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For the fun of the game

By Molly Engelman

No matter what the game is, the objective is to have a good time while playing, right?
Late last month, I was invited to film an Airsoft game at “The Swamp”; a scenario-based airsoft and paintball field in Oregon. The Airsoft game itself is similar to paintball, but instead requires 6mm BBs, usually made of a biodegradable material. The BBs do not leave a visible mark like paintballs do, so many players will cosplay their own style or favorite character without the risk of being doused with paint. Each round of the game may have a different objective such as capture-the-flag, defend a location, or dodgeball. At this particular event there were over 100 people on the field at any given time, split into two teams.

Throughout the day I used five different cameras, including a cell phone, Canon DSLR, two GoPros, and a drone. As I am only one person, I set myself in charge of three cameras, then stuck a GoPro on a friend who was playing that day and left the drone in the hands of my boyfriend with instructions to “have fun, don’t hit anything”. By the end of the day, I had hours and hours of footage, including when a GoPro was left on and sat in my car, alone during the lunch break. Some of the best footage was from my friend, as he is usually right in the middle of any action and paired well with the overhead shots from the drone. Looking back, I should have had him use the newer GoPro with image stabilization, but my smoother shots at a slower pace break up the high energy throughout the video.

Overall, it was a fun experience being on the field and filming throughout the day. I’m already working on another video for The Swamp of a recent paintball event, but that’s a story for another day, when that video is completed.

P6 Final Project

My original idea was to make a short film. At that point, I had already prepared a script, found actors, and locations, and timed everything, but at the last minute, I got sick with covid. I had to shoot at home, and it was quite difficult because it was not easy to find unusual and interesting subjects. To change the atmosphere at home, I used different colored lights. I also shot a lot of the scenes with the lights off in the dark so other objects would not be caught in the shot.
During the course of the project I was watching a movie called “Taxi Driver” and I was very inspired by it. I loved the angles, the color work, the atmosphere of the film, and the music. In the first half of the video, I tried to recreate that atmosphere by adding noise, warm colors, and calm jazz music.
In the second half of the video I experimented with color, and I got the idea to shoot the same video with rotation several times, using different colors to make one video out of them later. While cutting the video, I was looking for black frames to make smooth transitions between videos. It didn’t turn out as smoothly as I would have liked, but the result was still satisfactory to me.
There is no message or concept in this video. I tried to create an eye-catching image and experiment with the equipment. I also wanted to try and create footage without any post-editing that looked like a montage.
I originally had no expectations for the project, so I’m kind of happy with the result. Thanks for your attention!

The Crash (P6)

I had a lot of fun while recording for this project! My sister agreed to help me by being my talent for my story. While I was filming, my parents were actually watching TV in the living room. I didn’t want to bother them, so I did not care about the sound that was happening while I was working; I ultimately was going to mute everything. To combat this, I decided to recreate all the sound effects. I had some experience from my previous audio production class, so I enjoyed doing that. I used my phone to record my audio and took a look at my film to get the timing just right.

Filming the ending with my cat was kind of funny. As soon as I staged the food scattered on the ground, he immediately started eating. He is a very food motivated cat. After I did that, I tried to capture some audio of him purring. He is always very happy when he’s around people. He started to rub his head on my tripod while I was filming.

If I were to re-do this project, I would’ve liked to experiment with lighting equipment. I felt that some of the darker scenes didn’t look as smooth as I’d like. I was filming in the evening, so I was not able to get enough natural lighting.

P6 – Final Project. Kitty Vlog!

The experience of making this movie has been extremely fun. Choosing a subject that I enjoy (my cat) was definitely the best thing that I could have done for this project. I was able to just “do” my homework by filming my cat at various points throughout the day and it would literally just be beneficial to the making of this project.

The plan definitely wasn’t perfect. The original intention was to have the movie read like an episode of The Office. I wanted it to be more of a comedy that included lots of talent and cut scenes that involved interviews and things such as that. Unfortunately, most of my talent got Covid-19 in the time that I was going to film their parts of the movie. This obviously made it difficult to complete. This made me make the difficult decision to turn the footage that I had into more of a vlog of Figaro’s life, as if he were a YouTuber.

The one last minute decision that I made was having my best friend Victoria actually be the voice of Figaro. She recovered speedily and was able to come over today (6/4) right before I finished editing everything can gave me that final piece of audio that I needed for me to be completely happy with the way that this movie turned out.

Image Editing

For this assignment I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to film and edit. It took me a while, but I finally decided to do it on all of the pets that I have in my house. With that decided, I went around and recorded short clips of all of them and put them together into one video using Adobe After Effects. I have experimented with video editing before but definitely learned some helpful things from this, including being able to fade in and out of video and audio.

By Braden Ivey

P-5 Image Editing

The Best Burger Road Trip by Rocio Roberts-Goodban

Over the past few weeks, my boyfriend has been feeling pretty homesick. We both have had busy schedules full of work and school that can make it hard to spend some quality time together. My boyfriend is from California, and he always talks about his memories of going to In-N-Out with his friends and family when he was a kid. He had no idea that Oregon had any In-N-Out restaurants, let alone one that is an hour away from us. After work I surprised him by taking us on a road trip with a secret destination. He was in disbelief as we rolled into the parking lot. After we got our food and we were on our way home he said it was, “the best burger road trip ever!”

p5: image editing!

by Ellie Grover

This project was more fun that I was expecting it to be. For the beginning of the week, I was stressing as I attempted to figure out how I was gonna find the time to make my movie and set up all of the things that I needed to do so. Finally, I realized that I just needed to incorporate something that I love to make the project much more enjoyable. So I did! The process as a whole was very fun to film, and then the editing proved to be fun as well once I got the hang of it. Instead of using Premiere, I used the app Splice on my phone to add the audio and do the cuts that were needed to create this video.

The Frog & The Mouse

When I started with this assignment, I had no idea what I was getting into as I had never really experimented with audio editing in the past. I began by choosing fables as the assignment topic, and after looking through a few, I chose the Frog and the mouse because I could imagine sounds happening at certain points in the story. Opening Audacity, I at first was a bit overwhelmed with all of the different options and didn’t know where to start. The only way I was able to get a feel for the program was to start experimenting with it. This turned out a lot easier than I thought, with the program being actually pretty simple to navigate. From here, I started putting the elements that I imagined in the fable over the audio of me reading it. Since the story took place at a lake with a frog, I chose to put audio of frogs at a lake in the background. This is when I experimented with the fade in and fade out effect to have the lake noises fade in and out. I also chose to include the sound of the for jumping in the water and the hawk because I thought that they were important parts of the story and wanted to highlight them. In the end, I was able to get a basic understanding of how Audacity works and different effects that can completely change the effect audio can have on the listener.

By Braden Ivey