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Notary 5


I had a lot of great plans for this project. However, we could not get Premiere to work at home so we were really pressed for time. We’d been sick also so I basically started on the last day we had to work on it. I was plugging along ok, then ran into some technical difficulties, things got deleted, etc.

Well enough of the excuses. When I thought “5” I remember when I was a notary. It sounds silly but it was really satisfying to draw a perfect 5. I even had a voice over recorded talking about that satisfaction. You have to find the little pleasures where you can when you work in an office. I was going to demonstrate that (working for an evil corporation) by putting in a picture of the Death Star and play the Darth Vader music.

It was going to end with the picture of May 5 and I had another voice over that said “May was the best”.

This project could have been really fun if I had a better handle on the technology. I guess it makes me excited for the final project now that I know a little more about it.

By Melissa Norton

What Does The Number “5” Mean to You?

What an intriguing question.  The number 5 symbolizes man. It represents half of 10. It’s how many fingers you have (hopefully) on one hand and, who knows, maybe it’s the meaning of life.  All I know is that it represented a uniquely nested series of poop sandwiches that culminated in a very nasty case of indigestion that is this assignment.  That said, it was fun.

I wanted to explore the question of “5” in a more theatrical way, but resources and time pushed me in a more traditional direction.  I filmed this in a single take with a DSLR Canon T5i with an 18-55 zoom lens mounted on a tripod while I also filmed b-roll with my iPhone 6.  Unfortunately, the iPhone footage didn’t make the cut, but the idea was to cut different shots from the iPhone footage into the T5i footage, then sync up the sound in post.  I thought this would add some edginess to the finished product.  I think it would have, if I could have had a little more time.

In a side note:  In this clip Melissa appears to speak very openly about her brother.  I want to underscore that Melissa is an actress who was improvising a scene.  She loves her brother very much.


By A. H. Norton


My Family of five Generations


For my project I decided to do five generations of my family. My cousin recently had a baby so I thought it would be fun to make a video showing the five generations. My plan was to start with my granny who is 97 years old and end the video with the baby who is about 4 weeks old. Everyone started their interview by showing their hand and telling their name, age, and their generation. I began the next part of my video by asking everyone what they liked to do for fun. Then I video taped them doing an activity that interested them. For example, my granny likes to sew, so I recorded a video of her sewing and zoomed in on her hands doing the activity. The hardest part was getting a video of the baby. The baby wasn’t in a good mood, so we had to wait for the baby to calm down before taking the video. Once the baby was calm I was able to get a video of the baby’s hand and even a picture of my granny and the baby. I showed everyones hands in the beginning and end of the video because i thought it would be a good idea to show my family from the oldest generation to the youngest. I really enjoyed making this video because I got to spend some time with my family and it was fun video taping them.




Project 5 was challenging. It was hard to come up with a concept surrounding the theme “FIVE.” Also, not physically being in the video created another obstacle.

Here at Lane CC, I’ve been working with the Torch newspaper. As a photojournalist, I was given a photo assignment to cover the Donal Trump rally and protests on May 6 at the Lane Events Center. I equipped myself with a press pass and my Canon T5 with multiple lenses. I also checked out, from media checkout, a Gopro to mount onto my cap to get some video footage for the Torch’s online media.

It was surreal to attend Trump’s rally. About four thousand supporters were present in the convention center. Surrounding  the events center were over five thousand protesters and there was tension in the atmosphere the the entirety of the event. Hopeful Republican nominee, Donald Trump did a terrific job pandering to the audience and escalating the differences between supporters, protesters and the press. This lead to minor conflict on surrounding blocks of the convention center. It was a high tension, yet peaceful protest on Eugene’s behalf.


After a night that resembled an episode of the classic cartoons Animaniacs or Bonkers, I made it home in one piece. My next task was to produce a video clip under 2 minutes in length. With over 300 photos and 90 minutes of video footage of the night, it was difficult to trim down to 2 minutes, however I managed. I used Adobe Premier for post production. This was my first time using this program and I navigated Premier with little trouble. For future projects, I will build on my skills with audio fades and effects, titles, and organization. For this project I went with the theme of five facts to know when covering a Donald Trump rally. Watch my video if you’d like to know my valuable insight.

