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Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel is a graphic novelist, video game designer and TV show developer

I have always been a fan of Doug’s work ever since I was a kid. He is the creative genius behind Earthworm Jim, a character that became popular enough to have a video game series, animated series, and a toy line. He is also known for creating The Neverhood. A PC point-and-click game that was created using clay and stop motion that later spawned two sequels, Skullmonkeys and Armikrog. He was also the co-creator of a Nickolodeon cartoon called Catscratch. Which includes three cat characters derived from his first graphic novel, Gear.

This blog is where Doug shares his thoughts on the comics industry, writing, pop-culture, as well as his views on philosophy. He is also an advocate for Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site that contains campaigns for charities, start-up businesses, or other entrepreneurial ideas. He uses it himself for promoting his upcoming graphic novels. 

The site is very well organized. The black and white background colors work very well. Especially with the images of his artwork blending in with the background. The text is easy to read and cyan was a good choice for highlighting certain elements. The site navigation works fluently. 

There is also a link to his Youtube channel where he hosts a podcast and talks about his work, among other topics. He’s had some notable guests on his show and will occasionally communicate with fans through this and his other social media accounts that people can follow. Doug TenNapel likes to encourage young artists to pursue their dreams and get their work out there for the world to see, no matter how weird it is. That’s why I like him.

Blogging the Blog

For its fresh inspiration, unique perspectives and variety, I chose the blog site Identity Designed. Identity Designed is a collection from around the world of many branding identities. For consideration, artists submit their works in hopes of being featured on ID.

Besides tons of inspiration, ID is a good way to get some attention for your design studio. There are many photographs of different designs with each post and there is some explanation of how-to and creative process. One can find an abundance of opportunities to learn from other creators through the corresponding stories what unexpected problems they faced and how they solved them.  Discover new styles and typefaces, open your mind to new choices, and a treasure cove of other useful information.

One of my favorite examples is the post by Afterhours, London featuring their designs for Lola Tara, a fashion brand. They talk about some of the creative process in choosing the typeface for the logo. They discuss how and why all photography of the garments on models were shot with the intention of mimicking the logo as well. These are good things to think about when considering a design project, yet are often over looked, or just not thought of by novice designers. Because I do a bit of branding work, product photography and also graphics work, these are all very useful notions to keep on mind while doing my own work.

This website is very easy and tidy. ID is incredibly user-friendly and, besides being very aesthetically pleasing, functions well. All posts are of the highest quality, and the audience is imbued with the desire to lift their designs to new heights. I invite you to check out their site at

“Searching for an inspiring blog”

By Krizia W.



  • I chose this site because it is very up-to-date. I found a lot of blogs that showed up on the first few pages of Google, but it had been a year or more since the last post. I’m sure those blogs have very good content, but I prefer to read something current so I have the ability to comment on a page that isn’t outdated and hopefully make connections with like-minded designers! This blog is mostly designers showing their images/screenshots of websites/package design/etc. There isn’t too much writing other than a short description of the work, but in the world of design, the image speaks clearly enough! This is a very clean, professional, colorful, well-made site! I like that the designs are generally modern and colorful- which is right up my alley.
  • Besides “ALL”, these are the specific categories you can look through, which makes the site very well organized-
     -Product Design
     -Web Design
  • RESOURCES- They provide a link to MeetUp for meetups in your area, which is very cool! This feature was at the top of the navigation page and it was very easy to find.

This was a very cool posting to see! This designer showed not only the polished, finished product, but also showed the rough sketch that started the whole design! This was very inspiring to see and made the idea of creating an elaborate design more approachable!