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By Nicole

This project started out really fun but I ended up catching the flu. As you would imagine I wasn’t expecting to get sick so I tried to work on the project as if I wasn’t sick. Eventually it had gotten to the point where I actually needed to rest. That left me two to three days behind. Tired, recovering from a really bad flu, and stressed I decided to just not color like half of the animatic. Which I learned is a lit faster than trying to color each frame individually.

Anyway, first I started with the story boards. In which I only realized after I finished that should have started with the music and sounds first. It was a very slow process for the animation because as I have said before I got very sick with the flu. Then after I finally got the animation done I moved onto the music I decided to try to make my own music using garage band. I basically just chose the piano and picked one of the pre made melodies putting on loop. After that I just used things around me to get the sound effects I wanted. Things like using my breath for the wind, tapping my desk to get the landing sounds, and using string to get the web sounds.


Please watch the video at the highest resolution before reading this post.

My experience with this project has been both stressful & relieving. Like any other student, it was stressful due to working on this project & other school assignments. And it was relieving because it when I was focusing on this, it was a moment of control, a sense of doing something I’m capable at. Which is creating content.

Anyway, this video is semi biographical & hopefully relatable to college students. What I mean by this is it’s basically a student working on a project while figuring out their future. The premise is simple, but hopefully the way I edited demonstrates how I think.

In this case, an archaic sense of slapstick silliness.

What I want the audience to feel is be humored while relating to the life of a college student. I want them to be aware of the present while also thinking about after Lane. To know that probably everyone here is trying their best but will have moments of doubt. That we will have at times question decisions that pertain to the betterment post student life. But it is also understandable to dream about something unordinary. To have something that defies the standard of living.

Dreaming may be cheesy, but better to be cheesy then to be nothing.

P6 Final Project: My Adventure to Class

By Danielle Hilliard

For my project i chose to tell the visual story of my adventure to class. I thought it would be funny and realistic. My goal for this project is to make people laugh and to share my experience with them. I had a lot of fun filming for this project and i cant wait to further my camera skills and make even better projects in the future. i had trouble using after effects it kept ruining my footage so i just went with using Premiere Pro. I would lime to further my knowledge in these Adobe Creative Cloud programs so I can get better at using them. I tried to add fun sounds such as the bagel chomping sounds to make people laugh. I had to add the footage of the turkeys they just make coming to campus more interesting they are very beautiful creatures, and are fun to film and photograph. I had some difficulties when it came to filming on the same weather days to make the shots line up good, but overall I feel it all worked out well in the end. I am happy with my finished project! I really want to keep making more film projects like this one. I have so many more ideas this is really fun for me. I didn’t realize how much I liked doing this until I took this class.

Jade P5 image editing

This took me a couple of hours to make. If I had make a rough estimate, I say around three to five hours in total. It was really fun to make because I enjoy making stop motion. I struggle a little bit because the clowns didn’t want to stay up.

I had a lot of fun editing the sound effects and music. Editing took me one hour to do. My personal favorite part is the twin clowns. They’re were really fun trying to figure out how to do a flip. I also animated them differently from the others. Instead of setting them up on the wall, I set them up on the ground and changed the angle of the camera to make it seem like they sitting up and not laying down.

What i would change is the lighting to the last clown, Kiki. I tried really to fixed but nothing worked, And honestly, I didn’t to retake the shot. My legs and back was numb and sore with me sitting on the ground for hours. I’m really proud on how it turned out.

by: Jade Wilkerson

P5 – Image editing

By: Julia Hansten

For project 5 I decided to go with the 5 people in my closest friend group. 

The vision and goal was to make a video inspired by a title sequence or theme for a TV show, as you can see we didn’t really achieve that, at least not the vision I had in my mind.. 

I decided to do mostly still images because I thought it would be easier to match with music, but I also included a few short video clips. 

The music is from adobe stock and the pictures are taken at night with a relatively old iPhone so the quality isn’t top tier. I decided not to have a story or goal with the ”show” but to make it seem like a regular but really dumb sitcom. 

