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Resources for the Media Students of Lane

I decided to head to the Media Arts building. This was another building I’d never been in before and of course captured a picture of the gear checkout first. The people there were very nice so I spoke to them a bit about the various types of gear that were available which gave me a variety of ideas for the future.unnamed (3)While in building 18 I decided to check out the studio with the blue cyc wall. It was not what I expected at all. I was expecting to walk into a room that was entirely blue. I don’t why but that’s what I thought I’d get. It did however feel somewhat like a movie set.IMG_0219

The Center for Student Engagement was next on my list. Not much to say on this one other than I need to spend more time there.unnamed (2)

I finally visited the Art Gallery on campus. I was actually genuinely excited to go here because I love looking at art and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be going back again to look at some of the pieces in greater detail.IMG_0325

The art o mat was a bit difficult for me to find and shouldn’t have. I think my main problem was I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for and still not entirely sure what it does but I got the picture and thats all that matters.unnamed (5)

The first place I decided to visit was the reference counter inside the Library. I figured it would be the perfect place to start since I already knew where it was and the people working would be able to direct me to the locations I couldn’t find.


Last but not least was the Silver Sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building. I knew where this was but my issue was the weather. I was forced to wait a few days because I was really trying to get a less grey shot but you can’t always have everything.


It’s always fun to ask where something is only to have it revealed to be right next you. That was the case for Mary Jo Kreindel’s office. Not an overly exciting shot but he at least I know where it is.unnamed (6)

Next I decided to check off the Media Creation. It’s pretty sad to admit but I walked past it about five times before finally noticing the very small label for the room. No my brightest moment.

unnamed (1)

Judy Gates office was pretty easy to find but I must say, the offices in the art building fail in comparison to Mel’s because of absolute lack of Batman and Star Wars.

unnamed (7)

I actually approached Mel’s office by accident before I even realized it was the office I was looking for because of the Batman doll in the window. I was tempted to take a photo of just it but decided the other sci-fi stuff deserved to be in it as well.IMG_0221

Next I headed to Building 1 to capture a picture of the flags. This is was another one of those rare instances where I actually knew where to go and where I wanted the photo taken from. It took a few shot before the American and British flags both came out ideally. Also I didn’t know we had a North Korean flag so that’s pretty neat.

IMG_0223 (1)

On my way to the Arts Center I was lucky enough to finally find the damned turkeys, who apparently decided to play a game of hide and seek the one day I need to find them but luckily this meant I get a group shot of a couple of them.

unnamed (4)



A Guide to Media Arts

There are many places around Lane that can help a Media Arts student, and I only knew few before the Scavenger Hunt. But now I can say I know where these locations are and how to get to each without trouble or misdirection.

The first location I went to was the Equipment Checkout. I walked to Building 18 with a friend, and the first thing my eyes saw when entering was the checkout. It was practically right across from the front door and had “EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT” up above the window where you check out things like DSLR cameras, microphones, lights and more.

Equipment Checkout: Building 18

The second location was one of the studios in the same building as location one. My friend and I walked into the first door on the left, which can be seen in the previous image. Inside was empty of people, but had tables, chairs and a large blue wall that had a curved “corner” connecting the side and the bottom.

Blue Cyc Wall Studio: Building 18

The third location was a room on the second level where students can go for advice in guidance, be it for extracurricular, joining a club or creating a new group. It’s a great resource for those who want to step out more and be more active. The easiest way to remember how to find it is that it’s next to the stairs that takes you down to the first level’s cafeteria. Make sure to stop by for some popcorn, because it’s delicious.

Center for Student Engagement: Center Building

Location four is the main art gallery in Building 11. As I had guessed, art was up on display for people to see. It was moderately easy to find because as soon as you walk in, you go forward to a big open area that tends to have art in it. While waiting for my turn to use the camera I saw someone I knew from my high school in Cottage Grove, and started talking. I also made sure to get some snacks that were out. at the time.

