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The 5 Knocks Project

This project took DAYS to edit and film. I had major complications regarding my step-dad not wanting to participate, script re-writes, and set changes. I apologize for this being a tad-bit late, but I hope you enjoy, and get creeped out by it, either way.

This project required the help of 4 PEOPLE, not including myself. My little sister, her friends (Brenya, and Ellie), and my Mom all worked to produce the shots you see in the trailer. And yes, that is my hand in the thumbnail and at the end, had to make it more creepy somehow, right? I really enjoyed editing and directing this project, and I will 87.9% do this again. Of course there were rough patches along the way, like I previously stated, but that only help me learn what to do to overcome those challenges. Challenges last as long as you make them last. Experience 10/10.

By: Kyrsten Crittenden

P5 5

When I started thinking about this project, I was having issues thinking about what I could do that would be unique. I thought about games cause that is something I play a lot of and thought of funny ideas about doing quick reviews of something like skyrim or persona 5. And those could have been interesting but I believe mason brought up the idea I stuck with. He talked about an idea of doing a video at 5 frames per second. I thought this was really cool and wanted to do it. I then had to think about what I could do that would be interesting, and it was on the way back home on the bus that day that it connected with me how slow the bus feels but it was nice to take that time to just be there in that moment. And I decided that was a good idea to go off of. So on monday that next week I recorded the bus ride back and when I got home I edited it down to where it was only at 5 frames per second. This video hurts me as a video editor but also has its own unique feel to it that I really enjoy. Background ambience was a little specific cause of the idea but overall I like how it ended up.

Top 5 Scariest Cryptids


Hello. I had a lot less idea with what direction I was going to take this project then P4. I ultimately decided to go with a silly short video. When I recorded the audio, I didn’t have much of a script, so later while I was editing I had to go back to record a few lines in order for the video to feel complete. 

I just used my phone to record, as I feel that shaky, low quality footage would be thematically appropriate.I tried to go for the style of clickbait video on youtube that feeds on exaggerating anything and red circles. Although, a lot of the video is done with just text so I hope what I have communicates that goal. (The dogs standing on my art IS pretty scary though.)

While I have put videos together before, I haven’t really sat down to edit like I did for this project, and I’ve never used Premiere Pro before this project. 

Also, I’m terribly sorry that this top five is not contained to the bounds of positive numbers. I didn’t know it was possible to go into the negatives on a top five list. That must be another cryptid that snuck into the video. 

– Violet M.

P5 Image Editing

By George Hendrickson

My project was inspired by the “Top Ten Most Brutal Deathcore songs” type of YouTube videos in the Myspace era. These were fan made videos of the pictures of the bands with their songs usually made on programs like Windows Movie Maker. While my music taste has evolved since those days, my favorite kind of music has changed very little. So, I thought it would be fun to do my own little version of one of those videos.

Considered the most brutal section of a metal/metalcore/hardcore song. The breakdown is characterized by a beat much slower than the main verses and chorus of a song, the primary ingredients being a steady beat from the drums (with lots of cymbal and sometimes double bass) and a chugging rhythm from the guitar. When played live, breakdowns are usually responded to by the audience with high-intensity moshing (slam dancing).

Doing this project was fun and frustrating at the same time. I enjoyed playing around with the songs and software to see what I could do. However, some of these songs (especially one) are old and it certainly didn’t come out as well as the other ones. Still, I had a good time scratching the surface to see what I could do with Premiere.

P5 (The 5 Senses) Alex Seydel

I spent a really long time trying to figure out what I should do for a project around the concept of “5”. Ideas of 5 different objects to what 5 o’clock means to people, my brain felt scattered for ideas. Ended up trying to capture the 5 senses in photographic form. I had a surprising amount of fun creating these photographs. Each photo was it’s own “adventure” to take and edit, but with that being said there was defiantly some that turned out better than others. Sight and Taste were my favorite to take. I checked out a 60mm macro lens and messed around to see how I could portray those senses. The eye was a self portrait that took several attempts to get and strawberry was me trying to capture as much texture as possible. Touch and Sound were honestly really difficult to think of for me. The goal of each was similar to taste and was to capture a lot of detail with the subject. Then lastly, smell was the photo I was least proud of. The idea behind it was the “smell of flowers” but I also wanted to keep on the theme of partial black and white. So while I really liked the composition of the photo, I’d probably edit it differently.

P5-Mason Perkins

I had fun making P5, I wanna do more with it but that’s for later. I’d like to, expanding on the theme of five, make 4 more images, one without the giant, one with it forming, the one that’s made, one with the city mid explosion after the star is taken, and the city destroyed. Then I could edit them together in sequence and the video could be longer and not rely so heavily on premiere editing for visual storytelling. With that being said I like what I came up with my limitations withstanding. I researched and found out Danse Mascarabe Is copyright free in the US, It’s one of my favorite orchestral performances and I’m glad I could use it. It was fun getting out of my comfort zone for this project because I don’t paint things in color often, I need to practice that more, but doing it for this I can see I have a ways to go for color painting, with more time it would be more refined but more paintings in general will help me find a comfortability with playing with color and light in paintings.


The painting is composed of five colors, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. The painting is of a constellation giant coming to loom over a golden city in a dark desert and taking a star from the sky, leading to the city to be destroyed. Stars are five pointed shapes in their generic symbol form but I chose to not draw any five pointed stars so that choice wouldn’t be so obvious.

P5 – Image Edit

What does the word five mean to me? well for me it’s not more than a number but the first thought that came to my mind was, how often do we see the number five within our everyday life? so I decided to go out with my old film camera and shoot some 500 speed film on 5th avenue photographing all the fives I could find. Overall this was a super fun project for me. Often times when I am shooting photography especially film I have a tendency to overanalyze what I’m shooting, trying to get the perfect shot as not to waste my 36 exposures. However, this project forced me to step back a little while also staying within a set theme. Which caused me to relax and not focus so hard on all my photos being perfect. Instead I was just able to just have fun walking around shooting the number five…

P5 Image Editing

By Jacob Bates

Going into my girlfriend’s 21st birthday party, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out my new vintage video camera. I wanted to try my hand at composing in 4:3, as well as working with a larger camera, and candid video was a whole new ballpark for me. The batteries for this camera didn’t work, so every shot taken was while it was plugged into a wall outlet, slightly limiting how I could take video. I really do enjoy what I made though, I recorded 45 minutes of footage over the night, capturing a lot of really wonderful moments. It was a great exercise to get reacquainted with Premiere Pro as well, I haven’t used it in almost a year. I edited that 45 minute video into just nine minutes of footage, which was a real test of picking out just the best moments. I then had to cut that down to just two minutes for this assignment, which I think is a good trailer for all the footage.

I also had a problem with my video recorder I used to digitize the footage, leaving me with unusable audio. I decided to scrap it completely in favor of music, which gave it a really cool, nostalgic look that fit very well. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I hope that I can continue making videos like this for myself and potentially for other people.