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2D Heroes.

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I love reading or watching superhero comics or movies. The blog, Marvels,, is written by a guy who likes to read comics. Basically he reads comics and reviews them.

Good things about this blog include links to other blogs about similar things on the right hand side of the page. One of the links is titled Brian Michael Bendis. This link does not have a lot, if any, words on it, but it does have a lot of hand drawn pictures with the content being of superheroes. Bendis’s blog doesn’t have a lot to do with film besides being art, but art is used in a lot of movies, especially animations.

The content of the blog is basically just about the writers opinion on the new comics coming out. The format of the blog is professional and clean cut. You can find things easily and the links are accessible. The last entry on the Marvels blog was about his thoughts on the Secret Wars.

I chose this blog because I thought that I wouldn’t mind working with comics or animation. I would love to do a superhero cartoons, movies or animations. Art is a part of film and so are comics when you are making a movie about superheroes.

By Carissa Carlin

Metal Injection – Blog Search

Metal Injection ( is a blog about news in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music world. They post things like tour dates for bands, album announcements, album reviews and any other news related to metal bands, their members and their stories. The article featured in the image, “Dave Grohl Joins Members of PANTERA, SLAYER, METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD On Stage At Dimebash” talks about the singer of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, joining fellow musicians on stage at the Dimebash event.

The other article featured in the image, “Grindcore is Love!” talks about the history of the sub-genre of death metal called “grindcore,” which a very fast, somewhat sloppy but to-the-point rendition of metal. It showcases a few videos of very talented drummers playing some of the more intricate pieces of music in the genre and showing how difficult it is to play, even if it just “sounds like noise” to some people.

I feel as though the content on this site is written and produced really well. Everything is fact-checked, accurate and everything is entertaining to some degree. All of the tour dates are accurate and they keep on top of any schedule changes or show cancellations. They also have professional music and gear reviewers write pieces on new albums and shows, always unbiased and never too negative.

I used to frequent this website but do not have the time these days with school and work. It’s a very entertaining site and I would recommend it for anyone who is into rock or metal music and wants to keep up-to-date on anything in that realm.


by Ryan Scott

Blog Search: The Leica Camera Blog Review



By: Christopher Palanuk

The main home page can be found here.

There isn’t much that happens in the world of Leica cameras that I really can say I care about. The price of such cameras are about as much as a car, are ridiculously old fashioned in regards to their technology (most of the time), and don’t really seem to carry enough image quality to say that they are of the highest standard.

Yet, as I was searching for a reasonable blog to use, this one caught my eye. I do not normally use blogs for photography; rather I search for statistics on gear or will a buy a book rather than read opinion articles on what people like and don’t like. That’s just me. But the layout intrigued me. So, I continued further.

What I chose from the blog was this particular interview:, where the popular host of Digitalrev was asked various questions. It’s very well done, in terms of questions asked and formatting for easy, simple reading.

The site, as a whole, is well organized and most important, categorized. Each major body of work published can be found under the words “photographer”, “stories”, and “made with”, with subcategories under these. If there is something specific that the viewer is interested in, there is a search bar near the bottom of the homepage for the focused web-surfer.

As for the information on the Leica blog, it could be better in terms of the who, what, where, why, and how for most of the interviews. I wish there were some outside sources for some of it, like for the Oskar Barnack Awards, but otherwise it’s great for the web.

I’d suggest checking it out. If not for the interviews, then certainly for the pictures!


BLOG SEARCH: LeggNet’s Digital Capture

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For my third post, I will be reviewing several professional blog websites portraying the work of each blogger. I will select one of the blogs that fits my interests, and write a post detailing the website.


The blog that I chose is photography blog called “LeggNet’s Digital Capture”, which portrays ‘The Photographic Journey of Rich Legg’; Rich Legg, a photographer from Salt Lake City. It gives great insight into the life of the photographer Rich Legg and features a wide variety of photographs detailing his life and travels, ranging from landscapes, to city views, animal shots and even an image of a disassembled gun. The quality of his work is very high and can be seen immediately, with sharp focus and juxtaposing colors and themes.




