P6- Final

For my final project ” Details of Fall ” I decided to try to inspire, and bring a sense of peace to the audience. The world can be very loud, and at this point in time, pretty much everyone is under some sort of stress. I can feel it, you can feel it, we all can. So, I wanted to use my project to bring together a few minutes of calming music, sounds and scenery. In hopes to give everyone a moment to get out of their heads. 

Like most, I’ve dealt with stress this school term, and I will be the first to admit, it’s shown in some assignments. For this particular project, my original idea did not go as planned and I had to work to create and execute a new plan. I used my own camera equipment for all of the shots, and it’s funny, because in all my years of being a photographer, I’ve never utilized the video settings on my camera. It was quite the learning experience to learn video stabilization, cropping, and editing in camera, and was a whole new experience editing that product with Adobe. I tried to focus on clips that represented the season of Fall: rain, leaves, wildlife, ponds, streams, moss, trees, etc. I used medium / long shots, and a range of closeup videos to create my sequence. Then I did color corrections, transitions and more image stabilization. After that I worked on audio, and tried to level it as best I could. Used a couple of free audio sources, and recorded some myself. Did a couple small edits with the title and credits.

This was a great learning opportunity, I think I could improve on making sure I have my pre production set in stone, and  take more time to know what my final plan is. Audio editing isn’t my strong suit, I think I could take more time to problem solve there. I enjoyed filming and working with the video clips even though they’re not perfect. Overall I think this assignment taught me alot. 

BY: Jurnee Mickelson