Haley Johnson – P6 Final Project Video

All credits go to Nintendo© for properties used in my project.

The first thing I noticed when starting the final was the prompt. The project sounded very enticing because of the vast amount of ideas that could be created from it. I have to say it was equally fun as it was frustrating to produce. In the beginning, compiling my assets became very time consuming because of the length of the clips I needed, as well as the downloads consistently getting messed up. I am a novice editor, so I ran into my fair share of problems while working on the editing as well. I had a smooth time for the majority of my project, the problems arose when I went back to replace lower quality clips. Finding the clips again, replacing transitions, relocating media, and so on all contributed to the immense backtracking I did just to make sense of the mess I created. But I have to say, seeing your work finally come together is an extremely fulfilling and satisfying experience, especially when it’s something you are genuinely proud of. I hope the effort I put in can be seen, and the enjoyment I had can be felt; I also hope I can bring back some nostalgic memories for those that grew up with the games I showcased.

By: Haley Johnson