It is a very interesting blog because it is actually featured within the professional website created by Rich Legg. Therefore, I believe that the fact that it is embedded within his website to be very resourceful because it gives the reader access to the rest of his information. He gives additional information about himself, and furthermore, he provides several portfolios for people looking to hire a photographer, and even information on his own studio rental, for aspiring photographers.


In my opinion, the blog is very well produced as it fulfills all the purposes of a blog. It delivers his work to the public, is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, it is part of a bigger picture, meaning that the rest of the site complements his blog very well, and provides a very professional view of the photographer who created it.

David Airey – Graphic Design Blog

david dairey blog

David Airey is a graphic designer and writer who specializes in brand identity design. He works with several high profile clients, such as BBC, and the Yellowpages, and has writen several books about brand identity. He also has an incredibly informative blog filled with practical information for the new designer, as well as fun visual breaks.

David’s latest post is a great example of some of the practical information you will find on his blog. Titled, “On late client payments, sticking to the brief, and the value of design,”this is information all freelancers in the creatives field should know about. I also garnered some very useful information from this post as well.

David’s site is very easy to navigate and you instantly get a sense of his style. It is very clean and well written, with interesting posts regarding everything from design pricing formulas to art installations at the Smithsonian.

David’s blog is definatly one I will continue to follow because his posts are very useful to the beginning designer, and really anyone in the creatives field. I also like the fact that he is consistently adding new posts, which reflects his commitment to his craft. Here is a link to his blog so you can check it out.



Projects by Karl 2016-01-25 21:24:43

My brother introduced our family to the Extra Credits YouTube videos over a year, which I watch whenever I get the chance. But for as I have been watching, I have never considered visiting the website or the blog. I just don’t surf the web much. Thanks to this assignment I now have that motivation. This is what I discovered while visiting. Extra Credits ( ) is a blog that is based on video game studies, game development, some history, and more. Besides the great videos produced by the Extra Credit team, the blog offers various news updates, video episodes, forums, podcasts and articles. Many ideas for the videos come from the forums on the site.


The topics discussed at this website include issues about game development, art and video games, as well as other aspects of the culture surrounding gaming. Some examples of the resources this site offers include, but are not limited to, a number of videos and forums on how to make a game, including the episode series “Making Your First Game.” Another example is the culturally related discussion topics, such as how playing video games can help students learn history (how games can benefit people from the “Khan Academy Talent Search” article dated Aug. 5, 2015,)

This is my first time looking at Extra Credits web blog. In my opinion, the site is very well produced. It is easy to search and find topics of interest. I like the video aspect and comments. The quality of information is good because it is researched and cited. The people who author many of the posts are experienced professionals in the field of game design and development, for example the founder of the site David Floyed worked at Pixar (games are based on telling a story for entertainment.). The content is very educational. I have learned a lot about how animation works, how games are developed, and how history has influenced the way we do things, especially in gaming. from Extra Credits. My brother learned about this site from one of his professors who also gave it an academic stamp of approval.

Zelda Informer by Nate Emerson

ZIThe Legend of Zelda series has garnered a sizable fan following ever since it’s debut on the NES in 1986. It has become so popular that some of the most loyal fans of the series have created a database that is dedicated to bringing us Zelda junkies any new information regarding the series. Welcome to Zelda Informer! Not only does this blog have any and all news about the Zelda series (Upcoming releases, behind the scenes, etc.) but it is also host to a miriade of Zelda related content, such as editorials, reviews, caption contests, walkthroughs, and essentially anything Zelda. My personal favorite section of the site is the editorials section, wherein the admins of the blog post opinion pieces, predictions, and generally just gush about the Zelda series. All of the articles that I read were very professionally written, analyzing aspects of the series most people overlook, such as the theme of courage presented in each game and how the protaganist, Link, conveys a great deal of personality despite never speaking. It goes to show that for a lot of people (myself included) the Zelda series is a part of our life that they take seriously and has given us many wonderful adventures and experiences over the years, and this blog is a way of expressing adoration for a series that has done so much for us. That, or it’s a bunch of nerds who read way too much into a game about some kid in tights fighting pig monsters. I like to think it’s the former though. In all seriousness , if you’re a Zelda fan like me, there is no shortage of interesting things on Zelda Informer, it’s a pretty fantastic way to kill a few hours or decades.

