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P6 Final Project

With this assignment I was really trying to punch home the message of following your dreams and taking the risk. As a society we usually let our dreams fade away as they seem impossible, however if people take the risk they can see an amazing part of life that they would never get to see. Growing up I was always in athletics so I traveled a lot for that. Even though I traveled a lot there were very few trips where I actually got to experience something truly special. In two trips for photography alone I have seen and experienced more than I ever have. I would never have been able to experience this if I never decommitted from the Shasta College football program. This massive risk of losing the opportunity to play football, for a photography job in Miami Florida was a massive risk, but that risk has led me down a crazy journey where I have been able to experience things I never thought I would. The point of this video was to show people that they should believe in themselves and if they do amazing things can happen. It’s only been a year since I started my photography journey but I know that if I keep taking the right risk this journey will  be a long one.

About Me

Hello my name is Svetlana Starodubtseva. This is my first year attending Lane and I’m really looking forward to the graphic design program. My hobbies have changed a lot throughout quarantine, but as of right but I’m really into drawing and painting. My preferred medium are colored pencils. With colored pencils I always get the outcome that I’m hoping for. For paint, my preferred medium is acrylic. I have tried branching out to other paints but I quickly realized that they weren’t for me. If I’m not doing either one of those two, I’ve been trying to teach myself how to play electric guitar. Sadly, I was not born with a musical bone in my body so learning how to play hasn’t been the easiest. But for the most part I’ve been able to grasp some of the basics. When I finish the media arts program, I’m hoping to become a graphic designer. Middle school was when I first really got into all of the tech/design classes. I was introduced to a few and I really grew to like them. Throughout high school I’d also take design classes. Since then I’ve been keen on doing design as a profession.

About Me

By: Ian Howerton

Ian Howerton

My name is Ian, and I am an undergraduate here at LCC, working towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Multimedia Arts. I have some experience in various multimedia settings, including film, podcasts, radio, and music production. I hope to gain a better understanding of these areas, of expertise, and to hopefully find out which field I would like to go into after I earn this degree. I’ve always been really fascinated by use of music in film, and how it effects the ideas and feelings of the audience as those musical ideas develop.

As for my personal life, I live outside Junction City, just north of Eugene, and live on a farm. The ample space and distant neighbors make for a serene, if not occasionally barren, flat landscape. I have several cats, however, who enjoy gracing the presence of any social call I attempt to make or participate in. It is most likely that one would see Hercules, Merryweather, Mim, or Bruno, as these four are the ones who have taken residence in my office.

Since I mostly have cats for company, I have several collections. I’m not quite sure how these two truths are related, but I’m sure they are. In particular, I like collecting leather bound books, both for the feeling of the book when read, as well as the aesthetic nature of it on my shelf. I also collect pins and antiques, but I’m certain that these are more niche interests and that as a result, nobody cares.

About the Author

by Gordon Johnson

Welcome to my blog. I am a thirty-three year old Oregon native, having been born in Eugene; and I have lived in the Willamette Valley my entire life.

This is my second time attending Lane Community College. My first time began in the fall of 2007 when I pursued a culinary arts degree. Sadly, my health did not allow me to follow that career path and I have struggled to find a career suitable to my passions, talents and abilities.

I have just started classes to get my One Year Certificate in Multimedia design. I have always had a passion for creative expression; be it through writing, drawing or cooking. I hope that this program will start me on a path towards my dream job of working as a Campaign Designer at Wizards of the Coast for future editions of Dungeons & Dragons. It is my hope that I will have a job lined up by next summer, and I can begin a career that will support me and my future family.

My current hobbies revolve around gaming in all forms: PC, Console & Tabletop. I current run a D&D Campaign as a Dungeon Master on a mostly weekly basis, and I am a player in other campaigns my friends run on a more irregular schedule.

About Me Danny Parrish

I’m Daniel “Danny” Parrish new student at LCC (Lane Community College.) I’m a pretty big gaming fan especially when it comes to first-person shooter games, but I also play other games too like “Rocket League,” and I am currently getting into “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.” Films have always had a special place in my heart making me want to watch new and old movies almost daily. I’ve been able to appreciate almost every movie genre especially action and comedy.

I’ve always tried to have something going on in my life that keeps my brain going and my life interesting whether that was playing sports or hanging out with my friends, but this pandemic has slowed all of that way down and I have just been watching anime, playing video games, and hanging out with a few buddies here and there. I am hoping that going to college will help get my brain to get going and enrich my mind with a ton of new and interesting information.

Competition has always brought out a fire in me. So one of my favorite things to do is to follow competitive sports and esports. I’ve always loved the thrill of competition whether or not I am very involved with it. It’s always been pretty cool to see the best in the world at something compete to see who the best of the best is. My favorite two leagues have to be the NFL and the Overwatch League, my favorite teams have to be the New York Giants(NFL Team) and the Los Angeles Valiant(Overwatch League Team).

I’m pretty excited to blog and share my journey with everyone reading. I will be posting blogs every week and so far I’m enjoying every minute of it. Let me know if you have any questions for me.

It’s Me.

I am a Multi Media Design major who wants to work in the gaming industry. Where in the gaming industry? You got me there. I’m just starting out so I wouldn’t even be able to tell you that. The Game Development program at Lane Community College was just recently discontinued which is why I chose the nearest major to it: Media Design. I plan to get my associate degree at Lane Community College and then continue to a four year college to get my bachelors. I hope to be able to continue taking game development classes along the way like I am this first semester of school. 

        I had previously gone to school at other colleges in 2018 but took time away from school which was much needed. Now I’ve changed my major and I’m back in school hoping to continue forward with no interruptions along the way. I’m very new to media analysis which seems to be a lot of what I’ll be doing. I am going to try my best to analyze things on a deeper level and really dig into my classes. I won’t let everything being online get in my way.

        I enjoy skate boarding with my friends which I sadly don’t do as much anymore. I enjoy drumming and playing percussion which, again, I also don’t do as much as I’d like to. I really enjoy playing board games with my family and watching shows with them too. I have a really good relationship with my parents and all my sisters and I intend to keep it that way. We’ve grown a lot throughout the years and have finally become a great big family.

        That’s enough about me now. I’ll keep the life updates coming in new posts.

By: Zachary Tavernier

lily hanley making my blog 2020-06-04 23:57:01

I really wanted to do something cool and was very excited to play with stop motion. The day I decided to film came to halt when I realized I need something to keep my phone steady.

I sat for a couple of days and thought about what I would do with little resources and i thought about him traveling across my house, sliding his way using counters and even a banister. Things were quite shaky unless my phone was propped but not everywhere in my house or even outside had that kind of access.

to make it better I decided to I would make it a silly guide, and added the videos at the end as bloopers that weren’t as stable, or cute. I had lots of fun creating my character, based on a real character in a horror game I like called Five Nights At Freddy’s. I found a really awesome video/movie editor that the video will self promote and ruin parts of the video.. and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of. I had lots of fun creating his potato friends but it’s not what I wanted. but still I tried my best to turn it around and make it at least a little enjoyable. I think this assignment would have gone better with more planning and educating myself further on requirements for stop motion, like a tripod. I also didn’t realize how tedious the process is, but there was also reward in that. My family enjoyed my little creations with me. I think I will try stop motion again in a different time, when I have better resources.. and maybe when things are a little less stressful.

I definitely should have given myself more time, and space for error as I came across many. I’ll defiantly do better next time!

Dress Up | Sp20 Final project

This class went by so fast, maybe it was because I was happy to edit again. And I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects! 

For my final I wanted it to focus on something that I am very passionate about, and share it with all of you.

I deal a lot with anxiety and depression, and due to Covid, racism, and recent trauma from a very toxic friend, this year has been very overwhelming. But throughout all these struggles, cosplay has helped me get through it for so many years. For those who don’t know, cosplay is a mix between the words costume and play, and it is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. But this hobbie let’s me express myself in a creative way.

But for my final I wanted to show my daily life, and me living with depression. Everything feels like there’s no color in the world. And the scribble animation is done by yours truly, and this is what anxiety looks like to me. And by the end of the video, when I get into the full cosplay, it shows it bringing color back into my life.

For this project, I wanted to show that when things feel down, doing what makes you happy, like art, sports, cooking, music, and even cosplay, will help cope with your day to day struggles. And I hope a lot of people got the message in this project. 

I’m sad that covid got in the way of attending this class in person, but overall, I really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching everyone’s creations. It was nice to get to know everyone, and If any of you want to talk , feel free to send me a message. Anyways, I hope your day is good. Stay safe, and stay healthy. -Gyllian