Main Art Gallery: Building 11

The Art-O-Mat was the fifth location. I honestly had no idea what it could be, never hearing of such a machine before, but I learned that it’s a machine that you buy art from for five dollars. It’s noticeable when you first walk into Building 11, because it’s a big, red machine in a hallway.

The Art-O-Mat: Building 11

Location six was the reference desk in the library, practically right middle of the two entrances. We had to ask for help to find the desk, and we got there just as soon as one person who was there switched out with another, who happens to be the person in the image below.

The Reference Counter in the Library: Center Building

Location seven was actually a location that I had forgotten about on the first day of taking pictures, so I brought my own camera and took a picture of this beautiful silver sculpture right outside the Health and Wellness Center.

The Silver Sculpture: Outside Building 30

The first door on the right when entering Building 11 is where location eight, Mary Jo Kreindel’s office, is. Mary is the Arts division Office Specialist at Lane.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office: Building 11

Location nine is once again in the library. It’s the Media Creation Lab. It can be easily found if you’re facing the Reference Desk, then look to the right. You’ll see semi-transparent glass close to the entrance and that’s where the lab is.

Media Creation Lab: Center Building

Judy Gates’s office, location ten, was fairly easy to find because she opened the door to let a student as soon as my friend and I were there. We instantly got our shots. It’s located down the hallway, left of the art gallery when entering from the front of Building 11.

Judy Gates’s Office: Building 11

The final office, Mel Stark’s, was location eleven in Building 18. my friend and I walked down the hallway that had the door to the studio with the blue cyc wall. We then turned right to go down another hallway and found Mel’s office rather easily due to t being the first. When getting there, we noticed another teacher in the office and she told us to blame her for the Scavenger Hunt idea, saying she suggested it four years ago.

Mel Stark’s Office: Building 18

Location twelve was Building 1. Its really well known features are the flags hanging from above, showing various countries. I was always one for seeing the Gay Pride Flag hanging from the second floor railing better, so I walked down the stairs from the second level to get a good angle, and when I got to the bottom, a peer asked where one of the locations was, which I was happy to share if it meant helping.

Gay Flag: Building 1

The final location wasn’t much of a location and was more of a thing. I went out to where a lot of wild turkeys tend to hang out with the prefect idea for a little joke at the end of this blog.

“Everyone knows how the Ugly Duckling was a swan, but did anyone know there was the Ugly Chicken that was a turkey?” the Turkey asks.

It’s really nice to know where these locations are in case I need them in my Media Arts future, which I probably will need. I look forward to getting to know these areas better.


Where’s it at?

Equipment Checkout


Pictured here is equipment check out in building 18. Here you can check out media arts equipment such as cameras, audio equipment, and videography equipment to help you with completing your assignments. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment and test out equipment to see if you like it before you go out and purchase it yourself.

Blue Cyc Wall


The blue cyc wall is located in the room directly to the left of equipment check out. Personally, I’ve never used this room and this was my first time actually being inside the room. The wall is a back drop used for lighting and videography.

Center for Student Engagement


The Center for Student Engagement is located on the second floor of the center building right above the cafeteria and directly across the hall from the library. While I was trying to find the room, I asked a girl if she could show me where it was, and she told me that the digital photography teacher, Jon Meyers, was using the photos that I modeled for as classroom examples, which honestly made my day.

Main Art Gallery


The main art gallery is located in building 11 on the first floor. It regular cycles through students art pieces. It’s a really cool place to check out if you’re ever bored on campus and want to kill some time.



This contraption is located right in front of the main art gallery next to the help desk in building 11. To be quite honest with you, I actually have no idea what it does or if it even works, but there’s only one way to find out.

Reference Counter


The reference desk is located on the second floor of center building in the library.

