P1 About Me

Greetings! my name is Anuar Zhanabay. I am an international student, originally from Kazakhstan. I’m 19 years old and I’m currently studying Multimedia Design at Lane Community College.

Starting in 2019, I was passionate about graphic design and also attended a computer academy majoring in computer design. I have a little experience as a freelancer. I always was interested in creating different kinds of content and in particular, I was very passionate about identity and branding.
But recently I decided to tie my future to multimedia design because I think that education in this area will help me fully realize my creative potential and give me the opportunity to become a master of my craft.
I am incredibly interested in working on images, video, and audio. My goal at the moment is to learn all the basic skills that will allow me to improve my understanding in this field, create amazing content and just enjoy the process.
Over the course of my life, I want to work on projects in different places around the world, get to know more people, and learn about different cultures. I believe that everyone is one, no matter where we are in the world. We breathe the same air and share the same land, and I know that by working together, we can achieve common success.
My dream is to create a platform for Digital Creators through which people from different backgrounds can learn together, communicate, and help each other by sharing experiences, knowledge and also learning about the world.

I believe that power is in unity!

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  1. hughest

    Anuar, Nice post and photo. Thank you for sharing about yourself. Sounds like you know what you like and are on track to be successful. Glad you are in the class. Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and ideas with us all. I can’t wait to see what you do!

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