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Hello everyone! My name is Ella Busch and I am a Multimedia Design major. I recently moved to Oregon from Virginia. I grew up in a town called Vienna about ten minutes from D.C. I adopted two cats in July of 2020, their names are Willow and Oliver. I decided to pursue this major because I have a passion for post-production editing. I love manipulating content and working on projects to create something unique and creative. I just think the editing process is fascinating, how you can turn raw footage into something unimaginable. My favorite show right now is Good Girls, I am currently binging it and highly recommend it. If anyone has seen Parks and Rec Donna Meagle is one of the main characters, it’s hilarious. I’m also really loving the Harry Potter movies right now. I have seen some of them but I have never watched them in order. I’m always looking for movie and T.V. show recommendations! One of my all time favorite shows is Normal People. It’s on Hulu and I highly recommend it, but be prepared to shed some tears. When I finish this program I would love to be involved in the production/ editing business in anyway I can, and from that find what I’m good at and hopefully be able to pursue it. I have a special interest in audio production after taking the audio class here at Lane.

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  1. hughest

    Ella, Virginia is a lot different from Oregon…take the time to explore the area…it’s beautiful! I love that you are interested in editing…can’t wait to see what you do!

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