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5 Things I like to do Almost Daily.


Hey everybody welcome to my SP18-P5 project. In this video I basically go over what the concept of what “Five” means to me. In this short video, I go over things that I do on a daily basis. I tried to make this video feel like a short vlog. But with two minutes, you are limited on time and what you can do.

I went with this vlog format because I use to watch different people vlog their day to day life on YouTube. Some examples being: Casey Neistat and Roman Atwood. I would mainly watch Casey Neistat and so that was the inspiration behind this video idea.

Recently I’ve been going to the gym almost daily if not at least five times a week because I have a lot of time in the mornings, and I am usually an early bird type of person. There are times I do wake up late however. Not only that but I also just want to eat healthier and become a little bit more active than be my usual lazy self.

With the World Cup coming closer and closer, I am very excited to start watching when the tournament begins. And since it only happens every four years I will do my best to watch it over the summer. Russia is hosting this years World Cup, so the games are going to start very early in the morning. I’ve done a little of research and it looks like the latest any of the games will be is at 11:45 in the morning. I am going to be working in the summer but since I work in a hotel, I might be able to watch a couple games.

Music is a huge part of my day to day life because I listen to it every single day, without fail. On the weekends or even on my days off, I will clean my room, or my apartment because sometimes me and my roommates will have people over and we don’t want it to look like we live in a mess. Therefore, I will play music to get rid of the silence.

Streaming is something that I’ve been doing for a while now. I have fun interacting with  all the new viewers/followers and talking to them via chat. I don’t stream everyday because it can actually be tiring sometimes. Especially when you do it for a couple hours. And this contradicts what I said earlier about not having much time on my hands but this is something that’s really fun to me.

Lastly, making videos is something that has always interested me for so long. When I was younger I would watch hours of YouTube. That inspired me to create videos of my own and share them with the people online. There’s a certain satisfaction I feel when I press the upload button on YouTube and wait for people to comment back and give me criticism on what I could do better next time. Thanks for watching my video and reading my post. Have a great day.


In the process of making this video I threw my back out twice, and the amount of effects piled up on my added to my video made my computer crash 6 times and made the render over 10 hours. This video is about the five senses with Death Grips’ song No Love. I wanted to make this video to keep on practicing my editing skills with real footage rather than with anime like I usually do so this was a really cool way to experiment with my presets on real footage, as well as to use it as practice for actual music videos. I wanted to use Death Grips as the background music because I felt that there chaotic sound would be a great way to portray the five senses by making the video almost feel like a trip. I would have done a lot more to this video but computer couldn’t handle all the effects and actually caused it to crash. I love creating effects and with this project I actually created about four more presets while completeing this. I didn’t really have a plan on what I would film exactly, so I made sure to film close ups of my eyes, mouth, ears, hands, and nose to capture the five senses but the rest was random footage from walking around Eugene. I wasn’t really worried on capturing the footage because I knew it was going to be chaotic with an abundance of face melting effects. I didn’t plan on putting so many effects on to it, but one thing led to another and the next thing you know this video is now my child, and I am putting more work than I need to on this video, without realizing it. The outcome of this project made me realize that editing live action footage compared to editing anime is vastly different when it comes to editing, masking is one example, I learned it’s VASTLY easier to mask animated footage than it is to mask live action footage.

(P.S After Effects wasn’t letting me change the video composition time so there’s an extra 9 min of blank video)


So when we first initially got this project to work on, I kinda had some silly ideas for what I wanted to do. The first one was this silly kinda riffing on nature documentary type stuff and then kinda breaking that to make a stupid captain planet joke because 5 elements. And then the more I thought about it I kinda ended up hating that idea and ended up going with a top 5 underrated games list idea.

I’m the type of person that isn’t a huge fan of reviews or lists when it comes to media mainly because they’re just really restrictive and boring and to me a number or a list doesn’t really give you the full qualities of a game. And when it comes to said lists, some of these tend to pick really safe, boring options and with underrated games lists especially they tend to pick games that while not everybody in the general population may know, most people who pay any attention to video games as a whole will definitely already know them. Same tends to apply to film lists and clickbait articles/reviews.

So starting out on this was a bit of a mess. I actually got the B-roll used in the number/transition clips first and worked from there, getting the footage of me in my own apartment later and then compiling all of the footage last. I used Premiere to string it all together and thought I’d made a mistake at first while making it.