Health & Wellness Sculpture


Located to the left of the bus stops, this large silver sculpture stands in front of Health & Wellness building. I had a hard time taking pictures of this one because it was raining so I had to keep wiping the water off of my lens to get a clear picture.

Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office


Mary Jo Kreindel’s office is located immediately to the right of the Art-O-Mat in building 11. It was a little tricky trying to find her office because her name wasn’t on the door (or at least I hadn’t noticed one) so I had to ask a person at the help desk.

Media Creation Lab


The Media Creation Lab is located one second floor of center building on the other side of the library closest to the cafe. I personally had no idea this lab existed and I’m pretty excited that this was on scavenger hunt because it just gives me another place to do schoolwork when the lab in building 18 is full.

Judy Gate’s Office-building 11


Judy’s office is located in building 11 right next to the main art gallery. I met with her 2 weeks ago and she’s a really nice and helpful lady. If you ever need academic help you can always go to her.

Mel’s Office-building 18


Mel’s office is around the corner from the equipment check out desk and is the first door on the left. If you need help with work or need to talk to her about something you can go there. She also has some cool stuff on her window sill…just remember that you look with your eyes and not your hands.

Students First Building


The students first building aka building 1, is where you can talk to somebody about your enrollment, financial aid, and counseling.

I’m not a turkey…YOU’RE A TURKEY!


Although I’ve been attending lane for 2 years now, I still find it funny that there are turkeys on campus, and I know you’re not supposed to…but I feed the turkeys all the time. My goal is to feed them enough so that they will one day recognize me and walk around campus with me. I haven’t been successful yet though.

The Various Resources of Lane Community College

This scavenger hunt assignment was a pretty fun time. Me and Jewel did most of it together, using my Canon Rebel t3i to get our photos. Though we forgot the statue outside of the health and wellness center so that one we did separately and I chose to do the creative shot on my own since I wanted to think more about it and what I wanted it to be.

So to start this journey off we decided to go to the equipment checkout first since that was closest and the place that’s basically been beaten into our heads in various different classes I’ve been in so far (Photography last semester/audio and this class this semester).

  • Equipment Checkout (Building 18)
Here we have Terry on the good ol equipment checkout grind!

We started our journey here as we both knew where exactly where it was and it was the easiest part to locate since both of us had Digital Photography last semester in the same building so ya kinda end up passing by it a lot!

  • Studio with Blue Cyc Wall (Building 18)
I dunno what it is but something about the lighting makes this look like a crumpled blue poster to me.

So I had no clue that this even existed quite honestly. Like I shouldn’t be that surprised but finding it was pretty neat as it wasn’t too far from equipment checkout. The space for it was pretty huge as well with the blue wall itself taking up like a quarter of it.

  • Center for Student Engagement (Center Building, 2nd Floor)
Free popcorn is a pretty hard deal to turn down.

So for some reason I’d always thought that this was somewhere in building 1 for some reason. Not fully sure where I got that idea but it is nice to know that there is a dedicated room to ask about clubs and what not over just looking on the website for it. Gives it a bit of a more personal feel to it. Finding it was pretty simple too thanks to someone from the student help desk (also on the second floor of the center building) pointing us in the right direction.

  • Main Art Gallery on Campus (Building 11, 1st Floor)


What do the shadows say about the duality of man?

I’ve had another photography class in Building 11 so finding the art gallery was pretty easy for us. Though I was a bit confused to if the bigger building behind building 11 is the MAIN art gallery or if it just has extra pieces or something like that. Either way Building 11’s art gallery is pretty nice, great lighting, great showcasing of the works put on display. They even gave away food during the art walk they were having which was pretty cool (I didn’t really want any but Jewel said it was pretty good!)

  • The Art-O-Mat (Building 11, 1st Floor)


The grey parts look like big goofy teeth to me and I can’t unsee it.

I straight up knew exactly what this was once I looked up how to find whatever the Art-O-Mat even was. I’ve passed by this so many times from when I had photography in Building 11. I just never paid any actual attention to what it was called and when I first saw it again I kinda laughed. It looks pretty neato though.


