About Me


Hi guys and gals,

My name is George Prigmore IV, yes the fourth, and although I may not be royalty I’m still a pretty cool cat. I currently live hustling and bustling metropolis of Eugene, Oregon with my sidekick Cookie. When I’m not out making the world a better place you can find me taking photos of Cookie (who is definitely getting tired of it), catering to your every need at the Hilton or just out in nature. We both grew up in a small fishing town on the coast of Washington called Westport then made our way to Eugene after I graduated high school. Here I have begun my secondary education at Lane Community College and plan to transfer to the University of Oregon after obtaining my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree. I plan to attend the School of Journalism and Communications but have decided as well to branch out into media arts as well. I have always been a news junkie since I could remember and there seems to be no better way to express my love for it than the media arts.

This term I am taking Intro to Media Arts and we have been assign to create our own blog. With this blog I will be documenting my projects and my journey through the program. After the class I plan to continue the blog with more creative projects and updates with what’s happening with George and Cookie. Thanks ?

By George Prigmore IV