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“To Be a Man” by Emmett Crass



So I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a rough animation of a young transgender guy doing his first testosterone shot. Only problem is he has a fear of needles. So “To Be a Man” he must be brave. (Also I just thought the title sounded cool to be honest.) I decided on this idea when doing my own shot because, even though I don’t personally have a fear of needles or shots anymore, I remember what it was like to be afraid of shots as a kid. Regardless of how exciting it is to finally start hormones, it would probably be pretty nerve racking if I had carried that fear along with me.

Making this small short was fun! I started out with some notebook sketches, moved on to some quick thumbnails, and then tried to flesh out the animation more in Photoshop because I saw a friend do it. Fun fact: Photoshop is not the best for animating even if it technically has the ability to. Sometime after I got a tip to try out Toon Boom’s software so I learned to use Storyboard Pro 6 and redid all of my frames and put it all together.

The audio editing was challenging but I like to think I’m improving. It was a little weird having to search for and edit the sound of someone breathing though. I’m also still uncomfortable using my own voice for these things but eventually I’ll be fine with it. I used Audition to edit all of the audio and upon doing so I also learned to change the pitch, stretch out sounds, and more. To get the right sounds in the right places and time everything right took a lot of editing, importing to the project, realizing it was off the mark, writing down exact times to keep track of things, re-editing, re-importing, and so on until it was acceptable.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it!

Final Project: Schlumb

For my final Intro to Media Arts project I created a teaser trailer for a 70’s crime thriller/cyberpunk movie called “Schlumb.” When I was younger, my friends and I would often make amateur films with camcorders. They were understandably awful, but making them was great fun. One of these “movies” was short film called Schlumb, which was essentially nothing but shots of the actors walking around with internal monologue voiceover on top of it. I guess this was meant to resemble a detective or film noir sort

of thing. For this project, I thought it might be fun to revive this old idea and recreate it with slightly better production value.

The footage is mostly shot by me on my Sony A7 mark ii. This was my first time doing a more substantial video project with this camera, so I got to go through the process of setting it up for video. When properly adjusted, the footage from the camera looks very nice, especially after some minor color correction with Lumetri Color. I also shot the same footage at both 24 frames per second and 60 frames per second, so I could compare them side by side, and I could definitely see the difference. The stuff shot at 24fps had a smoother cinematic look, and allowed me to get usable footage shooting handheld, which is something I’m not very good at doing normally. I could see how shooting at 60fps could be useful for slow-motion shots, because I would have a lot of extra frames to work with.

I created the neon titles in Adobe After Effects using the free “Color Vibrance” and “Saber” plugins from VideoCopilot, and used keyframes for all the animated elements. I shot everything myself except for the two city shots, which are both from royalty free stock footage. My friend Nick DeAngelo was kind enough to star in the role of Schlumb, and because of his media arts background, he was able to give me needed technical advice.

Toy Wars


This is the first movie I’ve created.  I had a really fun time bringing my favorite toys to life.  I started out trying to make something with a few more scenens, and a more complex story.  when I started produiction, I soon realized that I didnt have the expertice needed to bring my original idea tro life.

Every term I try and incorporate Disney and Star Wars.  in the past I hid Logos and characters from each respective story in photoshop projects and wearing the right t-shirt for the shoot.  this time I created a shameless copyright-infringing movie.  I really like working with small figures.  I have limited space in my apartment so naturally its easier, and I have more control during the shoot.

withoutr ripping off Toy Story I feel like I was able to make something that I can be proud of.  I also learned alot about lighting that will help me out in the future.  I learned that no matter what camera I use or how good the idea, without proper lighting it wont look good at all.

The hardest part was keeping my fingers out of the shot.  There were at least two shots I had to re-shoot because my thumbs were in the way.  My co-worker suggested using a ruler and taping the figures to it.  this helped dramatically!  I was able to control the figures more.

In the future, I need to work on lighting.  I have a Panasonic camera that should be able to pick up a lot more detail in low light.  there are only a few shots that weren’t noisy and it really bothers me which is why I signed up for a lighting class and Video Production next term.

My intention for this project was to have fun and make people laugh.  thanks for watching my ridiculous videos and providing me with feedback this term.  its been really fun!


W18-P6 Final Project: “My Artistic Journey” By: Anthony Worstell

For this Final Project, I wanted to try and do something different than making comedy films that I am used to. Instead, I tried to make the project about my “artistic journey”. It was something I thought was a good idea in the beginning, but to actually make this project was trickier. The reason being is that I had to move around, find my old art I have done in the past, visit my old high school and ask my old Multimedia Arts teacher if I could borrow my old films, and look for good projects I can use as an example for my film. Doing the project was fun to me.