For the editing I went off a little bit.. I’m not super familiar with the software and haven’t done much editing in my life so I viewed this project as a good opportunity to mess around with different effects and transitions to learn more and actually had a lot of fun with it. 

Also, don’t worry, 5 Schmucks will not be picked up by HBO, Hulu or Netflix


by Nicole Sherman

I will admit I was kinda procrastinating on this project. It may have something to do with that I’ve been feeling burnt out lately but I don’t know. My original plan was to do five steps to walk your dog but it got extremely cold out like it was in the thirties when I was planning on recording. So I decided to work on another project but my dogs were being annoying. Eventually I got the idea to do five things for your dog to do while you’re working.

I can’t actually remember which specific scene I recorded first, which scene I recorded second and so on. My process for this project was instead just recording my dogs doing dog things and picked the ones I liked most. I also recorded a scene of myself stuffing a treat into a toy. So it wouldn’t feel like the whole thing is just dog videos. There was a clip that I had to censor and didn’t have enough time to replace it was because of some content that YouTube would never Let me show. Anyway the whole process I took was sewing the videos together in iMovie. Then adding graphics with premiere rush. Also adding sounds that I recorded myself and adding night gatherings by pecan pie.

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: DESP9ECBZYIK5ACR

P5: Image Editing By Dennis Pak

My experience with this project reminded me when I used to YouTube regularly. Finding things that I liked & creating something silly yet technically in depth was always a joy to me. Also, figuring out how to solve edits by essentially going through Final Cut Pro’s features always given me Eureka moments. Which in turn gives me a new skill to implement for future projects & gives me more confidence as an editor.

Anyway, this particular project not only stirred up my creative juices, but it also reminds me of my youth playing video games. Ranging from both Diddy & Donkey Kong from the Donkey Country series to the cast of the Super Mario Bros. They always served as comfort food in video game form. Coming back from a stressful day of the life of an elementary schooler to then be sucked in the 16 bit world of Nintendo melts whatever trivial issues I had in the real world. Whether it be riding a barrel cart in one of the fun cart levels in Donkey Kong Country, or  playing as Mario to get through the mushroom kingdom without getting taken out by Bowser & his army of Koopas, it was always a good time for me afterschool.

Glad I was able to do this project.


A man uses a laptop while it is engulfed in flames.

By Nicole Sherman 
on Tuesday I was thinking about this assignment, anyway I started to listen to the sounds around me such as the rain. Walking to the cafeteria I noticed that I couldn’t hear the sounds inside but when i when in the sounds of the rain were gone replaced with talking and piano music. So my original plan was to have a werewolf of some sort going inside from the rain. So anyway the original idea I was going for was to illustrate the feeling of coming inside from a storm. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this idea because I got sick before I could record anything. 

eventually I got the idea to reuse the sounds that I collected from mixkit and uppbeat for my original idea. Putting them into my audio I realized that it wasn’t exactly one minute long so you can kinda hear me stalling for time at the end. My goal with this project was to kinda meet the requirements honestly, but it was also about things not going as planned. Then trying to figure out something last minute. It also delves into performance anxiety in me trying to tell the story not with words but with sounds. 

speaking of things going wrong the program that I used broke on me last second. Which is why their isn’t any music because I couldn’t find any that would fit and I just couldn’t add the music for some reason. So yeah making this audio was a complete disaster. 

Typing on keyboard- Mixkit

Paper scrunched into ball- fascinated sound- Uppbeat

Lightbulb idea twinkle- betacut- Uppbeat

Footsteps on tall grass- Mixkit

Heavy rain and thunder in background- Mixkit 

Children screaming- smart sound – Uppbeat 

Wearwolf howl distant dark location- locran – Uppbeat

the mother and the wolf- Jade

It took me a couple hours to make. i added a voice changer to the mom. They didn’t have any free whistle sound effect and i can’t whistle. So i made my mom do the whistle for the audio. I record all of it on my phone so that’s why the audio is not the best.

by: Jade Wilkerson