  • The Library Reference Counter (Center Building, 2nd Floor)
Coming up with a references joke that doesn’t make me hurt inside is surprisingly difficult. 

I’ve actually personally never been into the library here honestly. I’ve always wanted to stop by but just never have due to either time or laziness. Walking in and over to the reference desk at first was a little awkward as I tried to get out the words to ask if it was cool if the guy working at the desk was cool with being photographed. He was really nice and chill about it though and now I know where the reference desk is so it a pretty nice experience.

  • Statue outside of Health and Wellness Center 
I wasn’t sure whether or not to keep the table in frame or not.

I completely forgot this building existed, which to me is pretty funny since it’s right in front of the school. I’m not an observant person sometimes!

I had to go on my own a few days after me and Jewel got our photos together and finding where this building was located was a journey in itself. I thought, health and wellness is probably the gym area around building 4 and 5. I took pictures of the boy with the tree coming out of his head statue for assurance but decided to look around more.

I ended up going behind the school, down near the track and football field. I never realized there were some nice paths and things all around the school like that. So much so that I might start taking more walks during my down times here. And from there I ended up looping around, finding a Veteran garden which was pretty nice, relaxing and fairly barren with no people if a bit barren in terms of what the garden fully had.

Then I looped around and remembered “Oh yeah the Health and Wellness building is in the front of the school isn’t it?” and then I found it. The statue itself was pretty interesting, I didn’t actually take too much of a look at what the words said on the sides but I did take a step inside and look up at the clouds. It was pretty relaxing for a minute.

  • Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office (Building 11, 1st Floor)
I relate to the clutter in that office pretty hardcore.

This was fairly easy for me and Jewel to find as Mary Jo’s office was thankfully right next to the Art-O-Mat, art gallery, and Judy Gates’s office so we kinda killed like 4 birds with one stone! Unfortunately I don’t think she was there so I didn’t get a chance to meet her but what can ya do I guess?

  • Media Creation Lab (Center Building, 2nd Floor, Library)
Who’s bad at keeping their reflection out of images? Not me no way.

After we got our Reference desk photos me and Jewel ended up coming back to find this one as we totally ended up missing where it was located. We got help again from the wonderful people at the student help desk right outside of the library and found it was just on the other side of the library. We ended up finding it and it seemed fairly barren. No one was using it but there were many stations setup for doing editing/media arts work.

I might start using my down time at the library more to get work done in there as it honestly looked cozier then the indie lab to me. (Unrelated Side Note: They were also carrying a manga I thought was slightly obscure so I was surprised and now wanting to see their full collection is a pretty exciting thing)

  • Judy Gates Office (Building 11, 1st Floor)
I may not have a huge interest in much theatre but that is a nice poster I gotta say.

After the art gallery photo me and Jewel ended up getting our photos of Judy Gates’s office. While we were in the process funnily enough, Judy herself ended up coming out and greeting us. She was very nice and friendly and was pretty cool with us getting photos. I’ve been meaning to meet her for a while honestly since she is one of our main program advisors and I’m pretty glad that I know what she actually looks like now.

  • Mel’s Office (Building 18, Room 216)
I’ve got Jan’s Visual Literacy class too!

As soon as we finished getting photos of the cyc wall we immediately went straight for Mel’s office as we both knew where it was. Funnily enough though, Jan (another media arts professor here at Lane) was having a meeting with a student. She noticed us and acknowledged us nicely as we tried not to disturb her too much as we got our photos. It was pretty funny and a fairly quick photo session in my opinion.

  • Flags inside of the Students First Building (Building 1)
I love the way the lights are bouncing off of the flags. It just looks nice.

So this is apparently the student’s first building? Had absolutely no idea it was called that until I did this so hey the more you know right? I’ve passed through here who knows how many times at this point due to the counseling center, financial aid, etc. It does make sense given those resources along with the gender equity center and the student pantry.