Thank you.


Jeffery King Osborns


Inspired by the power of FIVE

Wow what an adventure in editing. This is my first attempt at video production and it was way more work than I expected. All the shots I wanted vs all the shots I actually got, well lets just say there was a big difference.I wanted to have a group of five , playing five card stud, and someone wins with with five fives. I know there are only four fives per deck of cards, but that was not the issue. Getting five people to get together for an hour that matches the time I am available was the biggest issue. So that idea got minimized to dealing out the cards, which worked out okay. Another idea was to have my little one to roll five dice and get five fives in a roll. That was a long time waiting for a roll that never came. She rolled fours, threes, twos multiple times but no fives. I tried to edit a clip together of a roll then before they stopped completely put in five fives, but that had too much shift to look good so it got left out. I did enjoy spending time getting multiple shots of the same set up with the thought of editing them together. Different angles really make a difference in the idea and feel of the overall video. Most did not make the cut, two minutes is really short when you start putting 50 plus clips together.

5 things my cousin does for fun.

When I was thinking of ideas for this project I had a couple of ideas that did not work out, My cousin was helping with those ideas and I thought that I could film him being wacky and playing like he does everyday. He enjoyed helping me and had lots of fun, being wacky is his specialty. I wanted to show some of the things he does when he is bored or when he is done with his homework. I was using a T5 from checkout and it worked out great but I noticed I had a bit of shaky cam when editing the video. In at least three of my clips i’m shaking and it infuriates me! I was trying so hard to not shake but it translates poorly. Even with that I had fun clipping everything together and putting some fitting audio in with each scene. I feel like I could edit very well but i’m not to sure about the filming. With more practice I think I could get used to editing videos and I enjoy it but whether they would be my videos or someone else that did the filming remains to be seen. Hopefully I get a job someday that I get a chance to edit more.

Princess Pom Pom

With this project i was in charge of coming up with a idea for a video and actually tape it. I decided to make a anime inspired piece with all the cheesy stereotypes of a sailor moon cartoon. I had the cute heroine in her pink costume played by my friend Britney. I had an evil villain named Bob, who is the digital drawing group mascot. Bob was voiced by Allen Thomson. Allen also helped with lighting and some camera work, so that was awesome of him. then we have the cute future child of our two characters Bob Jr. Who came back from 5×3 years in the future voiced by me. This project was a lot of work but in the end it was really fun. I got to test out my lighting skills though it was on the spot. There are some places that i would have liked to change. I’m actually really happy with the product even if there are mistakes. I kept a pink light on Princess pompom the whole time to give a kind of magical essences about her. I changed the lighting on Bob a lot to show his different emotions much like in a manga. I hope you guys loved the cheesy story guys tell next time MAC OUT!

Perpetual Trails


Well project 5 is complete, and if nothing else it was a huge learning experience.  For myself I tend to dream very big, and the hardest part of those dreams is bringing them to reality, or something tangible.  My overall goal for this project was to take a beautiful day hike at the coast from Haceta Lighthouse to Cape Perpetua, with 5 points of interest in mind.

The adventure started early and ended pretty late. With minimal food, water, and a little hitch hiking. While on the journey there were so many beautiful sights along the way.  Blooming flowers, streams, muddy bogs, coastal raging winds, beautiful sun rays, and an amazing friend to experience this with.  My friend Laura was my talent, so to speak, for this adventure. And my directing skills were honestly off the seat of my pants, and with a fairly over exceeding coffee buzz in tow.  Perhaps next time I will preplan a little better,  let my talent know what my intentions are before we break trail.

Anyways, I think that was the hardest part for me.  Just to spend such a great day out with a friend, but also be able to get dynamic shots. Running ahead on the trail to see other view points, stop  the marching, and make her walk back to do it again.    That part I believe was the hardest for me and especially for her.  She started out with such a bright spirit and beautiful smiles complimented by our environment, but by the 10th mile I could smell the resentment and bitterness building.  Her tolerance to my creativity and relentless spew of ideas were taking its toll, and her trust of  our future endeavors were wearing thin.  But hey, she is a trooper and in the end I feel proud of this project, as its my first video ever, and really can’t wait to do more!