I enjoyed reflecting on my old art and being proud of how much I have improved. I know that art is something I really love, and I knew one day my hobby of drawings would take me to a job that I will enjoy expressing my artistic talents in the future. I worked day and night on this project because I wanted this final assignment to be the best thing I can make it be. Doing the audio was not so complicated, but editing the film was the most difficult to me. When I edited the film, I saw some errors I needed to fix before turning the assignment in.

However, I have turned in my assignment on time and I am proud of my final project. This project made me think about my past, and about how it will lead me to a future I designed it to be when I started exploring different types of art forms such as films and photography. In the end, I will be continuing my artistic life and never stop learning different techniques. Art is a part of my life that can never go away, or be forgotten.


IMA-W18-turnbull-emma-P6 Final Project, Seventeen

My goal was to create a shot for shot remake of the music video Seventeen by Peach Pit. For copyright reasons this version has no sound. My actor got the flu half way through shooting so for now I had to fill in the rest of the shots with what we had. Eventually I would like to complete the cover.

Obsidian White (my best friend) played Neil Smith, the singer in Peach Pit.

Here is the full version with sound.

The Chili Test: Premier Project

I did my final project based on ideas from my youtube channels I’m subscribed to such as: TheWolfPit and BuzzFeed. I chose canned chili as my food group because it was one of the first things that popped into my head at the time and so I just kinda went with it.


My first take didn’t go quite as planned, the footage was shakier than the final output and I didn’t do any B-roll take at all. I even had the edits look clipped together and there was just way too many jump cuts. So in the end I just re-took the whole video over again.

chilli_Stagg 1920.jpg

With the second one coming out much cleaner than the first one, and with B-roll footage (something I just didn’t have before), the second take was also a way shooter video I had to edit so in all it was way better than the first.


The cans of chili stayed pretty much the same through-out both takes however with a slight twist of the first can being swapped for the second can of chili in the second take which you’ll see in the video as the first can (being the worst). While in the fist take it was actually a can of chili from the dollar tree. I decided to get rid of that and instead find a more expensive final can of chili being the Anny’s can because I didn’t believe the most expensive (which was stag at the time for video one) was the right fit. So Anny’s took its place while Dennison’s became the cheapest.


In the end I learned you really shouldn’t count on your first take being your last take. And You should always get extra shots and more angles, along with B-Roll footage.  And with that being said I can say I’m a-lot more prouder of the work I did than the work I had before. All in all it turned out pretty

Final Project

This is my final project, and it carries along in a bit of a mysterious way. All of the images shown are personal family images. I was always fascinated by the fact that I could go to each aunt, uncle, and cousin’s home and find a totally unique, original photo collection. Each collection of pictures piled up over the years unearth different eras that predate me. But I also feel very connected to those moments, even though I was not there, I feel as if I was.

As if I had felt the connection and bond between various members of my family. In that same way, I seemed to also feel the ramifications of mistakes made by the elder members of my family. The first, and oldest images in the project are of my grandmother(Bless her soul and RIP) and grandfather, who I never met until I was about 20 years old. They formed a union and got married at the tender age of 16, but in the 50s-60s you had to grow up a lot faster. You had to realize that taking care of yourself would be your responsibility before you where about to  be taught it, you did not learn how to survive, you just knew.

Sadly, my grandfather left my family members in their childhood and was no longer heard from or seen…… until about 2012-2013, right around the time that my worst fear came true. Losing my grandmother, the most important human in my world; before I am able to grow up and let her see me find my purpose.

With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that these images mean a lot to me. Many members of my family, mainly the elder members, are still hurt and another factor of what it means to mature and grow to the point where your world is no longer centered around yourself was revealed to me through reflecting on the subject. and I see him in each set of eyes that I look into.

Ours are a group of people who know great happiness and great despair. We know pain, but we seek happiness. At times it may seem fleeting, but whenever you look back on a smile, it takes a special type of person to regret it. It also takes a special type of person to forgive someone who has hurt not only you, but your mom, your aunts, your uncles, everyone important to you.

Somehow we forgave him because, well, you only get one grandfather.

I titled it TEARS AND JOY: I think thats fitting.

Mountain Pisgah People Puppet Show Kevin Kleppe

Meet “Oakey Donkey”

or as

I Like to Call Him

“Donkey Oakey”oakey pic 1

The Mountain Pisgah People Present     

A Puppet Show!

          “Don’t Say Nothin’ at All!

This was a fun assignment.  Tears of Joy, Frustration, and ultimately Positive Success all came into play on this one. I initially didn’t have any good ideas for this final. I began talking out-loud as my brainstorming didn’t resolve into into any good answers.  For the purpose of Pursuit in Excellence the non-spoken ideas (Expletives) were purposefully omitted. It wasn’t until I shared my need for “material” in a public way that a great idea came to me. A friend heard me and came to my aide.  David English told me he had been working on a humorous song. I was so glad to have something to work with, something new to me. When we were able to get together, I quickly suggested trying to share his song in a “puppet show” setting. Thankfully he liked the idea. With a couple recording sessions together we came up with this song/video puppet show.

