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P4 Audio


For this project I was trying to create a fun spin on one of the example options given in the instructions. I was trying to convey someone getting to their car, turning the key and starting the engine, then flipping through radio stations. I wanted to emanate the feel of absurd dated 20th century product ads by making an even more blasphemous ad then those that exist. I also wanted to poke fun at some of the obscure celebrity musical artist names people come up with nowadays. I felt like I needed to add a modern and/or hip element to the project so that’s the context of the ending. I think it works well comedically. I wrote a loose script and then let the talent improvise some of the dialogue. For the sound effects I mentally went through the scenario of starting a car and clicking through radio stations, then made a list of all the sounds I would need to provide a smoother workflow and more effective workflow later on.  I’m thankful to have had cooperative talent for this project because my voice most likely wouldn’t have suited my creative choices as well. I feel the talent’s voice sounded realistic in terms of how a real radio host might sound.

P1 about me

I’m a second year multimedia Design student at LCC. I’m originally from Northern California but I’ve lived in Eugene for four years this coming August. I have a primary interest in film production and cinematography. I have a secondary interest in audio production and graphic design/animation graphics. I also take analog film photos as a hobby(@filmfr0g on instagram). During my time at Lane Community College I’ve created a portfolio filled with shorts films, Adobe after effects animation graphics projects, protools and Audition audio recordings, photoshop and illustrator graphic design pieces, Maya animation renders, and photo collections. 

After I graduate this spring I hope to pursue an entry level media career with room for creative projects, or/or save money to further my education and obtain my bachelors degree. The UT Austin film program would be a dream, but I would consider transferring to University of Oregon or UCLA as well depending on the scholarship/grant opportunities and if I have the motivation to regain my California residency. If I choose to further my education I hope to gain more experience in script writing and go onto learning all sides of production including acting and directing. Biiig dreams.

I Was Created Today

This project was a lot of fun! Coming up with the premise was fairly easy for me, I don’t know why but I thought it would be funny to have a little scribble/doodle come into consciousness, be forced to sing, and if they don’t they’ll be destroyed. While being confused along the way. The song “I Was Created Today,” ended up writing itself. 

Just sing about how confused the scribble/doodle is about the world!

I wish I knew how to play instruments or create instrumentals but I don’t know how to, yet, and the song had to be sung a cappella. Despite this, I still think the song came out fairly decent. In the future, I would love to take this audio, fix it up a bit, make it crisper, and animate it. Since that’s what I wanted to do originally. (Completely forgot this was an “audio” only project.) I’d also like to create a better “scribble” when it does become animated. 

After the first scribble gets shredded it was supposed to end there, but in a cruel twist, the “drawer,” created another “scribble” and instead of singing, it played an instrument. Which the “drawer” likes and the new scribble gets to live. Hurray?

By Kay

The Lion and The Mouse

For this assignment, I wanted to create a narration of a short Aesop’s Fable called “The Lion and the Mouse”. I had never heard of this Aesop’s Fable, so I decided to create an audio to learn about the story. I listened to the story with audio, researched what kind of mood the story should have, and chose the music I used for the background. For this assignment, I recorded it straight to my laptop.

I enjoyed this project. The stories were fun to read. I recorded it many times, trying to figure out how to make it easier to listen to. Finding sound effects was not too difficult for me. The sound effect I created is called “sleep. I chose this song because I think the image of fairy tales is often read when putting children to bed.

I found the song from a place called Ccmixter listed on Free Media Resources. The song was full and over 3 minutes long and also had a woman’s whispering voice in it. I wanted to keep the song alone so I cut out the whispers in places and narrowed it down to about a minute to fit my story. I think I found the perfect balance between narration and music. The hardest part for me was the narration. I am a learner of English, so I still have trouble with pronunciation and intonation, and the breaks between sentences were also difficult. The story I searched on the internet had an audio recording, so I listened to it and imitated it. I still need more practice, but I used the one that worked best out of the many recordings I made.

by Madoka Shimmyo

Self Introduction, Max Ryan

Howdy, my name is Max Ryan. I am a second year student at Lane, currently pursuing an associates degree in multimedia design (animation option), and hoping to continue my education past LCC post graduation and to find a good art institute to polish off my education. I was born and raised in Eugene Oregon with my 4 brothers, of which 3 have already gone to/through lane ahead of me.

I am a freelance artist, illustrator hoping to finish creating my own webcomic in the near future. I do commissions, and have been practicing art seriously for close to 7 years at this point, drawing nearly everyday albeit pen/paper, or digital. I aspire to work for a large animation/comic company, or to even start my own; A simple goal to do what I want and get paid for it, I want to have my own cartoon or comic read/watched by millions of people. The things I enjoy drawing the most are character pieces, and I love character designing, however I have discovered that I have a knack for logo design and pop art through commissions I have done.

(some examples of my digital commissions)

The Fox and the Crow – P4

For this assignment I wanted to create a narration of a short Aesop fable called “The Fox and the Crow”. I wanted to create a naturalistic ambient background to match the setting that this story would take place. To challenge myself, I decided to use my voice for the whole story. I want to feel more confident using my voice in projects going forward. In terms of equipment, I chose to use my phone for the sake of convenience for this assignment. I also worked with Audition because I am very comfortable using the software.

