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My year in Eugene by Drew Eggers (P6)

I have lived my whole life in one area of Oregon. I have been comfortable living in that area as well. I never saw myself leaving and envisioned myself living my whole life in the Portland area. Eugene was the last place I thought I would live since I grew up hating the Ducks. I am a life long Oregon State Beavers fan, so living in the land of the Duck never sounded appealing to me.

One day around a year ago I was out with my friend Andrei. We were having a convo about life, and he threw out the idea that I should move to Eugene. At first I thought it was a pipe dream, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me to move.  Andrei had an extra room in his house he was living at, and it was cheap rent. I had been wanting to move out of my dads house for a while and pursue school more seriously so I quit my job to move to Eugene. It was a big risk for me.

I thought that making a video about my experiences in Eugene felt right since I am moving back to Portland in August. I have enjoyed my time in Eugene and spent time with my friends that I will never forget. I felt I needed to use the opportunity to make a video that would honor this year so I had something to always look back on the great memories. I was really trying to avoid it looking like a slideshow. I wanted to give the audience of my video a feeling of what my life has been like this year. This was all footage I took from my phone so I know it is not the best quality of camera work, but that was the idea I was going for. I wanted that casual vibe to give you the idea like you were right next to me throughout these experiences.

It was fun to look back through all the photos I had taken throughout the year, and that alone made this project worth it to me. I had a lot of laughs bringing myself back to good moments I spent with my friends. It showed me the importance of taking pictures and documenting events. It really helps you remember how great of a time you had.

-Drew Eggers


IMA-SP15-P6 Final Project

For my final project I decided to do a tour type slideshow of Lane Community College with corresponding sounds for each place.
For the Center Building I went with construction noise because that is the main sound you hear from that building.
I also put in a still photo of the Turkeys that are running all over the place.

I enjoyed doing this project but due to being sick for a week I couldn’t get more buildings into the slideshow.
Some of the pictures I was taking was when the rain had control so some of the pictures are from the rainy time and some are from a sunny time.

I used a DSRL camera I checked out from the equipment check out and used different sounds from I also used IMovie which was again a pain because it keep messing with my audio files.

P6 Final Project: The Secret Drawer

The idea for P6 came about after my daughter and I purchased a very interesting and curious jewelry type box at an art fundraiser sale. The box had little drawers in front and was decorated and ornamented in a Dia de los Muertos style. In one of the drawers there was a little note that said,” secret drawer in back.” As I was trying to come up with ideas for the final project, my thoughts kept going back to the box, so I decided to create a story and make a film about it. I did not want to do a narration or anything; I thought of a girl finding messages in the drawers of the box and acting them out would be more interesting. I shot the video using the Canon Elph 320hs again and edited the footage in iMovie. One happy accident occurred when the memory card ran out. This happened when we were filming the shots by the river and my friend Greg that was with us just happened to have a Fuji waterproof camera with him. As we were leaving, I asked him if we could use it for an underwater shot and he came up with the idea of filming the girl looking at her reflection in the water. It’s funny how things happen sometimes. What I was trying to accomplish with this project was to make an interesting work that people would really enjoy and like to see again. I would not have been able to do this project without my daughter. She really got into doing it and inspired me throughout the process.

Disc Golf

IMG_6612     I decided to do a little informative video on Disc golf. I don’t play myself but I’ve always been interested and wanted to play disc golf. So i asked my buddy if he would help me with my video. So I checked out some equipment and we were off. We definitely had some hickups along the way. I forgot the battery for one of the cameras on the first day of shooting. Then we got into an arguments over shooting and different shots (I think the heat and frustration was to blame). Then after all that the last day of shooting we had to dodge the rain. Go out and shoot what we could, then come inside and wait for the rain, then do it all over again. It was annoying but luckily the last 2 hours of shooting the clouds and rain went away just long enough for us to finish. I learned alot from doing this shoot and I would do it all over again for that reason.

oliviavangorden 2015-06-03 22:29:10

Although I was interested in maybe collaborating or coming up with a different idea than what I did in P5, it seemed that fixing up what I did in P5 would not only be satisfactory in seeing more of what I intended originally as well as quicker. I meant to have all these images lined and colored, but clearly time was not on my side for coloring. In the end I did my best to make sure the P6 version’s lines were as nice as I could manage before heading onto the audio to fix how quiet the music was on the P5 version. most of the files I was working with did not save properly, but since I have the root elements such as the sound files for the music and voice I could re-work what I had done previously. Which luckily posed no major challenge having already been familiar with Youtube Movie Maker and Audacity. This project really makes me appreciate all the videos people make with animation or still images with all the effort and time it can take.

