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My trip to Portland, Oregon

As a kid that grew up in Los Angeles, California I feel more comfortable being in a big city. I move to Eugene, Oregon June 2015. Eugene is tiny compared to L.A. My section of L.A. itself way bigger than Eugene. Eugene is your stereotypical tiny college town only having a couple things to do. Portland, Oregon is Oregon’s biggest city and one of the most desirable cities to live in the United States. Getting a place is hard plus the amount of competition you have to deal with to get a place. Portland alone is tiny compared to Los Angeles. I’m hoping I can move to Portland by the end of July or the beginning of August and attending Portland State University in the winter term.

Portland does remind of home at times with taller buildings, quite bit of traffic, and more of a diverse culture. Portland have a great amount of culture and food. Portland focuses on food carts and mom and pops shop. Portland compared to most cities in the United States have amazing public transportation. Los Angeles have came a long way from their public transportation issues in the past. Still compared to Portland, Los Angeles public transportation is bad. Public transportation in Portland makes it easier to get from Point A to Point B real easily.

This project was the worse one I did in this place. My production and editing was awful. I did not plan this project as well I should have. This project will teach me a lesson on what not to do in the future. I have numerous issues with this project and did not do well in post production. After doing this project I promise myself I will never make a crappy project like this ever again.


Milton Pareta

Flatbush Zombies Recap

This past friday I was given the opportunity as a volunteer photographer for the Wow Hall to shoot for the Flatbush Zombies. This crazy group out of Brooklyn that just recently started their US tour. I have been listening to them for over a year now and would say they are one of my favorite rap groups right now.

For every show I never have full access or “Yes you can be backstage” approval, so every time I go I have to sort of weasel my way back there. I learned so much at this show in particular because I wasnt denied backstage at first  make friends with other photographers, alway putting yourself out there. I really learned that a camera can give the impression of power. People just take you more seriously when they know you are the one capturing them in my opinion. Some dude shoved me because i accidentally bumped into him and said sorry. I turned around to realize he was 2 times my size and I asked him what his problem was and he replied “Sorry I didn’t see your camera, I over reacted.” I told him off and said it doesn’t matter what I have in my hands, be kind.

I had no idea this show was going to impact me so much, but I am glad it did. I am so exciting to continue pursuing photography.

When you’re hitting on a girl then you out find she’s not single. :(

That moment when you’re bored at school and have a couple hours to spare. You go to the library and you see a pretty girl you had class with me. You’re thinking finally this my chance to get her number and see what can go from there. The whole term you were too scared or there’s some other guy that was talking to her. Now it’s the chance. Up on the stage and thinking about what to say to her. Any wrong move can rub her the wrong way and end all chances of you getting her number. Your palms are all sweaty and mom’s spaghetti was tasting really bad from the night. How can this girl make me have butterflies in my stomach and make me vomit. Thinking of any The Weeknd lyrics you can recite to make her fall in love at first sight. Actually that’s an awful idea. You finally sit right next to her and you say the three letter word, “Hey.” She said those three words back and you need to find something else to say. You mentioned that you had the same class together and how her summer went. Everything was going good until she dropped the bomb on you. You find out she’s not single. You have no will to get her number or even know how her day was going. You just wonder why do all the pretty girls are taken. You realize that you got to find another girl to hit on.



Milton Pareta

Alien Escape Mission – Intro


I had a fun time with this project overall. I really haven’t edited audio or done anything with audio yet, except for when making videos with final cut, and adjusting the sound. With project P4 audio, I went over to a friend’s house and we decided to play around with the sound effects from the program called “garageband” .We found some really cool “Sci-Fi” and “Alien” Loops, and started dropping them into the are story timeline. Shortly after a few sound effect clips we decided to run with it as being an “Alien Type” escape mission. We began writing script lines that went with, and sounded right, towards what kind of sound effects we had already played out. I think it turned out pretty good for being my first time really using the garageband app of my laptop. I really only ran into difficulty’s with adjusting the sound waves, and volume level so it faded in and out correctly. Here are the sources/equipment I have used for this project:


-Blue “SnowBall” Microphone.