So when we got there I messed with the white balance on my camera a bit to try getting the lights to look more yellowish white then the blue I took the picture at. I think it makes the flags stand out a little nicer though I feel like I could’ve focused the shot more on the flags honestly.

  • Turkey Shot

I ended up taking this on a different day and it was pretty funny. I tried a couple of turkey shots on the field next to building 16 where the turkeys tend to roam. When that didn’t end up working out all that well for a creative shot, I noticed this turkey in the distance right under Building 17.

I thought it was perfect and I kept my distance to try to get some fun blur shots with it. I got some okay ones with it kicking the dirt its claws kept getting buried under but I was really fond of this one. I really dig head distortion type photos/imagery. Stuff like some of the monsters in the Silent Hill games with their head twitching and head distortion they use in that or Jacob’s Ladder (which funnily enough is one of the major inspirations for the Silent Hill games) as a film example.

So while it’s not the most perfectly framed. I really liked it even if it isn’t to that effect of distortion effect I could’ve achieved with it. Makes me want to experiment with distortion like that more via video and photography.

Resources for Media Arts Students at LCC

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the Equipment Checkout center where students who are a part of the Media Arts program are able to checkout camera and other equipment for their projects. Finding this was very easy mainly because building 18 is one of the central building on the LCC campus. Since I found the desk with ease, it made wanting to check out equipment much more appealing because of its easy access!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the “Blue Cyc Wall” in one of the studios in building 18. The door was left wide open, making me very intrigued and curious to check our this giant blue wall! At the time the I shot this photo, I thought that the door was locked, so I approached on of the employees that worked at the Equipment Checkout desk and he was more than willing to help me out!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Across the way from building 18, I found the Center for Student Engagement. It was a bit difficult finding this center mostly because im not very familiar with the center building quite yet. This bright little sign really caught my eye, and were it not for its color I probably would have never found it! The center was kind enough to pass out free popcorn, and the smell was also a great tool in finding this secluded center!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the main Art Gallery on campus, a place dedicated for creativity. It was my first time visiting the Gallery and I was thoroughly impressed by the talent that was presented. Not pictured is another gallery that is to your left right when you enter the building. In the Gallery are drawings of a family that was then blown up to life-size art. I was so in awe about the art that it completely slipped my mind to capture it. I defiantly recommend checking it out to anyone and everyone, and to see for yourself the amazing art!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I have never in my life hard of this machine and at first glance I figured the “Art-O-Mat” might have been used a vending machine for art supplies. My assumption was very wrong, and the man working at the main desk for the art gallery said that it was once used to dispense cigarette’s in its early days! It was a nice touch to the gallery. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The reference desk in the Library may have been one of the hardest place to find on the campus primarily because it was hidden within the library. Luckily, the sweetest ladies who worked at the library were more than willing to help me find exactly where it was. There isn’t a whole lot to it but a desk island off of the main book checkout area. In my attempt to find the desk, it made me realize that if I’m ever in doubt or lost, I just need to reach out to the staff because they will always point me in the right direction!


This large Statue wasn’t hard to miss, but the Health and Wellness center was very hard to locate. With the help of campus security, I was sent in the right direction and as soon as I spotted this large silver piece of art I knew immediately that I was in the right place! It is an interesting piece, and I am curious to know the meaning behind it, and why LCC decided to place it in front of the Health and Wellness center out of all places.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This sweet little office belongs to Judy Gates. Although she is not pictured, she made sure that I was able to take the photo I needed! the bright colors and Judy’s sweet character made visiting her office worthwhile. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Media Creation Lab was another hidden gem! It was a bit hard to find, but by asking the staff I was able to find it! It was filled with computers and enough space to sit down and engage in work. I’m interested in utilizing this space in the future!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the office of Mary Jo Kriendel’s office. She was very interested in getting to know me and my friend, and she introduced herself with much enthusiasm. I really enjoyed seeing all her ceramics, and speaking with her a little about the Media Arts program. Although this is not my major, if somehow down the road I decide to change my major she is the person I will head to first about any questions or concerns  I may have.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Mel’s office was very easy to find, which was nice because I know exactly where to go when I need her outside of class! It was close to the equipment Checkout center, and I just really appreciate how close in proximity everything is. 



