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5 Fellas Go Shopping

P5 Image Editing

For this project I wanted to do something short and simple, but also comedic. Me and some of my friends went to the grocery store late at night to make a cooking video, and in the process, I ended up coming up with the idea to make a video documenting just the trip to the store.

I had a ton of fun with this project, and everyone who helped me make it did an amazing job. For editing I used premiere pro, but for the audio I used audition to alter a couple of clips that needed fixing. My favorite part about this project was probably the editing process, just due to the fun I had while trying to get the timing right between frames to let the music boost the videos cuts and effects. I’m pretty satisfied with the way the video turned out, but I’m also looking forward to some upcoming projects in the future, so then I can expand the run time, and also give myself more time to perfect the video I’m working on. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project, and I’m exited to see where I end up in a few years!

Thank You – Carsen Perry

5 things you can see in fall

By Nicole Sherman

The first thing that I did for this project is come up with what I wanted it to be about. Five thing that you can see in fall made the most sense to me because they were the easiest pictures for me to get. I actually took the picture of the turkeys way before this project and I thought that it was perfect for this project. then when the project was announced I took a picture of one of the trees outside of our building. For the rest of the images I walked around my neighborhood and took pictures of my neighbors yards.

Once I got the photos that I wanted. I saved them to my iCloud witch immediately shares it to my iPad.Putting each image into iMovie. did a bunch of editing stuff. and used the music skeleton dance by myuu

my ipad crashed and deleted my progress and i don’t want to type it all out again.

P5 – 5 Things About Japan That I Like

I had a lot of fun making this video because I made about 5 of my favorite things. I made this video using a mobile app called “InShot”. I wanted to make it large enough to view on the phones, but for some reason when I posted it on Youtube, it had a blank space. I don’t know how to fix it, so I will make it an assignment to figure out how to fix it. I took a lot of vertical photos when I was in Japan, but not many videos, so I wish I had taken some when I was in Japan.

For background music, I used free music included in the app and recorded my voice as well. I was able to record from any point in time, so instead of recording all at once, I recorded a few times. It was a fairly easy process. It was also good practice for speaking English. Following Teresa’s advice, I also included a Japanese countdown. If anyone wants to study Japanese, I hope they will listen to it.

I found some problems in video editing, but I also found the functionality of “InShot” to be very good. I will use this app again when I make videos in the near future.

by Madoka Shimmyo

Audio project

this was a hard project to do because it got moved back to a later date and puss in boots was a longer than expected. So I tried to use audacity but it wouldn’t let me break up the story. I then switched over to garage band. An app that basically dose the same thing but also lets you make your own music. Like how your able to mix together different pre recorded songs or make your own.

For the music i used the erhu and the pipa from the world section. I chose these two instruments because they reminded me of fairy tale music like the ones you’d hear in the puss and boots movie. To start I made the erhu a little louder than the pipa, making the pipa like a backup singer of sorts. I then started to play with the different types of tempos for both that would fit the emotion of the scene I was going for. Once I got the melody that I wanted I recorded the erhu first switching tempos as needed and then did the same with the pipa. I tried to get sound effects but importing them into garageband had a paywall.