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P6 Final Project.

The difficult parts came when I started to edit the video. I first put all the clips in Premiere and edited them how I wanted but realized that it the video came out to be 3 minutes and 11 seconds. So I started to shave off some parts there we are walking or standing and speed up the driving sequences. Another frustrating part was at the very beginning and very end. When we were filming the beginning, I kept on messing up my lines and we were spending too much time on that one scene so I decided that I would just try to fix it in post but the final edit doesn’t sound too good in my opinion. I also had to rush the very end too because of time constraints so it looks and sounds very rushed. I did have fun editing though, my favorite arts of the video are when I edited one audio track over different shots. All in all I think my video would have been much more smooth and overall better if I didn’t have the time limit but I’m glad I could make it work within the 3 minutes.

Quinn Final Project

Ridic was the first to come up with the idea to make a skit about newscasters, and we wrote the entire script over the phone. Most of the production work naturally fell on ridic because he had better access to filming equipment and the relative complexity of his scenes. Because of this I did the majority of post production. During filming I created a news intro in blender and made Ridic’s background photo using the same file. Then I shot my scenes with help and equipment from ridic. After Ridic cleaned up the raw audio I put all of the clips together and added the music and effects to make the final product.

In the end, working with a partner taught me a lot about the actual process of filmmaking, how to work with a team, and how to complete a project you don’t have full control over.

Police voice: Joshua Van Horn.
Please standby effect:

P5 image Editing

Making this movie was super fun! I filmed it over two days, one day for the trip to the book store and to get food, and the other day to film me arriving and leaving my friends house because I forgot to film that on the first day. Editing it to be less than three minutes was the most challenging part but I think I did a good enough job so that the “story” still makes sense. At first I edited the video to have the song “Time to Pretend” by MGMT play but towards the end of the editing process I was watching other people’s videos and saw that they had royalty free music so I figured that we weren’t supposed to have copyrighted music and had to find another song and edit that in which was a bit challenging.

P4 Audio-Fall 2020

For this assignment I thought it would be fun to create a fake commercial for a ridiculous product called “Diet Water”. First, I looked up a few commercials on youtube to get a general feel for what they sound like and what type of words they used, then I wrote my script. After writing, it was time to record. I ended up having to re-record most of the lines a few times to make sure I spoke just like the people in those types of commercials. I wanted to go for a more funny and light hearted tone for my project, rather than serious. If I could go back and change anything I would speed up the “restrictions may apply, see website for details” and everything after that but I couldn’t figure out how to do it without making the dialogue sound really high pitched like Alvin and the chipmunks.

P5 Editing

I fought with Adobe for a long time, didn’t end up making what I wanted to make but I am happy with it. Wanted to play with my colored light projector since I haven’t had a chance to use it yet in any of my art projects. The video came out a lot blurrier than intended but that might just have been because of the lack of light in the room while the camera was trying to find something to focus on.

By: Hannah Freudenthaler

P5 Quinn

Most of my favorite movies have plots that sound completely stupid on paper, but have a nearly perfect execution that makes them profound. I figured I would take a shot at something like this when I’m young and no one cares. So I decided to make a surreal (and thankfully exaggerated) video about my experience doing VFX in blender. I started with recording most of the live action stuff first, then doing some screen capture with shadowplay. About a third of the way through I had to re-format my hard drive to avoid a major computer catastrophe. Nearly giving me a heart attack and wasting almost a full day of my time. I spent more time than I expected to on editing because I wanted to emulate the heavily edited montage like style of directors like Guy Ritchie.

P4 Audio

By : Hannah Freudenthaler

I’m not really a fan of horror, but I was told that I should give it a try. I went through a few different stories before landing on this one, mostly because it fit in the time limit. I wanted a story that had room for sound effects but also had an engaging story that I would like to read. I am with the majority of people, I’m guessing, who really don’t like the sound of their voice so this project did have its challenges. I would repeat sentences multiple times before trying to record so I had less of a reason to go back and listen to myself when it was just my voice. I didn’t struggle too much with incorporating sounds into the recording, it was just finding the right ones that was very frustrating. Finding the right sounding footsteps was almost a whole day’s search in itself, I had a bit of luck when my old house made a creaking sound when I was recording and decided to save it just in case and I was really happy I did even though I know what it is it makes some good Foley. Overall this project was not as hard as I thought it would be, and was actually quite enjoyable.

P4 Audio – Frankie and His Fly Friend

With this story I was hoping to bring some laughs with a weird story about these frogs and toads and creatures you would imagine that lurk around in dirty swamps. I was hoping to grasp the idea of the atmosphere with the background “music” being sounds of crickets chirping in the night and introducing you to this sort of personified world that these creatures live in, with the breaking news sound effect in the beginning you can tell these critters clearly live in some sort of civilized society, giving context clues about the type of universe we’re possibly residing in. I was hoping to make a short comedy. It ended up being a minute too long so I had to shorten it a bit and add what I think would be considered a classic (to the generation of memes) “to be continued” song that is often used in a lot of memes. I went to youtube for my sound effects of the frogs ribbiting, and I tried messing with lowing the voice. I am very new when working with audio and sounds, still learning of course so it’s not perfect but I put my spirit into it. I hope you get some laughs out of this, whether or not you end up laughing with me or at me.

By Remedy Brady