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Scavenger Hunt

Equipment Checkout
Most likely a top favorite resource
i think this was the chromakey room but i didn’t get to look
Center for Student Engagement, nice folk
Main art gallery
The Reference counter, think I missed the actual counter
Inside the silver sculpture
The Arts division Offices
Media Lab
Judy Gates’s office
Teresa’s office
First building flags
I really like this walkway

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane – by Gabriel Sampedro

A view from the computer lab sure makes me feel confined.

The home of Lane’s CGI

It’s an empty room now but wait for the meetings.

Art à la Carte

Spread some love – share your art

“Do you know where the cafeteria is…?”

The closer you get, the less you actually see.

Someone’s home for eight hours.

A space for creation.

“How many more classes do I need again?”

“When did these things get here…?”

Representation matters.

“Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together.” – Jules Verne

Hide-outs for Media Arts Students at Lane

The beauty of life is that you don’t have to be the best, just attempt to be!
I see a bird, I see a plane, I see a…………………
Art is life, life is beautiful, beautiful is the things you make.
Screw the candy machine!
If don’t know, now you know.
No Art Was Made From Happiness!
The advisors and councilors at Lane are AMAZING!
This is the hub of life for students in the media arts!

This is where I spend a lot of my free time (study time). With computers that have all the software that one needs at your fingertips. The world is endless as the journal through multimedia begins.

For all students who plan on making a life out of their teachings, have to see the genie in the bottle!
No words needed!

An amazing teacher, an enthusiastic and energetic personality, and one of the most helpful and easy going mentors.

No Nation Too Big Or Too Small!

Flags of all design. I love flags, in all different colors and patterns ad designs.

The wild turkeys that roam the tundra of the great Lane Campus!

The turkeys that come around Lane are fun and loud and don’t care who you are, they run this town!

Exploring The Media Arts Resources at LCC with Jacob Adams

This Lane Community original series has Jacob Adams traveling to extraordinary locations around the campus to sample what Lane has to offer their Media Arts Students.

1) Equipment checkout counter

In building 18, Jacob gets to work with advanced equipment as part of the media program.

2) The Blue Cyc Wall

Jacob makes a stop at production studio A to take a look at the infamous “Blue Cyc Wall”.

3) Center for Student Engagement

Jacob a student himself engages with fellow students at the Center for Student Engagement.

4) The Main Art Gallery

On a daily trip through Lane’s campus, Jacob explores the local artists featured in the main Art Gallery.

5) The Art-O-Mat

In a return trip to the main Art Gallery, Jacob looks through the Art-O-Mat vending machine.

6) The Reference Counter

Jacob makes an eye-opening stop at the Reference counter in the Library.

7) Lane’s Large Silver Sculpture

On another trip through Lane’s campus, Jacob takes a look at a large silver sculpture sitting outside of the Health & Wellness building.

8) Cas’s Office (LCC Arts Division)

Jacob meets with Cas at the Arts division Offices from within the Building 11.

9) Media Creation Lab

Jacob tests his creative skills from within the Media Creation Lab located in the Center building.

10) Nathan Roberts’ Office

Jacob speaks about his media classes with Nathan Roberts, the new advisor for the Media Arts program.

11) Teresa’s Office

In building 18, Jacob looks for Teresa at her office but later converses about upcoming media events with fellow MUL 101 students.

12) The Students First Building

During his return trip from his travels, Jacob starts a scholarship, reviews his financial statements, and speaks with a financial advisor from within The Students First building.

13) A Creative Shot

Jacob’s adventure through the Lane Community College campus was one to remember and hopefully opened the eyes of the students around him.

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

I already know that I will be coming to this place a lot for the rest of the time I attend here at Lane.



While I was observing this object I thought to myself “why blue? why not green or another color besides blue?”


This was tricky to find because I pass by here all the time and don’t really think anything of it until now that is.


I won’t lie this picture I took a while back because as of right now there wasn’t really anything there yet.


