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#1-13 Travel Guide Reference For LCC

Hey Everyone!

-Here’s An Overview Of Some Of The Locations On Campus Here At Lane Community College.

(1)Equitment Checkout For Multimedia Students:

Location: 1st Floor Of Building 17

INFO: This is a location on campus for students to checkout equitment for projects .



(2)Blue Screen For Students To Film Projects, Know As The “Blue Cycle Wall”

Location: 1st Floor Of Building 17

INFO: Part of the studio for projects that can be used for the visual cool backgrounds you are able to put into video from editing programs.



(3)This is the Center for Student Engagement

Location: 2nd Floor Of Center Building Room #201

INFO: I have never been to this office before, sadley it was closed at the time I was their to ask more info about what they do.



(4)This Is The Main Art Gallery Here On The LCC Campus

Location: Main Art Gallery Building 11

INFO: This is were students display art work they have created! I like this shot because it display’s a wide view of great artwork.



(5)The “Art-O-Mat”

Location: Next To Art Gallery IN Building 11

INFO:  This machine is really cool! It looks like a 40-50’s style vending machine to me!



(6)LCC Library

Location: 2ND Floor  IN Center Building 

INFO: This were students go for endless knowledge of information for a wide range of work and projects they may be working on.



(7)Silver Sculpture

Location: Front Of Wellness Center 

INFO: Large silver sculpture in front of wellness center! I liked this shot because of the wide angle type style.



(8)Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office

Location: Art Building

INFO: Mary Jo Is Awesome! She Help’s Me  Out A Lot!



(9)Bank OF iMAC’s

Location: Level 2, Center Building Library

INFO: This is the Media Creation Lab in the library for were students can go to work on projects for media classes.



(10)Judy Gates Office

Location: Level 2, Media Arts Building #11



(11)Common’s Area 

Location: 1st Floor, Building 17

INFO: This is where students meet together for projects and work time. This place is pretty impressive.



(12)Lane Community College Flag’s

Location: Building #1, Main Lobby

INFO: Here are some of the flag’s located in the main lobby of building 1.



(13)Lane Community College Turkey’s

Location: Lane Communtiy College, South Parking Lot

INFO: Turkey day!! Was lucky enough just to be 10 feet away to get this shot!



Thank’s everyone for checking out my posts. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


By: Brady Grey



Resources for Media Arts students at Lane Community College

Equipment checkout


                                                                                                                                       Equipment checkout counter. Students go here to get the equipment they need for their media classes.

Blue Cyc wall

This is the studio with the “blue CYC wall.” I think it’s interesting that the school has a wall like this.

Center for student engagement

This is the Center For Student Engagement. Students can go in here to work on their assignments.

Art Gallery

This is a picture of part of the art gallery. I really like the angle of this picture and the detail of the artwork.

Art O Mat

This is a machine called the Art-O-Mat. The machine says if you put five dollars in it you will get to keep a small piece of artwork.


The library is a place for students to checkout books and research information for their classes.


 This is the silver Sculpture Located over by the health and wellness building.

Mary Jo Kreindel's

 This is Mary Jo Kreindel’s office. Students can go to her with their questions and concerns.  

Media creations labJPGThe media creations lab is located in the library. Students can go in here to work on projects using mac computers.

Judy Gates officeThis is Judy Gates office. She is is the advisor for media arts students.
Indy Lab

This is the Indy lab located in building 17. Many students go here to work on their projects and get help from tutors.

FlagsThese are the flags located in building 1. If you look at them you will notice they are all from different parts of the world.

Turkey shot

This is a close up picture of a turkey. In this picture you can see the detail in the turkeys feathers.

Multi Media Resources

Here we go…

20160407_140819Equipment Checkout

20160407_140257The “Blue Cyc Wall”

20160407_133901Center For Student Engagement

20160406_175333Main Art Gallery Building 11

20160406_175039“Get your five dollar art HERE!!”


20160406_181736Large Silver Sculpture?

20160406_174544_001Shameless Selfie

20160406_174121Creative Creation Lab

20160407_132951Excellent Advisor

20160407_140016Uncommon commons

20160406_180213“Oh say can you see….”

