Soaring Over Oregon Park’s

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Soaring Over Oregon-

What does 5 mean? To answer this question myself, it could mean many different things. A lot of different types of ways to express this ran through my mind, I had no idea what I was going to do. With the help of my friends I decided to use my drone. I really haven’t filmed with it, but used it has a FPV (First Person View) with my gopro. It’s funny because I have two different types of camera mounts for it. Ones a “fixed” mount, and one is “2-axis Gimbal” mount. Not ever using the gimbal mount before, I decided that I would use it for this project.



Doing the film part of this video wasn’t too bad. Didn’t really know what I was going to film with the drone, but all in all it worked out. Luckily I was using the “gopro app” on my phone, I was able to record and stop recording while the gopro was in the air. The gimbal really helped out for keeping the camera sturdy while flying. Because to be honest I’m still a beginner and I did crash it the first time I flew it. So I believe I succeeded since I flew over water haha.



I took note in this class that choosing the music first really helps you while making videos. I decided to go with “Soarin’ – By: Jerry Goldsmith, because viewing the clips that I have shot reminded me of the ride in Disney’s “California Adventure-Soaring over California”. I tired to make the clips resemble it from my experience from the ride, but in a different way of the 5th dimension.



Editing was pretty good. I like editing videos for fun, and this project was fun for me. Even though I had no idea of what I was going to do to resemble the “5th Dimension”, but I think it worked out along with the process of viewing the videos. I used iMovie as my tool for all my editing along with titles, filers, and transitions. This project took me two nights to edit.


Filming Equipment:

For the most part of this project, the equipment involved a 350-size drone caring my gopro controlled by the transmitter. My phone also controlled the drone. I believe that the last recorded flight I have in my phone was 368ft from ground to sky. The rest of the making of this video contained a place to fly, and a computer with editing tools.


Over All Thoughts On P5 Image Editing:

I really enjoyed this project. It honestly took me a while to come up with something to resemble 5, but it was also helpful to have friends along to help me out with the ideas. Especially if you use what you like to do for fun as a tool to use for a project. Most of all, I liked doing this for fellow class-mates to view, and for my YouTube channel so people can get similar ideas.. Hope you all liked it!

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