—my parents didn’t put a lot of pressure on me to figure out what I was going to do for a career because it was assumed I would just get married and have kids.

After graduating from high school, I didn’t have any guidance on what to do next, so I took a gap year to figure it out.

Attended community college at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California—I was originally a nutrition major, but in my second year I changed my major to fine arts.

I was introduced to graphic design after taking a design and composition class and I realized that was the subject that I was truly interested in.

Transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where I earned my bachelor’s degree in graphic design and computer graphics.

After graduating from UCLA, I decided to take a web design course at the ArtCenter College of Design and get involved in the technological side of design.

I worked as a web designer for various companies before getting the opportunity to become a co-founder and art director for a fashion apparel company.

I now run my own brand design and marketing company, in addition to being the creative arts director for the Museum of Tolerance at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


I loved this assignment. Once I started looking through career choices I felt more motivated then ever to stay focused on School and Art.