Check it out:

And remember, it’s a secret to every one…

Blog Search

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The Stereo Bus is a blog( towards audio engineering. This blog was very intriguing to me because I am very interested and engaged in audio and I found this blog to be very helpful and informational.

  • This blog covers lots of topics regarding audio especially the engineering side of it. The blog talks about mixing and mastering tracks and even mic placement in certain environments. This is very beneficial to me because if I ever need to reference something or need clarification i can come to this blog and read what they have to say about it.
  • This blog is produced well for someone like me who likes simple easy to use sites. It is very clear as to what the site is about and what they do on the blog.
  • This blog seems to be knowledgeable about audio engineering and things that are related to audio engineering, such as Mixing, Mastering, and producing.

It is always awesome to read things about audio engineering or music in general. Im glad that i found this blog and that it relates directly to what i want to do as a career. I look forward to coming back and using this as a reference!

Vashi Visuals

When seeking knowledge about film studies, movie reviews, editing tips, etc. my go-to platform is typically YouTube. I’m certainly more of a visual learner and I retain much more information when I can watch and listen. The only blogs I check regularly are ones that post articles such as “10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen.” Although, in my recent search for filmmaking blogs I stumbled across one that held my attention for longer than I’d care to admit. It’s entitled Vashi Visuals and it’s managed by a company of the same name. Vashi Nedomansky has worked as an editor on films such as “Sharknado 2” and “That Which I Love Destroys Me,” and has consulted on blockbusters such as “Gone Girl” and “Deadpool”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.32.41 PM

Vashi’s minimalist style was immediately intriguing to me. He has organized his blog quite well and has made it simple to locate exactly what you’re interested in. He seems to have a pretty decent following because visitors are constantly commenting on the posts. His most popular post last year was an explanation of why the editing of “Mad Max: Fury Road” did a great job of avoiding the popular “Cinema Chaos” editing style of today’s action films. It’s an interesting read.Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.33.25 PMMy favorite section of the blog (a rabbit hole in which I spent many hours) is the editing category. Nedomansky is incredibly knowledgable and in the first 10 minutes of skimming the first couple web pages, I was finding all kinds of information I hadn’t read before. In this section you can find resources such as editing tips and software shortcuts, as well as a video on why director Tim Miller chose to use Adobe Premiere for his film Deadpool. I would also encourage all of you to read his 1-Page Film School post, which is a detailed insight into the directing, editing, writing, sound design and cinematography of the classic film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (which Vashi Nedomansky has admittedly seen nearly 100 times). Overall, this blog is bursting with riveting information and has the potential to captivate its visitors for hours. Check it out if you have the chance:

-Georgia Harter

Blog Search: Trenten is a locally ran website about everything Oregon Ducks. Charles Fischer founded this site after spending 17 years on the sports forums and messages boards making his voice heard. He opened this site to share his thoughts and bring in other free lance writers to share Duck news for that in between fan. They have had over 100 writers work on this site, all on a volunteer basis.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.48.17 PM
“Charles Fischer’s”

This site is very well produced. They bring in tons of incite whether be an interview with someone at the University or just a fan wanting to put something out there. They have a wide range of writers, fans, to former coaches, to U of O students.


Overall is a great site for duck fans. They keep you updated on what’s going on with your ducks and articles with there own opinions from there vast variety of writers. They do a great job on keeping a nice median between that casual and hardcore fan. Mr. Fischer’s goal was to make a fun site for duck fans and he has defiantly succeeded.