Chainmaille: From Armour to Art

The idea for this project came while I was working on a final project for my Image Communications (photography) class.  I decided to take commercial photographs of my chainmaille jewelry and as I was photographing my pieces, I began to think about chainmaille armour and how interesting it is that we’ve co-opted one art form into another.  So I decided to explore that idea with a video and viola! – the idea for my final project was born. My intent was to make a very short documentary that introduces people to the ways in which jewelry artists are using not only ancient chainmaille techniques, but newly invented weaves and patterns to make really cool jewelry. What I didn’t get into much in this video is all the other ways chainmaille is used today:

  • Iron chainmaille scrubbers for cast iron pans
  • Pierce-resistant chainmaille gloves are used by butchers and craftsmen
  • Chainmaille is used to make shark diving suits
  • Highway retaining walls are created using massive links in a 4-in-1 pattern

And, of course, there are artists and craftsmen (and women) who are still using the basic 4-in-1 chainmaille pattern to create lightweight armour for various reasons. I didn’t go into too much historical detail because I wanted this project to focus on the jewelry and not chainmaille history.  But if you’re interested in this history, there are plenty of websites devoted to it. Here are a few I found interesting:

All the jewelry pieces in this video were made by me over the past few years (one piece was made specifically for this video), and I took all of the photographs in this video, either on trips overseas (the images at the beginning) or during Spring term 2015 as part of this and other projects. The chainmaille sleeve and shirt on this video were not done by me. These items were on display in the Lane Community College Art Museum early in Spring term 2015.  I do not know who the artist is (I wish I did so I could credit them), but I really like their work. (If you are the artist or know who the artist or artists are, please notify me and I’ll update this post to give them their due credit).

The music and sound effects are courtesy of Clips used:

I hope you enjoy this little introduction into a craft I really love.

A SuperHero and His Companion

For my media arts project six I had the idea to create a short batman film. Keeping it short and sweet while making sense was the challenge here. I went with Batman Gets a cat. I began with a written story followed by seven shots drawn into a storyboard sequence. I used shadows to portray the story. My equipment included a T3i Camera, Ari Light Kit, MD80 Recorder, and gels for color. I also had a monitor to see my composition while I worked. The hardest part was setting up shots. Placing characters into positions that made sense was difficult. For post production I used adobe premiere. Putting audio with the film was fun. I also enjoyed the colors used to portray mood. I hope you enjoy.

Dreams and the Time-lapse


Alden Elias


Rich Robison – Me

I decided to team up with a classmate for our final project.  After watching his last video, I was quite impressed with the quality of it and his knowledge of maintaining continuity and proper lighting.  Though younger than myself, Alden Elias has years of experience with filming, lighting, and editing.  It was awesome to work with him and though at times it was difficult to keep up, I feel that it was an invaluable experience which I learned a great deal from.  I am brand new to the Multimedia Design field and lack much of the basic knowledge needed to develop and produce quality video and film.  Alden showed me some basic tips for shooting video on my new Canon T5 and also introduced me to lighting equipment.  He had some great insight to share when it comes to good shot framing, and completely blew me away with his mastery of Final Cut Pro.  Alden films many skate videos and is involved in a small, local production company (

We thought we would switch it up for our final project and go for something other than funny.  Initially the idea was to create a meaningful message for the viewer to ponder but this idea became lost as the focus shifted more to creating powerful, visual images instead.  We flexed our artistic sides, traveling around Eugene to various locations such as Skinners Butte, the Ruth Bascom Bike Path, Franklin City Park, and others.  We did some pre-planning for the house scene by creating a storyboard, but all of our outdoor time-lapse shots we did on the fly.  We knew we wanted to get some visually compelling shots and had a few ideas of where to go, which was all we needed really.  Alden did have some previously shot footage that came in handy here and there, but most of it was all new.

The video doesn’t tell a story, however it leaves much to the imagination of the viewer which is unique.  Different stories and ideas will sprout from each person that watches it.  Maybe it will inspire them.  Perhaps they will relate to it in some way.  It could possibly challenge them to try filming something similar with their own unique twist.  I know every time I’ve seen the time-lapse on video I wondered how they did it.  This video was challenging, and an absolute blast to be a part of.  I plan on shooting some more random footage of my own and learning how to mask it, and change speeds on my own editing software, Premiere Pro.  My biggest realization during this project was the never ending list of infinite possibilities and variations at my creative disposal.  I’d like to thank Alden for his amazing contributions to the project, as well as his professional attitude and work ethic.

Also a big thanks to Yung H33M for allowing us to feature his music in our video!  Hear more at