I believe these tools were great for a beginner such as myself. I really liked using the snowball microphone. I did a test comparison towards my laptop microphone, and its by far better. Garageband was also great tool for me, still kind of learning it, but getting the hang of it. Thanks to this project, it’s taught me more with using this software. I can’t wait to use this equipment in future projects.


-GUEST Voice: Brady W.

By: Brady Grey 


How your choices on Social Media can make you a villain.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.03.46 PM.png

Medium is a popular website with a series of blogs from newspapers and media outlets. I found one blog that caught my eye. “The Weird Redemption of SF’s Most Reviled Tech Bro.” It’s set in California which of course will catch my attention and find out about how this person was able to redeemed himself.

Greg Gopman is a rich techie living in San Francisco and grew up in South Florida. A wealthy kid growing up and went to the University of Florida. Move to the Bay Area to work at the Silicon Valley. San Francisco along with Los Angeles have a major homeless problem. Grep Gopman probably wasn’t used to running into homeless people all the time. Majority of homeless have behavioral issue which rubbed Gopman the wrong way. Like most people in this generation we post something up on social media. His posted something how homeless people are ruining the city which sparked a debate on his Facebook post. The next day he was criticized about his comments. Not realizing the mistake he’s done. Politicians and other techies were furious the about his comments about the homeless situation.

Greg Gopman couldn’t understand why people saw himself as public enemy number one in San Francisco. Even his own techie started to turn on him. He soon started to seek out help on how to help his name to clear his name. He started to help out homeless people and even find out about their lives. For the first time in his life he open his ear whenever a homeless person approaches him to tell them what they go through. Then the public thought he was just doing that so he won’t be hated and not doing it from his heart. Ignoring those comments from the general public he continued to work helping out the homeless thinking the public would soon forget and forgive about the comments he made on Facebook. Especially politicians in the Bay Area were not buying that Gopman is doing his charity to really help out the homeless community. They believed once his name is cleared that he would go back to his old egoistical ways. He realized that he can’t change the public perspective about him. It became a personal project for him helping out the homeless community and understand what they go through.


Milton Pareta


So I had to do a Scavenger Hunt. Hehe :)


  1. Apparently the Equipment Checkout is feeling the Bern.




2. The Blue Cyc Wall is also feeling the bern.




3. Connect Four and Giant Jenga at the Student Engagement Center. Count me in!!!




4. Frida is really interested on buying the glass dress at the Art Gallery.




5. The Art-O-Mat is the biggest tease to smokers. (P.S. totally worth the 5 bucks.)




6. Need research help? The Reference center will help you. *Thumbs up emoji.*




7. Peace and Love from the Health & Wellness center.




8. Mary Jo Kreindal will never have a shortage of coffee cups in her office.




9. Media Creation Lab is the place to be.




10. In Judy Gates office she have “Dia De Los Muertos,” theme flags all over. Her son was born on that day. It’s a very special holiday in Mexico. Really nice interesting fact.




11. Okay Bernie how did you end up being at “The Commons.”




12. The Flags made this building pretty awesome.




13. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Thanksgiving in the middle of Spring.



Milton Pareta


About Me

My name is John Warner Lee, I am twenty years old and was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I haven’t lived in the same state for more than two years since I was thirteen. Chicago will always be my home in my mind. I moved to Eugene on short notice after some complications with a school in Washington and have been loving it here ever since. I consider myself very lucky to have lived in a lot of places at such a young age. It has allowed me to meet a ton of people and something I’ve noticed knowing so many people is how small of a world this is. This summer I gave a speech in front of 300 people at my grandpas celebration of life. Seeing so many people come pay their respect, I soon after made it a goal in life to make as many connections with as many different people as I can. I have been into photography since I took a photo class in seventh grade. My teacher told me I had an eye and to keep it up, and as of recently that is what I have decided I want to do with my life. I try to switch up my style and what I shoot as much as I can. I am currently a volunteer photographer at the Wow Hall. I work at Joe’s Burgers on U of O’s campus making mountains of fries. I skateboard around everywhere and if its dry you can find me at the park. I plan to live in Eugene for the next year working on getting accepted in to a photo school somewhere in CA; take my new found media art knowledge with me !