20160407_141718Concerns of a Contactor


I hope you enjoyed the tour around campus.

Dangerous Scavenger Hunt for Media Students at Lane


The equipment Checkout where media students can try out fun stuff!


The Blye Cyc Wall is pretty cool I guess. I don’t know.


The Center for Student Engagement! I have yet to actually visit there.


This art piece was found dead in building 17 in the Art Gallery. That’s a warning.


The Art-O-Mat is right next to the Art Gallery.



Here is the library where people go to do work, yay!



This is a panorama view of the inside of the large silver sculpture outside of the Health and Wellness building.













This is the Division of the Arts offices, home to Mary Jo Kreindel.


This showcases what the Media Creation Lab is all about. It’s located in the library near the entrance. Not many students are in here, so it’s mostly quiet.


The media academic advisor, Judy Gates. She’s really nice and will be happy to help you figure out scheduling.


This is the Indy Lab located in the Commons Area, which is inside building 17 on the second floor. It’s a very cool hangout spot for media arts students. It is also home to the offices of many media arts instructors. There’s usually always someone to help.


These are the flags inside building 1.


These are the dreaded turkeys that roam across the campus. Be prepared to see them often and please respect them. They’re just trying to live their lives, like us.


Adventures at LCC

On my first stop I found the Equipment Checkout.  I even checked out a camera on Friday.  Those folks are really nice.

Scavenger Hunt 032
Here’s the Blue Cyc Wall.  It’s in building 17 and I am ready to do a shoot!

This was closed when we went there.  So I guess this is pretty literal.

I found the main art gallery in building 11.

This is a cool little retro thing that I have never seen before.

Again I can be pretty literal.  This is on the second floor of the center building.

DSCN0666 DSCN0667

Here is the sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building.  I had a little fun with this.

This is the hand of Mary Jo Kreindel.  She is very nice but I guess she just doesn’t like having her picture taken.  My husband has the exact photo in his hunt.

We found Ms. Gate’s office in building 11.  She was not there.

Here’s where the cool kids in Media Arts hang out.

Building 1, Students First

A meeting of the feathers!

By Melissa Norton

Resources for Media Art Students at Lane

Before equipment checkout was set up day one.
Blue Cyc wall, super cool, looks like a half pipe.
Center for student engagement, I am the king of jenga
Main Art Gallery, No idea who the gallery has on display here
Art O Mat, Looks like a Jukebox
Library Sign, people did not want to be in picture
Silver Sculpture, Featuring Yours Truly
Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office, She didn’t want to be in the picture but I got a Thumbs up
Creation Lab. Basically room in library if you need to use after class
Judy Gates Office, She was busy so I got a picture of her door.
Indy Lab in building 17, Cool place to hangout and/or get help with media arts work
Building 1 map, nothing too special other than it was eerily empty on a friday
Double turkey sandwich

Mac’s Scavenger Hunt for Student Resources

Mac was sent on a treacherous journey to find some rooms on the campus heres what she found.


First is the equipment check out, where a wizard sometimes opens up a hatch and rents out magical tools like cameras, and microphones.


this is the “Blue Cyc” wall as you can see Jeffrey  is making the dangerous climb to get a cynic picture of its glorious blue wall.


this is the student engagement center “it’s used a lot”.


we’re in for a treat the majestic art gallery is in full boom right now.


in the art gallery there lives a fierce creature called the ART-O-MAT look at its grouse teeth!


and here is the mighty, all powerful, layer of knowledge the library.


after weeks of searching i finally found the elusive metal sculpture i couldn’t get to close for i might’ve scared it off.


here is the cave of the amazing genie Mary Jo, it’s placed in a little nook in the Art gallery.



here is a long forgotten base the media lab in the center building so dead, so cold.


here is the legendary Judy Gate’s Gate it lives above the art gallery.


Here is my home away from home, my base of operations, and a good place to meet some coolio people, the indie lab.


here are the flags in the center building to show all the different countries that helped me on my journey.


and here is THE MOST DANGEROUS CREATURE ON CAMPUS THE TURKEY! i almost didn’t make it back alive do to theses grouse creatures.


