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P6: Final Project

By Kahu Ekalani 

 When I started this project I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time on a script and storyboard because one of my favorite things to do is drive around and see what I can find and film to throw together. It’s a personal challenge I like to give myself, but it doesn’t mean that not a lot of time and effort went into this project, it was very time consuming.

Shooting and editing the surfing scenes was my favorite part of this project. My least favorite part was not having a gimbal to use while filming. Something I wanted to do that I didn’t get the chance to was film one more day of footage which I had planned to do around a campfire, I also planned to capture some footage of cows but that didn’t work out either. During the editing process I tried to keep an appropriate pacing and match alike actions to create continuity. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out given the materials, staff, and time frame I had to produce it. A piece of advice I’d give someone just starting this project would be to schedule as much time as you can to get as much diverse footage as possible. 

STARRING… Michael Feigen, Beach Folks, & Kahu Ekalani

Written and directed by… Kahu Ekalani

Edited and Produced by… Kahu Ekalani

Music… “Run Wild” by Twain and The Deslondes

P6: Final project

I chose the topic related to beauty because one of my dream when I was a kid is becoming a Beauty Blogger/ YouTuber. This is the chance for me to look at my childhood dream again after a long time. “MANI 101: How to give someone a manicure!” is the idea came up with on my mind first because I feel the manicure in the US is kind of expensive compare the Asia area, that’s why if people know how to do a basic manicure for their lovers, it will less cost. This is the video about “How to” so it will be directed towards tutorial. Whether you’re practicing for your new salon business or just having a sleepover, knowing how to give someone else a manicure can help them feel relaxed and beautiful and help you hone a skill. Put on some music, grab your nail kit, and let’s get started.

By: Zoe

MUL101 Final Project P6 – Tristan Daniluk

Production started late due to inclement weather traveling to the destination. With time constraints, production became underway when the weather was nice.

I made various film clips for what he wanted to achieve. As in the production of movies, generally there are retakes. 

I felt the experience was exhilarating! Some of the retakes took bravery. For example, highway 58 is one or two lanes traveling in one direction. I drove in two preferred areas and had to make a U-turn to go back to the starting point. Making a U-turn was in a precarious area near a curve while putting safety first simultaneously. I can be a daring person and took upon the challenge and operated smoothly. 

Other than that, there were more retakes. Ideas were depicted and produced as well as ideas removed. For example, the film starts with a rising sun before the road trip. What about what takes place before you enter the car seat? Recording scenes of a shower sound and cereal dropping in a breakfast bowl were deleted. It’s more of a road trip and those sounds, for example, were not necessary for the plot.

I cannot wait to see the final product of the road trip! I took the time to strategize and achieve what he desired to complete a masterpiece of his first production of this kind. I had fun creating it with my mom (Stacey). My Dad helped with one scene.

Stacey & Tristan

The Fixed Final version:

Final Project

I loved this assignment! It was an extremely healing experience for me. After my accident I knew I wanted to make a video about it and I wasn’t sure when or how. The only reason I was able to make this video was because I went back to school and now have an understanding of different adobe softwares and proper terms in this field. I learned the basics of how to animate an object in premiere pro but I want to learn more advanced techniques in the future. The first part of the video I created was the audio. The sound sculpture recreates and sets the scene without having visuals. Then I added dialogue, aka my thought process at the time over the sound sculpture. Now I needed a visual and I thought it would be hard to try to recreate that in live action so I did my very first animatic. It is extremely beginner level but I am glad I added it. The accident really had a huge impact on my life and taught me a valuable lesson, to live life to the fullest because you never know when it will be your last. Don’t take life for granted.

created/directed by: Ana McCartney

P6 Jordan Smith

By Jordan Smith

My final is a simple one and honestly I can’t say I am a fan of it. I wanted to try both acting, editing in a more involved way. I was hoping to also try more interesting methods of getting audio, namely attempting to get audio as a separate source but that quickly died as the stuff I would need were not at my disposal.