Just a L.A. Kid away from home.



My name is Milton Pareta and I’m a film major. I grew up in Los Angeles, California and recently moved to Oregon last June. I know it sounds ironic that I moved from the film capital of the world to Oregon. Well it’s a bit of a story of why I moved to Oregon. I was going to Cal State Fullerton for about five years. I was going through personal and financial problems which made me move back to Los Angeles. I moved into a friend’s house. Last June I came to visit a friend who was graduating at the University of Oregon. It was a Saturday night we all went out and after the bars we went back home. On the way back from the bars a taxi driver ran two red lights while speeding and t-bone the car I was in. From this accident I suffered multiple injuries.  I spent two weeks in the hospital and few months rehabbing. I decided to stay in Oregon because of medical reason and it’s more affordable than Los Angeles.

Downtown Los Angeles


Griffith Observatory

I love to explore and try new things. Living in a big city there’s a lot of activities to do. Eugene in the other hand I have a hard time finding activities. It made me think Eugene as a farm town with nothing to do. Since I was a little kid movies have always been my passion. My goal in life is to win an Academy Award. I want to become a screenwriter but learn everything about film. I had an internship at a talent agency out in the Miracle Mile which taught me the business part. Hard work and dedication will help reach my goals.

Urban Lights at LACMA


Santa Monica Pier



Milton Pareta



200 Or More Interesting WORDS Of Me_

200 WORDS  Or More Of Me

Who Am I?

Hi Everyone!

If you all don’t know, my name is Brady, and welcome to my blog.I like coffee, especially iced coffee. Dutch Bros is my favorite when it comes to going out to get coffee. I’m laid back and easy going, and always up to trying new things!

What I Like To Do:

I really like the outdoors. I mostly like to ride motorcycles, quads, as well as mountain bikes. I grew up around cars, and motorcycles my whole life. After awhile it becomes a hobby that is addicting haha.

IMG_1533What I’d Like To Do:

I really like working with computers, and video. It all started in a video production class back when I was in high school. It progressed with inspiration from taking that class, and to watching videos on YouTube. One interesting fact about me is that I like to were my gopro everywhere I ride. You never know what’s going to happen. As well you might get a good short YouTube video! IMG_1521One of my other hobbies is flying drones! I like doing that on the side for fun, and to also take video/photos. I’m still trying to get the hang of flying, and to hopefully get better at it. I like coffee, especially iced coffee. Dutch Bros is my favorite when it comes to going out to get coffee. I’m laid back and easy going, and always up to trying new things!

After Finishing Media Arts Program:

After I’m finished, I would like like a career in video editing or web design. Either of them would fasntastic to work in. I really enjoy time behind the camera and for the most part making awesome media! Looking foward to a awesome career.


By: Brady Grey


About me



 My goals

 Hello, my name is Taylor. I am a student at Lane community College pursuing an associate of arts degree in multimedia design. I chose this career path because I am interested in becoming an animator. I have taken classes at LCC in computer animation and I have enjoyed it. I have learned that there is a lot of work and time involved in creating animation. I am not an expert but I am excited to learn more about the skills and work that goes into creating animation.


My family

I currently live with my mom and my stepfather. I don’t have any brothers or sisters but sometimes it is nice being the only child in my family. On weekends sometimes I go visit with my dad. When me and my dad spend time together we play games, talk, and watch movies. I like spending time with my dad and I feel I can talk to him about anything.


My interests

One of my favorite hobbies is playing videogames. My favorite videogame to play is The Sims. The Sims is a simulation game that allows you to build a house, create a family, and make a story about the family. I have a collection of almost all of The Sims 3 and 4 games. I play both The Sims 3 and 4 but I mostly enjoy playing The Sims 4. Besides playing Sims I also enjoy playing the Mario games, watching movies, and spending time with my family.


By Taylor Lavoie