LCC Campus Travel Log

Hey everyone!  Here is a brief log of important media arts locations at Lane Community College (LCC).  Enjoy…


Scavenger Hunt 037Muy importante, if you’re a media arts student.  Located on the first floor of bldg 17, this is where cameras, lighting equipment and supporting photography equipment can be checked out for projects.


Scavenger Hunt 034
This is the “Blue Cyc Wall” also located on the first floor of bldg 17.  This is part of the studio.  Looking at it, you might think, “I’d really like to try skateboarding on that thing”; probably discouraged, though, by faculty…just saying.


Scavenger Hunt 027
This is the Center for Student Engagement located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.  This office was closed when I snapped this picture, so I had to jump up above the privacy window to get this shot.  That’s my exercise for the week, haha.


Scavenger Hunt 066
This is the Main Art Gallery in bldg 11.  I liked this shot because of the juxtaposition of the images of the light switch and alarms to the art in the background.


Scavenger Hunt 021
This is the “Art-O-Mat” also located in bldg 11.  This brings back memories of buying cigarettes for my Dad when I was 5.  I remember it being really hard to pull those handles.  This machine is different, though.  Instead of cigarettes, it holds art…slightly more wholesome, don’t you think?


Scavenger Hunt 028
This is the Library located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.  Forgive the weird angle.  Tried to get creative while working around the man working at the counter off-camera on the right side of frame who didn’t wish to be photographed.


Scavenger Hunt 029.JPG
This is the large silver sculpture located in front of the Wellness Center.  Of the series, this is my favorite image.  When I took the picture I didn’t notice that a bird had decided to photobomb me in the upper right corner of the frame.


Scavenger Hunt 065
This is Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.  Yes, that is MJK’s hand.  She’s really nice.


Scavenger Hunt 069
Here are bank if Imacs in the Media Creation Lab located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.


Scavenger Hunt 063
Here’s Judy Gate’s office located on the 2nd floor bldg 11.


Scavenger Hunt 031
This is the “Commons” area of bldg 17.  Attached to this room are faculty offices and the “Indy Lab”.  These students are collaborating vigorously on a project.  Impressive.


Scavenger Hunt 071
Here are the flags located in the lobby of bldg 1.


Scavenger Hunt 058
Didn’t find any interesting construction, so opted for the turkey shot.  This fella was nice enough to puff up for me.

I hope you enjoyed the travel log.  Bye for now.

By A. H. Norton


Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


 The equipment checkout counter, located in building 17, is where Media Arts students can check out gear such as DSLR cameras, camera lenses, audio equipment, lighting equipment, etc.


IMG_0374 The studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall is located in building 17 on the bottom level. You’ll see it every day in your Image Communication class.


20160406_165200 The Center for Student Engagement is located in the Center building and interesting fact about this place is…IDK, you tell me.


IMG_0319 The main Art Gallery on campus is located in building 11.


IMG_0317 This retro looking thing is called The Art-O-Mat and is easily overlooked in building 11.


IMG_0311 Ask this guy for help at the SHED Student Help Desk in the library found in the Center building.


IMG_0330 This large silver sculpture sits outside of the Health and Wellness building and serves as a great mirror to check your hair or smile on your way to class.


IMG_0325 This empty desk is usually occupied by Mary Jo Kreindel, the Art division office specialist. Her office is located in building 11.


IMG_0308 Media Creation Lab is in  the Center building and is outfitted with Macs equipped with many multimedia applications.


IMG_0377 Judy Gates’s office is on the 2nd floor of building 11. She is the advisor for Media Arts.


IMG_0359 The Indy lab is located on the 2nd floor of building 17. 


IMG_0334 This beautiful building is The Students First building and it brings frustration to many as students wait for financial aid advising and class counseling.


IMG_0350 This is a turkey. Be prepared to share the sidewalk with turkeys. It’ll be weird at first. You’ll  get use to it.


By: Jeffery King Osborns