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

These flags feel like home to me every time I see them. At my highschool we had flags around the perimeter of our cafeteria. I spent a lot of time in the cafeteria because I was on dance team and we practiced beneath the flags often. I loved how diverse and inclusive my high school was, and seeing these flags makes me feel like I made the right decision to move to Eugene because everyone is just as inclusive as the community I grew up in. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Turkeys on campus are what make Eugene, Eugene. I come from Portland, OR where the only animals that were seen on a daily basis were domesticated, or crows. I have lived in Eugene for 3 years now, and I find it hilarious how I don’t even think twice when I see a turkey wandering around now. I appreciate the fact that I can live in harmony with them, yet in the back of my head im silently praying that they don’t invade my personal space! We’ll see how things go. 





Media Arts Students at Lane Rejoice as New Photos Emerge on Blog

Click to view slideshow.

Here I present the slideshow of images captured during the extravagant Scavenger Hunt for all things Media Arts! This expedition took me to several places new to my eyes and a few I had previously perused. Nonetheless, the journey proved adventurous, delightful and enlightening. Prior to this trip I had no clue where the Media Creation Lab was on LCC’s campus. It also pushed me to encroach on a pair of romantic but ruffled-looking turkeys, resulting in the slide’s final image (#13). I hope this blog post suits and finds you well! Best of luck.


Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

I was instructed to do this sort of “scavenger hunt” for the class this blog is for. The instructions were to take images of specific locations that act as resources for media students at my school, and then write about them, or the journey or whatever. I know where all of these locations are, save for one, but I didn’t end up with all the images largely due to my agoraphobia.

The first location was supposed to be the equipment checkout counter, my plan was to get an image while it wasn’t open because I don’t like taking pictures of people, and there’s usually a lot of people around when it’s open. I may still get that image and add it on here.

The next location was the “blue cyc wall” which is some sort of surface for photography, and probably video as well. What exactly it’s for is something I am unsure of. My first thought is that it might behave similarly to a green screen but I’d have to ask someone to be sure. I know what room it’s in, but every time I went by the door to it was closed so I wasn’t sure if it was being used or was inaccessible.

The third location I was unable to locate, I’m fairly unfamiliar with the center building beyond the store, so locating the Center for Student Engagement was something I was unable to do for some reason.

The fourth place I was to locate was the campus art gallery, I believe there are two areas that count as the art gallery in this building but I decided to take a picture of the gallery with the two walls of windows, I’m unsure what the current art installment is exactly but it’s pretty interesting.

The next thing I needed to photograph was something called the “Art-o-Mat” which is some sort of old school cigarette dispenser converted into an art dispenser, how art goes into the machine, or how it gets chosen to go in I am totally unsure. However it’s still a neat thing to pass by.

The next place on the list was the reference counter in the Library. While I did locate the counter the sheer amount of people in the library at the time stopped me from taking a picture of it.

Interestingly the next thing I needed to capture an image of was a silver sculpture located on campus. I’ve passed through this thing many times before, and it’s always felt Like I was walking through a gateway to an alternate reality. Not one where something is drastically different, but one where the sky is just a slightly different shade of blue, or maybe salt is just a little more salty.

Next was to find the office of one Mary Jo Kreindel, now I don’t really know what she does for students, and maybe I’ll find that out one day, but I was able to locate her office.

The next location was another one I was unable to locate was the media creation lab, another place somewhere in the center building.