I had a fun time creating this project. The story was enjoyable to read and easy to create an “environment” for. Finding sound effects wasn’t too difficult for my audio. The one sound effect that I did create were the “footsteps”. I used a crumpled sheet of lined paper and moved my fists against it. In general, I am always picky when searching for a music track. I think that I need to start using other websites to search for royalty free music. Most of what I find on Incompetech makes make laugh because of where I have heard some of the music from (Super cheesy and old Youtube videos).My biggest struggle was finding the perfect balance between the narration and the music. I had to listen to my audio mix with and without headphones to ensure that everything I wanted in the audio was coming through. Most of the exports I created had the music barely audible without headphones. It was mildly annoying, but it had to be done.

By: Liah Craven

The lion and the mouse

Link to story:

Audio: used by Anura

I choose to do this story because my initial plan ended up getting ruined to unfortunate events. My plan was to make not necessarily a story but like a guided mediation. I listen to sleepcasts when I go to bed and when I found out about this project I was planning on making my own. I was going to take the listener on a peaceful journey of walking through a garden, describing the flowers, their own symbolism, and to create a peaceful garden that one could close their eyes and be transported there. I would have added relaxing music like what you would here in a spa and record the birds outside my window so it would be peaceful and include nature. But then I got sick. And trust me I tried to make a satisfying audio and it was terrible. The whole video concept revolved around being soothing and peaceful and my voice was just not cutting it. So I went with my backup plan which is the fable story that was one of my favorites as a kid which was the Lion and the mouse. I’m pretty sure that the reason this story is one of my favorites is the fact that none of the animals died within the story, that the Lion and the Mouse lived happily ever after and benefited from each other while having a lesson to be learned. It was fun fiddling around with the audio and sound effects. There are two sound effects the lions roar and a ripping of cloth which is actually magazines rolled up. This audio is the best out of all of them, no coughing or hoarseness in my voice is present from what I can tell. This project was interesting and it was a little overwhelming to figure out how to use the editing but I got the basics down.

About Me!

Hello there! My name is Rocio Roberts-Goodban and I am a Multimedia student at Lane Community College. I was born and raised for most of my life in Eugene, Oregon. I spent a year and a half in Portland, Oregon working as a nanny! I come from a mixed background, my mother is half white and half Native American, while my father is fully Mexican. I grew up surrounded by Spanish and English, yet chose to study 4 years of Japanese in high school. Working in Japanese horror films has always been a secret dream of mine. I’ve always been obsessed with movies and TV since I was a child. I studied film at Portland State University before the pandemic caused me to move home and go through many personal hardships. I believe that with every challenge can come opportunity, and I’ve now developed more passion, motivation, and inspiration for a career in the industry. My goal is not only to become an independent wedding videographer, but also to become a production assistant or screenwriter. I want to gain more computer skills, learn about web design and photography. I’m excited to dip my toes in many new and different types of media, so I hope to become a more well rounded and versatile person.

About ME

this is me!


I’m Isabella FM. I’m currently enrolled in Lane community college to earn a transfer degree in psychology, due to my fascination with neuroscience and sociology. I’m taking media arts because that was the degree I was initially interested in. *I wanted to be an animator and work for Pixar or something. So I’m curious to see how this class will unfold and see if it sparks past passions that have slowly faded over time. I still wouldn’t mind that career path but becoming a therapist is also a path I wouldn’t mind going down, so I’m at a fork in the road when it comes to planning my future and career.

A little about me, I spend my free time either reading a book or on a hunt for a new one. I adore tea, *the stuff you drink, not gossip, so I have a tendency to spend my time in a tea shop reading. I’m a barista and I have two jobs so I’m a fairly busy person. I’m introverted so I like to spend my time in a quiet warm place. I like to travel as well; the most exciting place I’ve been to is Greece. I have a cat named Bergamot who is always by my side when I’m home.
I think that’s just enough to share about myself to get a good feel of who I am.

Books I recently finished or am reading: – Carmilla: Josph Sheridan Le Fanu – My year of rest and relaxation: Ottessa Moshfegh – Play it as it Lays: Joan Didion -Emotional intelligence: Travis Bradburry & Jean Greaves

P.S I also own a cat named Bergamot and if you are into astrology I’m a Cancer.

Quinn Final Project

Ridic was the first to come up with the idea to make a skit about newscasters, and we wrote the entire script over the phone. Most of the production work naturally fell on ridic because he had better access to filming equipment and the relative complexity of his scenes. Because of this I did the majority of post production. During filming I created a news intro in blender and made Ridic’s background photo using the same file. Then I shot my scenes with help and equipment from ridic. After Ridic cleaned up the raw audio I put all of the clips together and added the music and effects to make the final product.

In the end, working with a partner taught me a lot about the actual process of filmmaking, how to work with a team, and how to complete a project you don’t have full control over.

Police voice: Joshua Van Horn.
Please standby effect: