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Tapping the Hidden Demographic

Today’s society has defined the new demographic as 18 -34, while the real demographic that is being overlooked these days is the “boomers” generation who are all reaching maturity. That is, most are reaching ages of upwards of 60+ and older.

Nine months after World War II ended, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones later described the trend. More babies were born in 1946 than ever before: 3.4 million, 20 percent more than in 1945. This was the beginning of the so-called “baby boom.” In 1947, another 3.8 million babies were born; 3.9 million were born in 1952; and more than 4 million were born every year from 1954 until 1964, when the boom finally tapered off. By then, there were 76.4 million “baby boomers” in the United States. They made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population.

The reason being is that market research show that the older buyer has the money 18 to 49 years hold the grip of the television remote control, while the 34 -55 hold the purse strings of the nation.


Then in about 1989, the media switched their tactics, spending over eleven million to focus on the new demographic growing across the nation the children of the boomers that were reach school age and just beginning their buying careers.

Millennials, control the majority of sales in automobiles, houses and most goods. The reason that this demographic is not represented as it should be is that there are more babies being born and the world is catering to the young, but the world is unaware that most of these new younger demographic is still for the most part still living with the boomer demographic of the past – their parents!

But, let’s raise a cheer as the first of the baby boom generation — the healthiest, best-educated and wealthiest in the nation’s history — turn 65.

Celebrate their vitality, and especially their variety — a generation that spans the Beatles and Springsteen, that crusaded to end a war and stop the spread of nukes, that powered an explosion of new technology fueled the feminist revolution and joined the battle for civil rights.

There are just over 40 million Americans age 65 and older, and they make up 13 percent of the population. By 2030, when all the baby boomers will have reached age 65 and older , the over-65 crowd will reach 20 percent of the population. At that time the median age of Americans will increase to 39.6 years, up from 37.2 today and a significant increase from a little under 30 in the 1960s and ’70s.


“I still want to make music. I don’t want to twerk, but I want to be relevant,” joked Boomer Annie Lennox during a recent interview about her upcoming album. She needn’t worry. Lennox, and marketers in general, stand to gain a lot by serving a 50+ market that increasingly makes music an important part of their lives.

I too, feel age is nothing more than a state of mind than anything else.. If since it doesn’t matter, I don’t mind it.




P2 Professional Blog Search


I liked this blog because they are bring together many cultures to celebrate and enjoy art.  It is very diversified with many exhibits around the world.  New york ,Venice, Bilbao as well as many international exhibitions.  I believe art is universal part of all of us.  I loved the picture of the Guggenheim Museum.  What an amazing example of light in architecture.

The Guggenheim Museum in Balboa had a collection they were showing in September.  There was a great exhibit which featured one of my favorite artist Marc Chagall.  The painting was titled through the window.  What a balanced use of bright colors with a quality of mystery.  The painting was made in  1913 an oil on canvas.  Chagall’s life and early childhood experiences influenced many of his paintings.

The New York Museum is very active in connecting communities.  One such outreach was called under the same sun.  It was a great out reach to the Latin American community.  Children were encouraged to paint their impressions of what they saw on their visit.

In all they have many programs including literary performing arts and featured artist integrating education and technology. I picked this site  because It is what I want to do with my art bringing people together.  I want to teach children to express themselves in an artistic way.  I have seen many children produce what I consider great art.  Some of them  lose that ability when they grow up .  So this is my mission to help people recapture the wonder of art.

Psychedelic Exposure

photoextremist screenshot2

Prepare for an awesome visual adventure guided by Evan Sharboneau through his tutorials and videos showing some jaw dropping photography techniques. Some of these photos can be created using simple tricks and techniques, while some may need more gear to accomplish and still  some may even use Photoshop. Whatever the case they are extremely creative, fun and leave me feeling inspired.

photoextremist group 1


This wine glass with its contents frozen in mid-air puts a different spin on capturing the motion of liquid. It appears that the liquid may just spill at your shoes but of course safely contained within the frame.


This photo is an example of double exposure, created using nothing more than a DSLR camera. I absolutely love the soft, whimsical effect this creates. The possibilities are open on this one, there are so many options for backdrop and fillers.

photo extremist pic 1

Another example like the one above but this time there is multiple exposures rather than just two exposures.

photo extremist pic 3

This one is pretty cool, right? It can be pulled off easier than you might think with some basic stuff you probably have around the house.

photo extremist pic 2

Whoever lives here must have just won the lottery right? Sadly for them it is a mere illusion.

There is so much quantity of  fascinating pictures and ideas on this site, if you are looking to learn some cool tricks and techniques or even just even just to check out some cool art, I highly recommend a visit.