The location following that one I could actually find, it was the office of Judy Gates, the adviser for media arts students. While I haven’t spoken with her personally I probably should do so to help with my path through these classes. The image is pretty bad though, not sure why it ended up so blurry.

Probably one of the easiest locations for me to find was the office of my teacher Mel, which she happens to share with another one of my teachers, who I’d actually visited last term for a different class.

The second to last thing I had to do was take a picture of something in the first building on campus, though it was specified to take a picture of the flags I think that might have been a suggestion more than a requirement, either way my image of the flags includes the worst and least flag-like flag.

The last thing that was asked of me was to take an image of either some construction on campus, or one of the local turkeys. Unfortunately I haven’t actually seen any turkeys lately, I’m not sure where they’ve been, but everyone I’ve walked it’s seemed like the construction has finished up so I haven’t found anything to take an image of regarding that.

That was the “scavenger hunt”. It wasn’t something I’d call enjoyable, but it’s done.

~David Jayden Devo Schwebke

Resources for Media Arts Students Scavenger Hunt at Lane

Years ago, I went to Lane Community College for a different degree in this same department and it is exciting to see all the new things added to the college since I went here but Mary Jo is still here. The other thing I remember well are the flags in the student first building from 18 years ago. These flags supposed to represent students from all over the world that studied at this college. And of course, the art gallery is something I do remember as well. The nine other items in the scavenger hunt are very new to me.

Since media arts is using the new building, Blue Cyc Wall in the new facility looks good for very creative work.  The other places in building 18 is Mel’s office. I had to visit her one day to find a lost item and we found it.


In the center building the library reference desk and computer lab are in different places from where I remembered them before they remodeled the center building. Back in 1970 the central building was used in the movie “getting straight” as well as the library was featured in it. the movie was directed by Richard Rush, who is well known for directing the movie psych out. Plus Harrison Ford was on this campus as an extra actor in the movie. It will be fun to do a movie location scavenger hunt to see what is still original from that movie.

The other new thing that I don’t recall being on this campus are the turkeys. On another college campus I have been to. I really remember one having rabbits all over the property.


When I saw Mary Jo’s office I also saw Judy gate’s, The Art-O-Mat and the gallery in the same building.   As you can tell, I am more interested in being a film geek.


The large silver sculpture was kind of fun to take a picture of because the challenge is to not get your reflection in the picture. I wonder if I took Teresa’s lighting class if I tried to light the sculpture, when it be worth extra credit to light with it looking natural.



Media Locations At Lane

I’ll be honest and admit that I only decided to take this class to mark off one of the requirements for my degree. Being mostly a science student I never really thought I would enjoy this class as much as I have so far. I didn’t particularly enjoy the photography aspect of this assignment but I did enjoy exploring the campus to find all of these locations.

Media Checkout

This was probably the easiest for me to find on campus being only a short walk from the Intro to media Classroom. Though I had never been in this building before this desk was easy to find being front and center in the building.


I didn’t manage to get a picture of the blue cyc wall on campus mainly because every time I went to building 18 the doors to the production studios were always locked. I knew for a fact it was in one of them because I looked through every other room in building 18. Not being a part of the media program I didn’t know whether you had to ask staff to gain access or if there were scheduled times that they were open to students.

Center For Student Engagement.

This wasn’t very difficult to find either within the center building because there were many signs pointing to this office. though I did walk by this many times while looking for another location but I’ll discuss that later in this post.

Main Gallery

I already Knew where the main art gallery was because I had walked through it many times making my way to a Drawing class in my first semester here.


I had a great deal of trouble finding this small machine I searched all the art buildings multiple times trying to find this particular object. Once I did finally find It I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I had past it nearly 100 times during my time attending lane and had never paid it a second glance. It just goes to show how unfamiliar people can be with their own surroundings.

Library reference counter.