It wasn’t all shortcomings though, this was the first time in a while that I was directly being recorded in something and it went fine enough. The actual editing part I feel good about because it was the first time I used multiple lines of the audio track in an effective way. I also feel I hit a good audio blend with the barks in the background that it didn’t blast your ears except for the last one where it was kinda meant to be a bit loud.

I did have a few trip ups with Premiere that required me to figure it out in better detail but I got over those with a good bit of messing around.

Overall, I feel that I learned from this well and hope to be able to hone these skills in the background of my other classes.

Final Project

By: Allisa Olsen

My brother was not just a big part but a defining presence in my life. Reflecting on the process of making this video, I got emotional watching it back while editing. It’s not necessarily the arrival of a new baby in our family that makes me emotional, but the profound love and happiness this baby will experience.

When I think about my childhood, I am privileged of growing up with the best brother anyone could ever hope for. From my very first sentence, ‘Where did Sam go?’ I looked up to him, to say the least, and it was evident. 

Through the ups and downs of life, my brother taught me valuable lessons, staying strong, and how a man should be. Even when faced with difficult challenges, he remained a rock for me, showing me that no matter how difficult the circumstances, He would be there with me to overcome anything. In my eyes, my brother is not just a sibling; he is my true hero, an inspiration, and a role model of what a gentleman should be. He has steered me toward becoming the person I am today.

As I actually meet this baby, I am overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions; happiness, love, and a sense of pride. Knowing that this baby will have, hands down, the best father out there. Raising the baby to become the protective, caring, and wise man his father is. To be embraced by the same love, experience fun-filled times, and grow in the strength and support that my incredible brother, Sam, has always provided.

I can definitely say I’m a proud younger sister. My heart swells with happiness as I anticipate the wonderful life the baby will have. I am forever grateful for the impact my brother had on my life, and now, I hope you enjoy seeing the process it took to meet his bundle of cuteness for the first time! 


When this project was initially assigned, I knew this would be a great opportunity to try something I’ve always wanted to do. I really love short cinematic designer advertisements and the use of story-telling to sell a product.

A few months ago I thrifted a beautiful red gown which my friend and I always called the “running through a field dress.” I immediately knew it was meant to be.

My process began with a vision board on Pinterest where I accumulated all pictures I found inspiring for my video. 

My friend Cara always generously volunteers herself to star in my projects, and like most of our previous shoots, we went into it with just a general idea of what we wanted to capture. We find that this leads us to build upon original ideas on the spot.

I used a Canon r8 and recorded in high-frame rate, a.k.a slow-motion. Cara and I went to this spot out by Churchill that is beautiful at sunset, I found lots of beautiful flowers on our walk which really inspired me too. 

I enjoyed the whole process, especially seeing how my ideas developed throughout every stage of production. This whole thing was experimental as I’ve never done something of the sort and I feel like I learned a lot. I definitely want o make similar content in the future.


I have always liked doing little animations in my free time, so when we first heard about the project I was very excited to do this. 

While I use Blender’s 3D aspects regularly, this was my first time really getting to use its 2d animation functions. I think that combining the 3d and 2d aspects of this project was a fun challenge. The hardest part of combining the two dimensions were the shots of Fox carrying the blocks because I had to manually select all the points of the arm that I wanted in front of the block and then fiddle around with them until they looked right. Despite the funkiness of the dimensions, this project was really fun to do!

I don’t know if I should have put the after credits sequence before the credits, as I think that with where it is right now it may make the credits take up too much of the run time. Also, I had plans to make the credits a lot more complex, although I ultimately decided not to. 

I had a really great time working on this project.

-Violet Marier

P6 – Final – Project – Changes

Here is the link to the finished product of my final project. Overall I’m very satisfied with the way this turned out. For some pieces of the video I wish I recorded a little more footage. However, I feel as though it still gets the point across. We all go through changes in our lifetimes and people will often fade in and out but they will always stay within our minds. Enjoy the video!