Song Credit: “Her” by Vincent

Soaring Over Oregon Park’s

*Watch In HD For Better Image Quality*

Soaring Over Oregon-

What does 5 mean? To answer this question myself, it could mean many different things. A lot of different types of ways to express this ran through my mind, I had no idea what I was going to do. With the help of my friends I decided to use my drone. I really haven’t filmed with it, but used it has a FPV (First Person View) with my gopro. It’s funny because I have two different types of camera mounts for it. Ones a “fixed” mount, and one is “2-axis Gimbal” mount. Not ever using the gimbal mount before, I decided that I would use it for this project.



Doing the film part of this video wasn’t too bad. Didn’t really know what I was going to film with the drone, but all in all it worked out. Luckily I was using the “gopro app” on my phone, I was able to record and stop recording while the gopro was in the air. The gimbal really helped out for keeping the camera sturdy while flying. Because to be honest I’m still a beginner and I did crash it the first time I flew it. So I believe I succeeded since I flew over water haha.



I took note in this class that choosing the music first really helps you while making videos. I decided to go with “Soarin’ – By: Jerry Goldsmith, because viewing the clips that I have shot reminded me of the ride in Disney’s “California Adventure-Soaring over California”. I tired to make the clips resemble it from my experience from the ride, but in a different way of the 5th dimension.



Editing was pretty good. I like editing videos for fun, and this project was fun for me. Even though I had no idea of what I was going to do to resemble the “5th Dimension”, but I think it worked out along with the process of viewing the videos. I used iMovie as my tool for all my editing along with titles, filers, and transitions. This project took me two nights to edit.


Filming Equipment:

For the most part of this project, the equipment involved a 350-size drone caring my gopro controlled by the transmitter. My phone also controlled the drone. I believe that the last recorded flight I have in my phone was 368ft from ground to sky. The rest of the making of this video contained a place to fly, and a computer with editing tools.


Over All Thoughts On P5 Image Editing:

I really enjoyed this project. It honestly took me a while to come up with something to resemble 5, but it was also helpful to have friends along to help me out with the ideas. Especially if you use what you like to do for fun as a tool to use for a project. Most of all, I liked doing this for fellow class-mates to view, and for my YouTube channel so people can get similar ideas.. Hope you all liked it!

The Five Buck Lunch

This is my “five” video for this video project. I wanted to capture a story within two minutes, instead of just displaying the top fives, or something. As you can probably tell, it’s more of a comedy skit than anything else. This is how I pictured “five” might be. Story time!

The story is basically about Athen, the main protagonist, wakes up from his five hour nap, only to find that it’s five o clock and he’s hungry. He’s so hungry, that he jolts out of the house and goes in pursuit of some food. The quest takes him down I5 and into the fifth city known as Springfield. Five Guys was originally his first decision, but he later changes his mind about it.

After a while longer, he comes across the holy fifth restaurant known as Taco Bell. Here, he decides to get his five buck lunch, a big box, with his five sauces, and proceeds to go back home. Luckily, nothing interrupts him on his journey back.

Once he gets back to his fifth fortress, he is reunited with his fifth evil twin. They go for a friendly high five, but it all goes wrong. Soon, Athen’s five buck lunch goes plummeting down to the ground, as he could only watch in horror. He becomes devastated at his loss and can only hold on desperately.

All hope was not lost, however, as he recalled the “five second rule.” Desperately reaching down at his torn up food, he quickly grabs it up and proceeds to eat. He cheers loudly in victory. The end.

For this video, I was aiming for a more comedic approach. I wanted it to be simple, yet funny. I was originally planning on doing it over the weekend, but life happened. I didn’t have time. Also, I’m sorry about the audio. For some reason, the audio didn’t want to be perfect while I was out recording.

I had to shoot it quickly, since people were going to get busy again. This caused for pretty poor one takes and could have gone better with more planning. You always have to plan ahead and make sure everything gets done well.

Overall, this was a very fun project to do and I would like to make more of these in my spare time. I’m excited to show this video off to my classmates, family, and friends.


  • By Tyler Plummer