Being embarrassed at me on camera and the dead air in the raw footage and all the takes I did. But as I began to edit it together and really work on it, it formed into mostly what I wanted and I actually ended up pretty happy with it. While it’s not perfect and there are certain things I could do better if I put a bit more time into it, I’m still pretty happy with it and I feel like I’ve really been getting better with editing if I can take something I first initially considered to be a terrible failure to be what I at least consider to be decent.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this goofy silly video and I’m really excited to move onto the final project!

I wish I had a day off with nothing to do…

For such a little introduction to video editing, I found this project to be a great trial and error learning experience. First of all I don’t own a camera so I opted to use my cell phone video camera for this shoot. That in itself was a hassle. Once I got the footage I needed, the importing and editing process was the fun part.

I wanted to be realistic about what a day off with nothing to do would actually be like. I am usually up pretty early so the 5 A.M. alarm clock isn’t much of a stretch from the truth. The first problem I encountered was getting the video footage to be clear in the dark which I still haven’t figured out. Hence the morning stock video at the beginning and end. I wasn’t interested in spending all day searching google for videos on how to shoot in the dark so this was my alternative.

The second problem I had was the lack of anyone interested in filming any of the scenes of me. This was problematic  because I would have to rest my phone in awkward positions to get the shot and then check the video. If it wasn’t right I would have to try and re-position it over and over until I was finally satisfied. Thankfully this was a very short film, however, I know now how I will go about filming for my next project. It definitely wont be with my phone camera.

The biggest setback I had with this project was my lack of planning ahead for the whole shoot. I would get ideas as I went along and they wouldn’t necessarily fit with the footage I already had, or I would have to get a different audio clip for the scene. My original outside shot for the intro was too dark to make out and the frogs in the background were drowned out by the wind noise. All of these problems were frustrating at the time but now I know how I will do things a little better for my next video shoot.

One more thing I need to mention is the audio soundtrack. For some reason, David Szesztay seems to be my go-to guy. You can find the song “Smiling  Flowers” at

Five Men’s Morris

Many people know Tic-Tac-Toe, but not many people know it’s Europe ancestor, Five Men’s Morris. While the game has one similar aspect to Tic-Tac-Toe, it has more different ones. The similarity between the two is the fact that you are trying to get three in a row, which is known as a mill in Five Men’s Morris. Some of the differences are that you have only five pieces each instead of infinite, you have a different looking playing board and you need to get multiple three in a rows to win the game.

To start off, you need to draw a large square, then draw another, smaller square in the center of the first and then finally connect both squares in the center by lines. The areas where you can place the pieces are the centers of the squares, where the lines connect, or the four corners of the square. To start the game, you and your opponent place down your pieces one at a time on the areas you’re allowed. Once you get all ten pieces on the board, you take turns moving a single piece over by one spot. You continue doing so until you get a mill, which is three in a row on a single line. Once you do so, you are able to take any piece of an opponents as long as it is not in a mill. You can take a piece if there is nothing else remaining accept a mill however. To win the game, you need to get your opponent down to two pieces, making it so they are no longer able to perform a mill. There are various sayings that you can or can’t make the same mill from the same pieces, so you decide what’s allowed in that sense.

Family oF Four Formed From Lies…


I was told my whole life that my family, The Johnson’s were a family of four. Everyone reenforced this idea. My parents, my grandparents, even my great-grandparents. Because of this I believed them. I thought that it was just me, my sister, my mother, and my father… but I was wrong. There was once a fifth member of my family, an older brother. However, sometime, somehow he disappeared. Swept away over night like dust in the wind. How I do not know, but I will make it my life quest to find the answer. See for yourself. The documentary pice below shows it all, plan as day, that he did truly exist.




Despite the overwhelming photo and video evidence presented in the video above, my family continues to deny the existence of my older brother. “What are you talking about” they say, “You are crazy”. But no, I am not crazy. They are actually, the ones, who are crazy. Obviously these are videos of a happy family… OF FIVE. Three children and two parents. The web of lies is vast, but I will be the match that brings it all down. Burned by the cinders of truth.

I hope that with this post you will see the value of my endeavor and join me, if not in body, in spirt. Help me uncover the truth of my lost sibling. I beg of you to awaken you inner self and search for the truth of my forgotten past. We must keep the reality from being shrouded in lies and falsehoods. Bring down our tyrannical captors from their seats of power. Who knows, maybe this is all a ploy by the reptoids that run this planet. Maybe he knew the truth, maybe he discovered something that THEY did not want us to know.