Professional Blog Search

During my blog search I came across the blog

The blog calls itself Pirate Bay for the Hood and has a list of hip hop mixtapes (promotional tapes) for download. Because they are promotional tapes and not retail albums, they are free to download. I don’t listen to all the artists listed on the blog, but I did find some tapes I have not heard before that I liked. Many of these tapes are underground and/or older tapes that can be hard to find. Sites like these are important to the hip hop community because they are a way to distribute content that might not be accessible or promoted in certain areas.


Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell has been my go to for reviews on cameras and lens. He is a great source for all things Photography including tutorials, and links to places that have great deals. His site is advertising free he takes donations and plainly states that that is how is able to operate his site and support his family. His unbiased and real world reviews make the process of deciding whether to buy this or that so much easier.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.57.20 PM

Professional Blog

Professional Blog Search by Laura Hale

My research into a professional blog uncovered a disturbing lack of them at least in the fields I’ve been interested in. I discovered that it really depends on the field that the professional is in for there to even be a blog. Most of them use a website instead to present their profile, or use a combination of both.

For example, Robert Atkins Art

Robert Atkins

He presents his work as apart of the website as well as talking about events that he’s been to, people he’s worked with, and eventually yes you get to his blog so it is not specialized as a blog it’s also a portfolio.

A more focused web site would be Peggy Iileen’s photography site


Instead of words she allows the pictures to speak for themselves, so while it’s labeled as a blog, it’s more of a picture presentation while giving information about her business.

Josh Burcham’s portfolio


Now this is strictly a portfolio, there’s only a little bit about the artist himself, small announcements about events he’s going to participate in, but for the most part he’s presenting his skills as an artist.

For artists it seems that a picture based ‘blog’ as it were, speaks louder words than if they were to write, they have to keep their art up to date to ensure that they are still practicing and even improving on their skills.

Magical Game Time Professional Blog

My favorite blog is “Magical Game Time” by Zac Gorman. The reason I chose this blog is because I have been following Zac’s work for a long time! His works make me feel that magic feeling I used to feel when I played videogames. When I was little, I always felt immersed in everything I played. There was a certain feeling a new game brought to me, especially a Nintendo game. Reading Zac’s posts, seeing his artwork and reminiscing over old times is what Magical Game Time is all about. Not only do I love this blog, Zac is my role model too! I want to make the same curious and magical experience he brings to each piece. I want people to feel the same way I feel when they watch what I made. Plus, he also made a graphic novel based on a game my brother and I play all the time. If you like games and even good animation and charm, I highly suggest Magical Game Time. MGT is also expertly crafted and a joy to look at as well!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.37.34 PM

Professional Blog Search.

By: EJ Olson

You The Designer:

YouTheDesigner is a creative design blog that focuses on the all-encompassing lifestyle of graphic designers. The homepage is inviting, colorful (but not overwhelming) and well organized: right off the bat, I noticed the several different tabs at the top, listing with drop down menus all they have to offer. The site is stuffed with resources, from news articles, artist interviews, tutorials for a multitude of creative programs and of course an artist gallery. Everything is concise and to the point, but there isn’t any shortage of content and information. Whether you’re a beginning graphic designer or a seasoned professional, this site is an artists mecca.

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 12.29.35 PM
Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 12.30.00 PM Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 12.30.38 PM

A blog about a blog

The name of the blog I discovered is “Horror’s Not Dead”

This blog is a big mash-up of ideas, but not in a bad way. For instance, it has reviews on several different horror movies new and old. They give opinions on reviews on their “top ten” goriest, scariest, most gut wrenching horrifying films out there in the world. It’s also discussed on why some movies make people laugh in the face of horror, while their friends are chewing off their finger nails and trying not to wet themselves in their seat. I recommend reading the post by Seth Hall called  “From the Shadows: Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’”, if the idea of horror films is truly lost on you.

Naughty Dog Game Development Professional Blog

By: Shane Boss

Naughty Dog Blog:

Naughty Dog website:

Naughty Dog is a game development company located in Santa Monica, California that has been around since 1984 and was founded by independent developers, Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin.  They are a widely known game development studio for Sony Playstation and have worked on major titles such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.  I look up to game developers such as Naughty Dog because it is my goal to work with such an awesome team some day and work on such great titles which they develop.

Outbreak Day: The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode Winners

The art, animation and story lines to their games are top notch and I am always pulled into their games when ever I play one of their new titles.  To me, they are everything a game developer should be, they make sure all their bases are covered when providing the most exceptional gaming experience possible.  I am already hooked on their Uncharted series which follows Nathan Drake on a series of nail biting treasure hunt adventures filled with non stop action and beautiful locations.I am also ecstatic that they are continuing with The Last of Us series which follows Joel, who escorts young Ellie across post-apocalyptic United States fighting off zombies and other dangerous surviving drifters. Both stories are blockbuster quality and make for an intense, gaming experience.  They are a team I would love very much to be a part of.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2014 E3 Trailer

They keep the community updated frequently with their blogs, posting teasers and information on their upcoming titles.  I hope to expect more great things out of this development studio, because their passion shows and is displayed greatly in their work.