I learned several things. Much time was spent with ProTools and Adobe Premiere. Although time consuming, I learned some good basic skills using Adobe Premiere. I love to learn new things even if it comes mostly by way of online tutorials.

The bullets below reflect my recipe card for this posting.

  • Talent: David English
  • Song: “Don’t Say Nothin’ at All”
  • Song by: David English
  • Puppet Characters supplied by David English and EUMC
  • Puppet Theatre: EUMC Springfield,  Oregon
  • Script Editor, Photography, Audio Engineer, Video Producer — Kevin Kleppe
  • Movie Production Hardware: Canon ELF Camera, Zoom Pro portable Audio Device
  • Movie Production Software: ProTools (audio), Adobe Premiere Pro (primarily video)

I’ve learned the value of online audio and video converters. Also early on became aware of the size of the files I wanted to convert. A few MB size file is plenty large. I made the video in the .MOV style. After that I would go online to convert it into a .MP4 type video. The difference in file size from .MOV to .MP4 was remarkably from LARGE to small.

It worked out very well for me to make a video clip of a slideshow. I used QuickTime to make a screen view video clip from the slideshow. I love this software program. It’s a way cool functionality. There is a learning curve to make it work correctly but was fairly non-traumatic.

All in All, the progression of Introduction to Media Arts class has been well thought-out. It touches on a variety of Media Arts modalities. I would recommend some working knowledge of “servers” and audio/video software before talking the class.

Kevin J. Kleppe




EDM Party W/ Skye

What I want to accomplish in this project, is a music video. But what is different from the music videos I am used to, old school and slow paced, is this is more fast paced and a complete different genre. I am I rap fan, and the song I chose was an electric dance song. I chose this because it was a way to experiment. I watched some music festivals for some ideas. What I have noticed from each video I watched, was a lot of shots and quick transitions. It seemed as a lot was going on and a lot of movement. Plus, interactions with the beat; for example, transitions would happen when a beat drops. I am not in this video, instead I used my friend Skye. I wish the weather wasn’t so bad and our schedules matched better, because I wanted more outside shots than inside. But we were able to get a bunch of clips inside my house and in Fred Meyers. The experience was fun! I enjoyed being able to a bunch. But what I enjoyed the most was, the editing. I love to edit. And what’s cool about Adobe Premier is, that you can always learn more. So many tutorials on Youtube that you can find. I always try finding something new to add in my videos, whenever I edit them. The one I used for this on is presets. I found a couple of free presents from the website Motion Array. They were music video presets, and it included the cinema look, a couple creative transitions, and a visual color effect. I found out how to import, use, and edit them, which could be very useful in the future. You can also create your own presets. Overall, I like how this project turned out and I hope you all as well. Enjoy. Thanks for participating Skye and Fred Meyers!

Final Project – Imaginative Drawing

When I was first presented this project, I had no ideas on what to do. For my image editing project, I had been planning on doing a dream-like tea party video with 5 stuffed bears. I ended up using a different idea, but this idea still stayed at the back of my mind. As I was trying to think of anything to do for my project, my siblings took a couple drawing classes. I decided to go intending to get footage of the children drawing, and thought that I might make a video a lot like my last one for my image editing project just with art, but instead I left with a new, way more fun idea. The children that were a part of the class were all drawing very intensely, as if they were in their own worlds, and I started to think about what type of adventures they might be having in their worlds consisting of their very unique characters. I also thought that I might need animation in my video to add a unique touch. I knew it would be a challenge, but I also know that this is how we learn. I downloaded an animation app called Animation Desk (it’s neat, but I would not recommend it unless you plan to pay for a subscription, I thought it was free), during Fall term and I’ve used it a few times just for fun. I’ve never done anything with my animations before, so this definitely was a first for me.

I ended up visualizing my siblings drawing (very much in their own worlds like the children in the class), and I wanted to present what a little sneak peak in their minds might look like while they are on an imagination journey of their creation. I know the animation isn’t great and is a bit short, but I am inspired to continue with this skill. I was soon presented with another challenge: my computer sped up my videos and audio a ton, and my mom’s computer crashed every few seconds, so I had to cycle through very small edits on her computer, between letting it have breaks, honestly it was crazy, especially at 3 in the morning.. Finally my project was done, so I switched it back to my computer, and I apologize if my computer sped it up again. Next time, I’ll depend more on the Florence campus lab. To conclude, this project has been a crazy, yet fun learning experience and I’ve learned what and what not to do. I hope you enjoy my video!

By: Haley Millard