Be safe out there, and always



5 project

I wasn’t entirely certain what I wanted to do with this project at first. Eventually I decided to do a list of my five favorite monsters From my Favorite game at the moment. I had intended to put the respective roar for each monster as the audio in this project but I couldn’t find Audio files of those. so I settled with music that was fitting to the tone of the game. I only realized that I hadn’t actually stated it in the video until I had already uploaded it here but. the video is in ascending order from my least favorite of them to my favorite. which goes Black Diablos, Radobaan, Anjanath, Uragaan and last Is the elder Dragon Vaal Hazak. The thing that took the longest for me was figuring out how to get the text into the video itself but once i had gotten that done trying to find audio of each monster took quite some time but couldn’t find those so I settled for this music.

image sources:

sound source:


Capturing the Senses

When I saw the suggestion of the five senses for this assignment I figured it could be interesting so I just rolled with it. Obviously the first thing I had to come up with was a concept. How do I capture the basic human senses with my camera? It was a nice day so I sort of just grabbed my sister and started shooting. “Go over and smell that” “Here eat this apple” If there were any onlookers it would seem ridiculous. I thought I had what I needed until I realized that the assignment had to be a minute long at least. I only had a few seconds of footage. So I figured I could do more of a story approach and get five different people and do all the same five shots. But it turns out I don’t even know five people who would be down to do an artsy video shoot thing, so I just used my two other friends. I did not get all the shots I wanted however with the other participants/actors just due to lack of time and resources. None the less I still think I got the point across. Capturing the sense of hearing was the most difficult, I had to brainstorm on that awhile. I tried to get videos of things that you could tell make a noise just by looking at them, but it didn’t fit with my theme very well so I decided to can that idea. I had never used Premier before so editing was rough at first. When it came down to picking music to go over the video I wanted a calm sound that made you think of nature. I have always been interested in video editing and want to learn more about it. Premier is a super cool program and I had a lot of fun messing around with the different features.

The Number Five (Da Numbah 5ive)

A question/task was asked of me today.

“What does the number five mean to you? Show us using your skills involving image editing.”

So I took the number 5 and made it my constraint. The set up was that I would have 5 minutes to scour for footage and music, and 5 minutes to edit and piece it all together. With “5” in mind, the first song that came to me was an angelic instrumental by Mac Miller promptly called “55”. I then took a moment to figure what kind of imagery I wanted to convey with this type of project and sound. Due to my interest and pursuit of the full submersion of the audience, I wished to make something that would take the viewer somewhere nice and cozy to accompany the Faces mixtape standout “55”. I came across some old, early 90’s footage of the Fulton and Bedford St. intersection in New York City, which portrayed a serene, lightly-buzzing people-scape. With time on my mind, I began slicing and dicing footage, lacing music and audio together, and soon thereafter, I had a final product, well under my limit.

All rights reserved to the authors/artists. I own no footage whatsoever. Solely this edited final product.

That one dude [0:37] looks like Master P. lol. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Song of the Day: “Respect the Vibe (feat. Denzel Curry)” – Nell – Boyz n the Hood EP



Five Easy Steps to Surviving the Wild

Ok, well now you guys know I’m a total dork.

I had a lot of fun with this project and learned some really invaluable things. It would have been nice if I had thought of the “5 Easy Steps to Surviving the Wild” when we first got the assignment, but my mind ran all over the place and other ideas didn’t work out.

Which brings me to the first lesson: Be a better brainstorm-trooper. Not that my first ideas were horrible, but they just couldn’t come together for various reasons. I think if I would have taken a little more time to brainstorm about the things I actually like or  what relates to me I would have thought of the survival idea and had more time to execute it. Although, you never know when a good idea will strike.

Second lesson: The importance of a detailed script. Because of the previous lesson not quite learned, I lacked time and just decided to wing it. I knew the basics of what I wanted to say but I should have written it out, rehearsed it a bit, timed it out, and made adjustments before-hand so I would know how long it would be.  I had to cut some really funny stuff because I didn’t have enough time.

Third lesson: Lighting!  It is hard to get good lighting in dense woods, especially with my limited knowledge and skill in this regard, but it definitely affected how it all turned out.  When I started editing my sequence I realized I didn’t have my footage for the fifth step. I must not have hit the record button (doh!) so I had to wait until the next day. I went back to the same spot around the same time and tried again.  But even still, the shots were much darker because the sky was just a little more cloudy the next day.  So I had to improvise: change the story a bit and change location.

I think it all came out pretty good in the end though.  I showed it to a few people outside of class and they laughed, so hopefully others will too.

I learned a LOT of lessons during this project. Too many to name.  Also, I know now what I would do differently for the next project.  I have so much to learn about every aspect of the video-making process!

P.S. This video does not actually relate to my real survival abilities…

P.P.S. I really did get lost in the woods for two days and nearly lost my miiiiind…