Evan “Sweet Cheeks Malone” Curby

Hello, my name is Evan Michael Curby, but please just call me Curby. Curby has been my nickname since grade school and I generally won’t respond to Evan. I am a Multimedia Design Major here at LCC. I moved up to Oregon close to 4 years ago now. I am originally from Las Vegas Nevada. I did not live in a casino. I lived in the suburbs, and it was boring and hot. I really enjoy Oregon quite a bit. It seems as if everyone here is generally relaxed with chill vibes. The scenery around here is amazing, but hey let’s be honest, west coast is the best coast. In my spare time you can usually find me at the ice rink. I play in an adult hockey league for the Two Towns Cider team. I’m like Wayne Gretzky with no natural talent or skill. If I’m not playing hockey, I’m usually just sitting in my room spinning vinyl’s and painting weird graffiti styles or Dragon Ball Z characters. When I finish with the program, I’d be really interested in producing music videos. I’d love to make some animated shorts for a few of my favorite musical artists like Diiv or Flying Lotus. If i could do visual designs for a touring band as well, that would be ideal. I would like to continue in art in every perspective in general just like David Choe. Well hope that is enough information for you to get an idea as to who I am, thanks for reading.me-at-rink