P6 Final Tristan Adams

-Tristan Adams

This video was in editing purgatory for a long time after the shots were taken because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to change the function of the video from creepy to more relaxed and happy. I feel like the choice was a good one and I am more comfortable with the final product. I felt like I needed to make the viewers see what I feel whenever I come home from these classes in terms of how its really not much else besides stress I have whenever I am out of the house. School is definitly not the reason of the stress and more the social interaction, but it doesnt mean I hate being with people. Instead its me more worried about myself and my lack of grip on my own emotions. Though it is very short, at the end I show my cat being with me and I know soon I probably will remember this video just for that scene since next year she probably wont make it through. I come home to see her waiting for me and that has always gotten me through most days even if they are too stressful.