This was also a good place that I could find fairly easily already having prior knowledge of the libraries whereabouts. Surprisingly their was an odd lack of people at the time I took the picture most of the library staff seemed to be in a meeting of some kind.

The Statue.

This was probably one of the harder locations to find mainly because I had no idea which building was health and wellness. I eventually gave up and pulled a map up on my phone so I could find the building but the frustration of that particular search lingered for quite sometime due to how large the location was.

Mary Office.

I knew where the main art buildings were prior to this and made my way over to them to begin skimming through all the offices. Coincidentally this was the very first office I saw in the building.

Creation Lab

This was probably the most difficult room for me to find of all these areas I knew it was in the center building due to the assignment, but I looked through every room on every floor of the center building. On more than one occasion in fact. I eventually had to ask someone where it was because there were no signs pointing to it in the building. Once they pointed me in the right direction I realized why I had missed the room because it was situated in the front left corner of the library and I had written it off as another group study room.

Judy Gates Office.

I actually had to come back to get this picture several times because she was in the office the first few times and I was to anxious about the situation to ask her if I could take the picture. So this picture was the result of several very awkward conversations for me with someone I didn’t know at all.

Mel’s Office.

I had to search the entirety of building 18 to find this particular office mainly because I hadn’t expected the office to be shared by two people but I found it fairly easy after looking at the names in more detail.


I found this building easily enough having been here to discuss schedules and finances before. I will say that I always liked the design of this building especially this room.

Dirt Turkey.

This was probably my favorite part of my trip. After my second time exploring building 18 I came outside to see several Turkey’s wandering the sidewalk and the grass one even bold enough to come right up to me.  This one in the image however stood out because it wasn’t wandering with the rest of the group but rather laying in the dirt away from them. It would consistently rub the top of its head in the dirt and even flipped over to rub its back in the dirt once as well. I wanted to try and capture it doing this action because I found it funny and even a little cute. Whenever I got close enough for a clear picture though it would stop and look at me so I eventually settled with the image above.

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane…

By: Lola Butcher

For this project, my best friend Hailey and I wandered around campus trying to capture these images while providing a new perspective through the camera lens. We had a pretty entertaining time looking for everything on the list but definitely struggled a bit in some areas.

We began where almost everyone did at the equipment checkout center.unnamed-4.jpg

Because it was so convenient we got the Blue Cyc Wall second.


At the center for Student Engagement we definitely stopped in and grabbed some free popcorn.


We definitely spent the most time here at the art gallery. We both had no clue it was here in the first place so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.


As embarrassing as this is we couldn’t find the Art-O-Mat for the life of us! We even asked the person sitting at the desk in the art gallery and he wasn’t sure what it was or where it was when in reality it was maybe 10 feet away.


At the reference center in the library we met a lovely woman named Claire who didn’t want to be in the picture but was a great help to capturing this very simple photo.


To find the health and wellness center I can confidently say that Hailey and I walked in circles at least 5 times before finding this not-so-subtle sculpture.


Mary Jo Kreindel was very sweet to us! She let us take a picture of the ceramics she has on her shelves and told us about some of the significance behind them.


Another struggle for Hailey and me was finding the media creation lab which ended up being right under our noses.


Another very sweet lady we encountered was Judy Gates and her colorful office. She was very welcoming and made sure we got the photos we needed.


We captured this photo of Mel’s office right after we got the one of the Blue Cyc Wall. It was very nice how close in proximity they were.


This was a fun one to take. All the colors from the flags were so vibrant and the architecture of the ceiling made it a really entertaining shot.


Okay if I’m being honest this photo was quite the challenge to take. I am truly terrified of birds and these turkeys do NOT mess around. I have been chased down the street by them before and I can say that experience will forever scar me. But you have to do what you have to do for the picture!!


Overall, this scavenger hunt was very enjoyable. I love going outside to shoot and we were able to find so many new spots on campus that will greatly benefit us in this media arts program.