It’s kind of funny because I actually walked past this machine until I turned my head and saw it staring right at my face.


This is one that I know I haven’t used yet but it was right next to the center for student engagement so I didn’t have a hard time finding this one.


This stands out to me like a soar thumb because the first time I came to Lane, this is what I saw and to this day it still really stands out.


Last time I checked this room was closed but when I went back this room was open so I was able to capture it.



I haven’t used this lab just yet but maybe in the next couple weeks I will come back and be here.

judy gates

This is a picture that I was able to capture in Judy’s office. I was gonna take a selfie with here but I didn’t want to bother her.

teresa office

I stopped by Teresa’s office but sadly she wasn’t there.


This is probably one of my favorite buildings on campus because when you enter the building, you are greeted by an array of different flags and I think that’s awesome.


For my last shot I decided to take a picture of me with my car. She said to be creative with this one and this is my attempt of our final shot for this scavenger hunt.

Resources for Students at LaneCC

Good day to you all who are reading this. When I first got to Lane I didn’t know about a lot of the resources I know about now. So, here are 12 resources at Lane that you can use and a bonus of the Turkeys fighting so loud that 5 people came to investigate.


The Equipment Checkout Counter in Building 18. You can walk right through the front doors and see it.


When you find Equipment Check Out, you can look up and see a classroom that secretly holds a blue screen set.


If you venture to the second floor of Center Building you’ll find the Center for Student Engagement. If you get lost, or need help, someone there can usually help you figure it out. They also have free popcorn.


One of my favorite places to visit on campus is the Main Art Gallery in Building 11. You can always find beautiful art, that’s different each term.


One other nice thing you’ll find there is Student Artist Books in our Art-O-Mat in the same building,


If you venture into the Library you might find a worker gasping over the amount of overdue books I have.


On Lane’s Campus we have a lot of art, one of the pieces is really cool it stand in, just for this view. It’s next to Building 30


If you ever find yourself lost as to which classes to take, right next to the Art-O-Mat is The Art Division Office.


If you need to use Adobe Software at Lane, look no further then the Library’s Media Creation Lab.


If you are a Media Arts Student, you’ll need to know Judy Gates, and you’ll quickly see all of her cute ducks. You can find her in Building 11.


In Building 18 You’ll see Teresa Hughes monster art collection, she will also get you a co-op and possibly a job.


In building One You can find the Student Unions, Student Government, and the Multicultural Center.


And if you go to lane you’ll know we’re the Titans, but honestly we should be the Turkeys.


Author: Rick Williams 

The Adventures of Toon Link at LCC

1. Equipment Checkout

As a new media arts student at LCC, Toon Link had to get the proper tools from equipment checkout.

2. The “Blue Cyc Wall”

Toon link found the big blue wall and is excited to learn what it is used for.

3. Center for Student Engagement

“Never be afraid to get involved at your school!” – Toon Link (probably)

4. Art Gallery on Campus

Toon Link loves art and seeing the different art exhibits that Lane CC has to offer!

5. Art-o-Mat

Supporting student work is a great investment! Toon Link had no idea something like Art-o-Mat existed.

6. Reference Center

Toon Link makes sure to utilize campus resources, like the library!

7. Health & Wellness Building

Toon Link had a hard time finding the health and wellness building, but he is glad to know where it is now!

8. Ingram’s office

Ingram seemed busy when Toon Link visited.

9. Media Creation Lab

Toon Link was happy to find out that more computers in the library have access to the Adobe Creative Suite–not just this lab!

10. Judy Gate’s Office

Toon Link always makes sure to check in with his academic advisor every term! He also made some friends in Judy’s office.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa wasn’t in her office when Toon Link came by.

12. The Student’s First Building

Toon Link knew where this building was because this is where he started his journey at Lane!

13. Stuck in Transit

After a long day of school, Toon Link is excited to get home. He just has to make sure he takes the right bus!